A Tidal Wave Or Tsunami?

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Dream 1

Once again I had many short, detailed, and interesting dreams last night; and once again I forgot a few of them, but I managed to remember part of four of the dreams after constantly waking up and going back to sleep at the end but I might remember part of a fifth dream later.

All that I can remember of this dream is being inside my parent’s house, which was a bit larger and nicer in some areas, and a terrible storm was taking place outside; and my family was spread around the house in different rooms, and I was in my brother GC’s room with the actress Sofía Vergara trying to keep her calm because she was very scared of the storm.

The sounds of the storm were a bit scary and at some point the storm because even worse and more strange when what seemed to be small meteors/whatever started falling from the sky hitting things; and some were hitting the house and going through the ceiling causing sparks as they burnt up and hit things, and I did what I could to warn the rest of my family and keep Mrs. Vergara safe.

The meteor shower/whatever probably calmed down after a while but the storm was still going, everyone in the house was still alive and well but scared, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day outside my parent’s yard on the grass outside of the fence of The B House of our neighbor’s who live across the street, I was relaxing in this area with some of my family like maybe it was the morning after the storm from the first dream, and wife and son at The B House were outside on their small front porch enjoying the outdoors as well.

I remember us greeting our neighbors and we sat relaxing and talking a bit like we were glad to be alive and outside again, it a positive and somewhat strange experience/mood to this dream, and at some point my family started to walk back toward our yard so I followed them; but I woke up.

Dream 3

This was my longest and most detailed and favorite dream from last night, it was personal sometimes and realistic sometimes and movie-like sometimes, and this dream also involved a terrible and scary storm at the end.

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day at a shopping mall on a beach, I remember walking around the mall exploring and thinking several times, and at some point I went inside an arcade in the mall; and I looked around at the different arcade games as people played them, and there were some old hand-held games mounted on the walls that you could play as well.

It was like being in the 1980s and 1990s again, I probably played some games and thought about old memories, and at some point my fun was interrupted when I saw my former male schoolmate SW; for some reason I did not want to be seen or bothered, it was nothing personal, and so my mood became a bit negative and I tried to avoid him seeing me.

There were sitting areas where you could sit and eat, drink, and talk; and there were some sitting/laying areas, and so I went to the laying area to lay down to pretend to be sleeping hoping that my former schoolmate SW would not notice me or bother me or that he would leave eventually.

At some point he probably saw me and so I left without saying anything, across from the arcade I saw a shoe store with some old posters/images of me wearing some whitish and blackish colored fake Air Jordan’s (shoes by the basketball player Michael Jordan), and there were three posters/images of me in the past with dates on each image/poster showing which years they were taken.

This brought back real and fake memories from when I had some cheap blackish and whitish colored $20 shoes that looked almost like Air Jordan’s back when I was in maybe 6th grade, I took them back though because they got too much attention because people kept thinking that they were real Air Jordan’s, and I had some possibly fake memories of having some Shaquille O’Neal shoes that looked almost like Air Jordan’s.

I also wondered how did this store have images of me wearing those shoes from years ago, this also made me want to see and try some of those shoes again, but at some point I kept walking and thinking on my way to leave the mall; and at some point I walked outside toward the beach to leave by walking on the sidewalk.

I saw Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to the right of me either on the sidewalk or on the beach by the sidewalk, to my left on the beach I saw a male lifeguard with whitish colored skin, and I saw other people on the sidewalk and beach; but then my former female classmate N (I forgot her last name even though I remembered it earlier today, she had brownish colored skin with dark-colored hair, and she wore glasses) greeted me, but then we saw a giant tidal wave or tsunami in the sky heading toward the beach and land.

It was so high in the sky that I have never seen anything like it before, everyone stopped in shock and fear and confusion and amazement, and then Mr. Johnson and my former classmate N and I and some others were going to run to the mall hoping to avoid getting crushed; but the lifeguard told us to stay where we were.

The giant tidal wave was going to be landing in a few seconds and so we would only have time to reach the mall, we decided to not wait, and most of us started running for our lives to the mall; and some of us made it inside, and we continued running trying to reach the upper floors before the water fills the building.

My former classmate N ran with me, Mr. Johnson made it inside but I am not sure which direction he went in, and a group of mostly upper class British school girls from a private school and their male teacher and female teacher ran with us as well; and to my right I found a wooden entrance to an upper floor that was a small middle class British private school made of nicely carved wood mostly, and so the school girls and their teachers and my former classmate N and some other people followed me as water started to fill the first floor.

Most of the people started to sit down as some of us tried to see if this floor went any higher up, I remember hearing some of the school girls saying that one of them was probably going to not like this school because it was not upper class enough and it was too small, and most of the other people were trying to calm themselves.

This was like a disaster movie that felt real and movie-like, I was focused on trying to survive and help other people survive, and so I knew that we had survived getting crushed and now we needed to get as high up as we could to avoid drowning as the water level quickly rises; but I woke up.

Dream 4

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day and I remember being outside near the G House with my parent’s because my mom’s side of the family were gathering together for a meeting and then a family gathering, and I remember going inside a narrow building/room near where the R Trailer should be for the meeting.

The room had stadium-style seating that went from the bottom of the room to the top, I sat near the top with my parent’s and my former male classmate (I remembered his name this morning but I forgot it now, he had dark brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair, and another one of my classmates had a name that was similar to his) was suddenly sitting behind me even though he is not a family member; and even in the dream I was confused about him being there, and I wondered where he came from.

During the meeting my mom talked briefly and a fictional male family member with dark brownish colored skin with short blackish colored hair kept making rude and snarky comments at and about my mom, it was slowly becoming annoying, and my former classmate got angry; and he told me that I should not let him talk about my mom like that, I agreed, and he was about to get up to go deal with him but I thanked him and told him that I would talk to him myself after the meeting.

My former classmate kept close and he was very supportive during the dream, giving advice and watching my back and he was ready to deal with anyone causing problems (he was like undercover dream security), and after the meeting I calmly talked to my fake family member about his rudeness toward my mom; and this was handled peacefully, even though my former classmate felt like beating him up and I somewhat felt like it too, but that goes against my beliefs.

After talking with some other family members we went outside, there was going to be a break, and then we would start preparing for the family gathering; but I woke up, and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 5

This dream was a short reoccurring dream that I kept having as I kept waking up and going back to sleep, it was like being in quicksand, I wanted to get out of bed but I could not and I kept going back to sleep; but I can not remember what kept happening in this reoccurring dream other than a male voice telling me something.

The end,

-John Jr


Vikings And A RV And An Arcade

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Dream 1

My memory of two dreams from last night are flawed because they both had constant changing elements and/or repeats of the dream with slight variations each time that slowly happened without me noticing the changes/transitions, and so my memory is flawed and confused and incomplete; and I do not feel like typing my dreams.

All that I can remember of the first dream is that at least part of it took place in the city of D during the day, in one part of the dream I was possibly working on the film set for the History channel television show Vikings, and I was given an RV (recreational vehicle) to use during this time; and it was a mostly whitish colored (there were some other colors as well) medium-sized RV that could also be driven, and it was already furnished with furniture and appliances/et cetera.

It had the front area for driving, a kitchen, a dining room, a living room, a bathroom, a bedroom, et cetera; and during some parts of the dream I was on the film set helping and advising as they shot various mostly battle scenes for Vikings, but during other parts of the dream it seemed that the Vikings show was real and I was in it.

I still had my RV oddly and I seemed to be an adviser for the main characters like Ragnar, Lagertha, Rollo, Bjorn, et cetera; and it is even possibly that I was somewhat their prisoner as well with my RV as my jail/cell/prison but I am not sure about that, I do not remember fighting with them, but I do remember being at a battle field several times where they seemed to be trying to raid a walled city and I seemed to be observing.

I probably recommended that they stop trying to raid/attack people/cities/et cetera, they probably did not listen to me, but they probably did follow some of my advice in other areas; and in some parts of the dream I seemed to be back in the normal world in my RV parked on the left side of the road somewhat past my aunt JE’s house, and my parent’s visited me several times.

They seemed excited about my RV, it seemed to possibly be mine to keep and so it would be my first home, and at some point my mom bought me furniture/appliances as a gift probably not realizing that I already had that; and I thanked her, and I remember wondering where I was going to put all of that because I did no have enough room but I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day in a slightly fictional version of the city of D, there was a fictional arcade not far from the BB Grocery Store on Eastside, and I went there several times during the dream.

In some parts of the dream I went there with some of my family, in some parts of the dream I went there alone, and in some parts of the dream I went there with some former classmates of mine like my former male classmates SS and DC and maybe my former male schoolmate MS (SS’s brother); and we rode/drove there in the car of my former classmate SS.

There was an old arcade machine there with an old arcade game that I probably accidentally called Tetris, maybe it had a name similar to this, and this game seemed a bit like an RPG (role-playing game) combined with something else; and I remember liking this game and playing this game, but I can not remember what the game was about unfortunately and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


A Family Reunion At A Buffet? | A Man Finds His Real Mother And Multiple Versions Of Her Keep Getting Murdered?

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Dream 1

All that I can remember of the first dream is riding during the day with most of my family in an automobile to a fictional city for maybe a family reunion for my mom’s side of the family, maybe everyone was going to stay at a hotel, and have the family reunion at a buffet restaurant; and I remember not wanting to go or be seen or talked to really (social anxiety disorder, shyness, et cetera), but I went anyway.

We parked across the street from the buffet at a small parking lot along the sidewalk as other family members slowly arrived, my family went inside while I stayed inside the automobile briefly to do something that I can not remember (maybe I changed clothes and/or I stalled to try to prepare myself because I did not want to be there and/or to be bothered), and then I went inside the buffet; and some of my family and family members were already inside eating/drinking/talking/having a good time, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The second last dream was interesting and confusing and my memory of it is messed up badly and my memory of it probably has errors so it will not make much sense, and the errors will probably ruin what really happened in the dream.

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day and I possibly/probably was not myself and maybe I was an unknown man with whitish colored skin with short dark-colored hair but I am not sure, and this man/I would sometimes go to a metal storage building-like business in a field that was like a larger version of the storage buildings in my parent’s yard.

This business was like a combination of a thrift store and arcade and drink/food stand where people could buy random objects, food, drink, and play video games and games; and there was a somewhat older woman who worked there with whitish colored skin who wore a colorful bandana, and she looked like the stereotype of a gypsy (this word was possibly mentioned in the dream, but I can not remember).

*The dream gets too unclear, confusing, and probably error filled at this point; and so some of what I typed below is possibly incorrect because of my flawed memory of this dream, and will probably ruin trying to make sense of it.*

One day the man/I found somehow found out that his/my parent’s (who were a man and a woman who I have not seen before who had whitish colored skin, but that is all that I can remember about them) were not his real/biological parent’s, and that he was adopted; and this shocked/surprised him because he did not know this, and no one had told him this all these years.

At some point I remember him being at the business in the field and he found out that the woman working there was his mother, she told him a bit about her life and I think that she was from Romania (Romanian) maybe, and maybe another woman was there who was the owner who had whitish colored skin with medium-length yellowish-colored hair wearing a light-colored suit; and the man was happy to learn the truth and finally meet his real mother, the owner saw this, and she decided to tell him the real truth.

The owner told the man that she was his real mother and that she had told her worker to lie to him, she told him that she decided to tell him the truth once she saw how happy he was because she had expected him to be angry, and so that is why she had told her worker to lie and pretend to be his real mother; she probably apologized to her worker and thanked her and maybe sent her home for the day, it was close to closing time so all the customers were probably gone, but I can not remember.

The owner/his real mother reminded me of several characters that the actress Jessica Lange has played on the different seasons of the television series American Horror Story, and she told the man how she had given him away as a child because she did not want a child interfering with her life; and she was the type of person who was after fame, fortune, fun, et cetera and she was selfish/et cetera.

They had a very emotional conversation with crying, hugs, et cetera and the man forgave her and he was happy to finally meet her and to hear the truth; and he wanted to meet/spend time with her later after she finished closing her business for the day and got ready for their meeting, and so they were going to meet later and so he left until then.

His mother did not contact him or meet up with him so he returned to her business to see if she was there, the door was unlocked oddly so he went inside to find blood and that his mother had been murdered, and so he probably called the police; and he was possibly the last person to have seen her alive, and somehow the same thing continued to happen possibly without the dream repeating like he somehow had many versions of the same mother and her business.

I remember a constant cycle/loop/pattern of him going to his mothers business and she would be there and alive and maybe the same thing would happen, he would find her dead before their meeting, and this kept happening to each version/copy of his mother and her business that he would go to; and he started to wonder if he was the murderer and just could not remember, and he wondered how were there so many versions/copies of his mother and her business but that is all that I can remember and I woke up.

This is all too confusing and error filled and missing too many important parts of the dream to make much sense of it, and I was probably this man which made it even more confusing.

The end,

-John Jr


Hanging Out With Olga Kay

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I had several dreams last night, but I only barely remember part of two detailed and nice/mostly positive connected dreams that I will type as one dream.

Both dreams took place during the day in a fictional city where I was living at an apartment or dorm like maybe I was in college, and during the dream I went to a restaurant / bar / club / arcade with my male former classmates DH, JB, MT, and maybe JC.

I remember having a good time and then there was maybe a time jump in the dream where they probably graduated from college or left, but I was still at the apartments or dorms/college alone.

I am not sure how this happened or where this happened but maybe a woman with whitish colored skin who lived in my apartment/dorm either set me up to hang out with her friend or I came across them by accident, either way somehow I ended up meeting her friend who was Olga Kay from YouTube, and both of us hung out.

If we were somewhere else we hung out there first and then we went back to my apartment/dorm or we hung out at my apartment/dorm first, and then we went to eat somewhere or I served food at my apartment/dorm; but I can not remember which of these is correct.

Either way I remember this part of the dream being pretty detailed and realistic and positive, I remember being cautious, but I also remember being surprised that it seemed that Olga was having a good time as well because I thought that things would be awkward and boring; but she helped make things feel positive.

At some point we went back to my apartment/dorm again to hang out and I remember Olga mentioning that she has looked for a baseball trading card for a Major League Baseball (MLB) player whose name possibly was Mickey or Rickey or some name I can not remember, but maybe it was Mickey Mantle (maybe I will remember later).

I told her that I had several packs of sports trading cards that she could look through and that she could have that card if she could find it, and I also gave her some other items that I had on a bookshelf but I can not remember what those items were.

While she was looking through the cards she either got a text or call from her female friend and/or her female friend came to my apartment/dorm, I waited cautiously for them to finish, and then I was going to help Olga try to find the trading card and I was going to give her my contact information and let her know that I enjoyed hanging out with her and that I would like to do it again.

Olga said something to me and then she left the room, I thought that she would be back, and so I waited to talk to her and share my contact information with her; but then I noticed that she took my packs of sports trading cards with her, and so I realized that she was not coming back and that I forgot to let her see my special sports trading cards that I keep in a special trading card holder case/folder/whatever.

I regretted being so cautious and not sharing my contact information with her sooner because now I did not know how to contact her other than talking to her friend, and after waiting a while I left the dorms in a whitish colored maybe hatchback-like car because I was feeling a bit down now but I still had a positive boost and positive memories from when Olga and I hung out.

At some point I found out from my mom that some of our family members from her side of the family were in the city visiting, and I eventually I decided to visit the restaurant/bar/club/arcade from earlier in the dream.

When I got there the weather started to look like it would rain and I saw that the restaurant change a bit so it had a different style and it no longer had an arcade, and for unknown reason(s) I was walking with a tree branch using it like a cane.

I entered the restaurant and I remember people staring at me and making fun of me for walking with a tree branch as a cane and they made fun of me for other reasons that I can not remember, and they were seated mostly in the restaurant area which had seating around the entrance.

The bar was on the left side of the building behind this area and to the right of the bar was the club area, and I walked to the middle area which was an open space mostly; and I saw my former classmate JB from earlier in the dream, and I greeted him.

I tried to talk to him but he mostly tried to ignore me like he did not want to be associated with me and he laughed at me as he heard the other people making fun of me, and I started to feel even more down/depressive but I still was able to resist most of the negativity that they were sending my way.

I started walking with my tree branch cane to leave and I saw my aunt ME sitting in the restaurant area near the entrance/exit and I hoped that she would not see me, and so I quietly walked past her and I exited the restaurant without her noticing me.

It started to rain as I got into the car and so I rolled my windows up, this made things even more gloomy, but I realized this and it made me smile/laugh because it was like a movie/TV show or so stereotypical/whatever; and this made me feel a bit better, and I started focusing on positive memories like my time spent with Olga.

I then decided to drive around the city to relax and think about positive memories/et cetera, and then later I would talk to Olga’s friend to find out how to get in contact with her; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Cirque De / Du (Something)?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I was sleeping pretty good/deeply last night and I ended up forgetting most of my dreams, and I forgot most of the only dream that I can remember a bit of; but I know that I had more dreams and I know that the dream that I remember was longer & better, but I can not remember the details, unfortunately.

All that I can remember is going into a fictional mall-like building in a fictional place, and it was probably similar to one or more of the mall-like buildings that are sometimes in my dreams; but this mall-like building had some unique parts to it.

I remember walking around looking at stores, people, and probably talking with a few people as I explored familiar places such as a cinema, restaurants, arcade, areas that would take you to another part of the mall-like building, familiar stores, and the mall was a bit maze-like with its many hallways & areas as usual.

I remember walking through a few dark hallways that were probably in the cinema and/or one of the hallways that would take you to another part of the mall-like building, I might have watched part of a film but I can not remember, but I do remember being in a few dark areas during the dream.

I know that I went around the mall-like building a few times, getting lost sometimes, and ending up in the same areas more than once sometimes; and I know that a lot more happened in this dream, but I can not remember.

I just remember finding an area that was part outdoors with courtyards/catwalks/sidewalks/street lights/lamps/outdoor shops/shops with lots of windows/et cetera and some parts were indoors connected to the mall-like building or in separate buildings in the outdoors areas.

This place had an European style/feel/atmosphere/environment to it, one area was French with all the people & workers speaking French & the writings were in French & music in French, and one store/shop in the French area had expensive items for the middle class – upper class; and I think that it was a vision/eyeglasses shop/clinic that also sold other items & services.

I think that the people said that it was called Cirque De/Du (Something That I Can Not Remember In French) or something close to that, but I could be wrong since I was trying to understand what they were saying since everyone in this area only spoke French; and the name of the shop/clinic was on one of the windows in a fancy cursive text in French with maybe a symbol and/or lettering in a yellowish color and maybe a few other colors.

The outside of this area had a lot of old stones/rocks/whatever on the outside of the buildings and roads/streets/et cetera, and the styling of everything looked European to me; and it was nice, it was like a tiny Europe hidden in between the mall-like building, like its own world or country.

I saw people of different ages, wearing different clothing styles, speaking different languages, and from different social classes.

I spent most of my time in the French area, watching & listening & exploring, and I probably tried to talk with a few people; but a few of them probably got frustrated with me since my French skills are limited, and so I did not get to talk much due to my limited French language skills & this area was French Only, non Anglais, and so no one understood me when ever I used English when I did not know the French word(s)! 😀

I think that the workers at the expensive French shop/clinic had me leave the store since I was lower class and was not going to be able to buy anything, I just wanted to look around, but they did not want me looking around since a lower class person like me might hurt their reputation or scare away some customers or something.

I left without causing a scene, I wanted to give my opinions, but I did not know how to say them in French. 😀

Outside I wondered how did this place even exist and why have I not noticed/found it before, and then I started walking out of the French area hoping to find an area where I could better communicate with people & where maybe people were a bit nicer 😀 ; it was nice getting to be in a French only area for some practice, but being treated negatively was not nice.

I woke up as I was trying to find/get to a British/UK area or Spanish area or German area or something.

The end,

-John Jr