A Female Being (Entity) Using Illusions On Me

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I slept too long last night and so I forgot most of my dreams, except for part of an unclear dream that took place during the day in my grandfather’s yard.

I was in my grandfather’s yard alone near the big barbecue pit (barbecue grill) and the boat, and I started to hear a female voice in my mind talking to me about something that I can not remember.

I think that the female voice was trying to convince me to join her/accept a deal/give myself to her/accept her/or something like that probably (I can not remember what her deal/offer/whatever was, but it was probably something that needed serious/careful consideration before accepting), and I started to see flashes of her & other things in my mind as projections that would also sometimes show up briefly in the dream world; and she looked Human I think and I think that she had long black colored hair with light-colored skin, but who knows if that was her real (true) form or not.

The female being was trying to win me over using her voice, words, showing me scenes of what things would be like if I accepted her offer/whatever, showing me scenes of what things would be like if I did not accept her offer/whatever, many other techniques, and she was even using seduction techniques with nudity & offers/scenes of sex that/which her/she & I were in & those scenes almost felt real (they took place in a dimly lit room with a lot of reddish/goldish/et cetera colored pillows & things in an Arabian/whatever-like style or something like that, and these scenes happened in my mind but they felt almost real) & she almost had me/almost won me over but I started to resist her realizing that she was probably using illusions on me.

I realized that the female being was probably using layers of illusions on me, that is one of the reasons that this dream is harder to remember, I was experiencing multiple realities/illusions at the same time almost; and so these illusions were breaking me down/making it easy for her to try to get me to accept her offer/whatever.

I started telling myself that I needed to focus and try to see the illusions for what they really were, and that I needed to break the veil of each illusion trying to see how many layers of illusions I was in until I was free of them; and I started verbally resisting the female being, who was not too happy about that.

I was suspicious of the female being from the beginning, even though her offer sounded good, but after realizing that she was probably using these illusions on me; I felt that she was trying to trick me, and that she was not to be trusted.

I probably asked her why was she trying to trick me if her offer was really as good as she said it was, but I can not remember her response even though I know that she responded; but I know that she was not happy and we probably had a brief argument/debate.

I probably started to break the veil of some of the illusions once I could see them for what they really were (which I can not remember) and she probably started to fade away a bit and/or I was able to block some of her communications/illusions from being used on me, and so she started loosing her control over me or lost it; but I can not remember the rest of the dream or I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr