A Tattoo On My Left Arm?

Dream 1

This dream involved my former male classmate JC and maybe his family, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

At some point in this dream, I realized that I possibly had a dark-colored possibly somewhat heart-shaped (maybe this shape was within another more circular shape, but I am not sure) tattoo on my left arm between my shoulder and bicep.

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Trying To Summon Moment (Lost Truth) While Flying

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day, and some of my brothers and me were either arriving to or about to leave from a fictional multi-story hotel-like building (which was possibly an apartment where we lived, but I have no idea) in front of the building where you can temporarily park along the driveway right in front of the building under the covered entrance.

A group of young women and one man with light-color skin walked over to us asking for a ride, I was the driver so I asked them where they needed to go, and they said possibly Tupelo or Tubalow.

I asked what or where is that, and they said that it was a city in maybe Mississippi.

That sounded like a very long trip so I was not going to be able to give them a ride there, but I did offer to give them a ride in our city to someone who could take them there if they could find someone in our city who would give them a ride.

But I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day and I was in my parent’s yard maybe exercising and moving the swings, and I noticed that the back door to the semi-abandoned house was partly open (in real life it was partly open last night oddly while I was walking outside, which is strange, but there is someone who is semi-living or squatting there now).

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

I was in this dream either directly or indirectly, but I am not sure how I was seeing what was going on in the dream.

All that I can remember of this dream is that a man with light-color skin who knew the animated character Radical Edward (Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV) from the anime television show Cowboy Bebop was either being interviewed or interrogated (questioned) by a woman and maybe she had a male partner who was watching from another room and / or taking turns questioning the man.

Oddly they were not asking the man about Radical Edward who was a hacker who was probably wanted with a bounty on her head on one or more planets for hacking et cetera.

They were asking the man about something else that I can not remember, which was confusing to me because I thought that they would be more interested in his connection to Radical Edward, but I woke up.

Dream 4

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during a nice day and I remember being in a fictional area that had a shopping center-like place with a parking lot with an area next to it that somewhat reminded me of Hub City Auto Wreckers that is used by the Gunners paramilitary mercenary organization in the video game Fallout 4.

There was a tall structure between all of these locations, I am not sure if I was on ground level first with the people walking around to shop or not, I just remember being on top of the structure sneaking around with maybe the All-American semi-automatic marksman carbine from the video game Fallout: New Vegas.

I am not sure where I got the scoped carbine from or if I was doing this because I assumed that the people at the Hub City Auto Wrecker-like area were Gunners or some kind of other group of villains or a threat or if I had a mission, either way, I sneaked around on top of the structure observing the people in this area who seemed to be up to no good (illegal activities) and some of them had guns and were patrolling while others were doing other things .

At some point I decided to start sniping them one-at-a-time to avoid alerting the others, my carbine was scoped so this was easy, and I started sniping them without the others knowing (probably head shots mostly).

I moved around stealthily to avoid being seen and to get in better positions for shots, at some point there were several men and a woman with light-color skin talking together right below my location, and I decided to shoot one of the men who looked like a villain fashion model with yellow hair first.

I shot him in the head which caused his head to jerk to the side and he stumbled and I saw the entrance wound, but to my shock and confusion he recovered without falling and he turned to look at me like he was hurt and annoyed and angry and he smiled and laughed a bit after shaking off a bullet to the head that even penetrated his skull it seemed.

I am not sure if I shot him again or not (probably), I just know that he tried to attack me and he was able to move better than normal and maybe take gunshots better than normal, and he was able to jump super high and reach me several stories up.

I wondered how was this even possible and what was he, but I did not have time to think because he jumped super high and he grabbed me by the shoulder and I fought him off forcing him to fall back down but one of his arms was still attached to me but it was separated from his body now oddly.

I am not sure if I shot or knocked off his arm or what happened to cause that, either way he fell back down to the ground smiling and laughing like losing his arm and getting shot several times did not hurt him much, and he landed on his feet and maybe he ran away super fast smiling and laughing to taunt me but I can not remember what happened to him exactly.

His arm was still attached to my shoulder so I had to pull it off and I threw it back down to the ground, this was all so crazy and confusing and shocking that I questioned reality and how was this possible, and I wondered what was going on.

This was so strange that I then realized that I was dreaming as I questioned reality so the dream was a lucid dream now, so I possibly fought him briefly after jumping down once I realized that I was dreaming so the dream was lucid so I was able to survive the fall, but I can not remember if I briefly fought him while lucid or not or what happened to him (maybe we fought briefly, and then he ran away once he realized that I had superpowers now that I was lucid; but I have no idea what happened to him now or if the people talking to him helped him or ran or if I shot them or what happened to them).

Now that the dream was lucid and I was standing in the parking lot, I decided to fly, and so I ran and I jumped in the air to try to fly using my old method but it was difficult as usual and I remembered my new method so I landed and I jumped in the air and I floated up using my mind.

I cheated by jumping first so I landed, and this time I floated up using just my mind by relaxing and taking a deep breath and saying that I wanted to fly with my mind and I just let go and let it happen and I started to slowly float in the air.

Gaining height was slow but I could move side to side and stop easily, and so I flew and hovered around over and around the parking lot practicing but the dream characters probably did not notice me or pay attention to me.

I even hovered and flew around with my arms crossed relaxed while easily flying without moving my body at all, and then I decided that I was good enough to fly higher now though it was still slower until I gained some momentum.

I decided to fly home to my parent’s house and flying was easy now and worked instantly with thought, only gaining height was slow, and I flew over and around my parent’s yard.

It was a nice day and things felt so real and looked so real that I wondered if this was really a dream still or not, the swings in my parent’s yard were more to the left than they are in real life, but I did not notice this in the dream and other than that things seemed normal.

I decided to try a reality check that I have heard about where you try to push your finger or fingers through your hand, and I tried it but it did not work so my fingers did not go through my hand and my hands and the sensations felt real so it continued to make me wonder if I was really flying in the real world or not so I decided to be cautious just in case this was the real world.

I flew around over the semi-abandoned house which looked slightly different, older and rougher but more interesting and slightly larger and nicer in its own way and mysterious, and I noticed this difference in the dream.

The front door was open (which possibly had some black metal bars or the door was black metal unlike in real life) and when I flew closer to the house on the left side I possibly heard a television inside the middle of the house, I wanted to fly inside the house to investigate, but I was not sure if this was real life or not so I decided to not fly in the house to avoid illegally entering someone else’s house in case this was the real world.

I then realized that I was wasting too much of my lucid dream flying (it was such a nice day, and flying over the nice scenery was fun and easy with my new flying method) so I tried to remember what my other lucid dreaming goals were but I was having difficulty thinking so I did not waste much time thinking, Moment (Lost Truth) came to my mind because of how I was spending so much time flying, and then I remembered that summoning her into one of my dreams was one of my goals.

I did not want to do it while flying and I wanted to do another goal first but I did not want to waste more lucid dream time, and so I decided to try to summon Moment immediately without landing as I flew toward The E House.

I thought in my mind and I said out-loud that I wanted to summon Moment (Lost Truth) into my dream while I also felt it and I tried to use the feelings and emotions like Moment suggested and I even tried to power it up and let it go at one time, and to help with my concentration I decided to close my eyes right before releasing this intention in one powerful burst.

I was not sure what would happen because I was flying while doing this, but I closed my eyes and I released this intention in a burst by thought and feeling and out-loud while maybe directing my hands in a certain direction.

I felt a release and then a pull or something, and I opened my eyes to see if it worked but closing my eyes while doing this caused me to accidentally pull or knock myself from the dream back into the real world so I woke up.

I made a rookie mistake by closing my eyes, I knew it was risky but I did it because flying with my eyes open had too many distractions from the land below, and so I was a bit annoyed with myself but I still smiled and laughed a bit because at least I had another lucid dream and I got to use the new flying method again.

I do wish that I would have taken a bit longer to remember my other lucid dreaming goals first so that I could have tried them first, and so I hope that I will remember next time.

Another lucid dream, we are on a roll, thank you Moment for continuing to inspire more lucid dreams. 🙂

The end,

-John Jr

Struggling To Balance Something And A Strange Reaction

I woke up to use the bathroom at least twice but for some unknown reason I did not voice record my dreams, maybe I had a false awakening dream where I recorded them or something, but I can not remember.

Something strange happened during my last dream that also effected / affected me in the real world and I could not got back to sleep after this or if I did it was very short low-level sleep or semi-sleep, I kept trying to sleep but I felt weird and I would have a strange reaction sometimes when thinking about what happened in that dream and something else and I wondered if it was something serious or not and if I would be able to go to work or not.

So now I barely remember part of the end of my last dream, I just remember being inside what I think was a one-story building that was a multi-purpose building with many hallways, and maybe one part of the building was The BP Library where I work because I remember seeing some of my coworkers like my coworker Mrs. MH but I am not sure.

One part of the building was possibly hospital-like but I am not sure, there was at least one other part or more, but I can not remember those parts.

At some point I remember walking through a hallway, I walked through a door to reach another area, and my coworker Mrs. MH and several other people were on the other side of the door.

I was holding several objects that I can not remember in my left hand and I had my arm extended in front of me with my palm up with the objects balancing in my palm, but I felt strange in the back of my head maybe on my left side and I felt shaky down maybe my back and at the back of my head and I was having difficulty keeping the objects balanced because of this strange feeling and reaction.

My coworker Mrs. MH commented about how I was struggling to keep the objects balanced, and I wondered what was going on with my body / brain that was causing this.

It felt weird and then I could feel my body in bed, and it was happening to my body in the real world so I woke up.

My head felt congested and when I thought about that part of the dream and when I thought about something else that I can not remember and maybe when I turned a certain way I would get the same feelings and reactions that I assumed were happening with my body which felt shaky in the back of my head and maybe my back and maybe arm but I am not sure.

This kept happening and I could not go back to sleep really and I felt strange and when this would happen I probably felt a bit weaker, and this worried me a bit.

I forgot to mention that in the dream when this was happening I think that I mentioned something to myself about a memory, that maybe this started happening when I was thinking about a memory, a memory that I assumed to possibly belong to someone else.

I wondered if this was happening because of that memory and if this reaction was somehow connected with that memory, maybe something traumatic happened in that memory that triggered this, but I have no idea.

I felt weird after getting out of bed (in my head mostly, and so I was a bit off and maybe my reaction time was a bit slower at first) and at work at first and my mood was not so good at first but I returned to normal eventually.

I will see if it happens again.

The end,

-John Jr

An Arm Gets Stabbed Through My Chest & Gillian Anderson Is My Teacher?

Forgotten Dreams

Last night I got in bed after 5 AM, it seems that I almost immediately had a dream after going to sleep.

Because I remember waking up suddenly from whatever I was dreaming about like something unusual and/or shocking and interesting happened during the dream, and when I woke up it felt like I had just gone to sleep.

I remembered what ever I had just dreamed about because it was short because I woke up suddenly because of whatever was happening in the dream.

Whatever happened was fascinating enough that I wanted to get out of bed to voice record it so that I would not forget it because I wanted to share it; but I accidentally went back to sleep without getting out of bed.

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The Book Of Revelation & Doctor Jeremy Jahns Changes Into Dana Scully?

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I went to bed late last night and I had to wake up early so I did not get enough sleep, I was awakened because it was getting too hot because someone turned the heater on too high, and I have been sleeping better and/or differently I guess since I got some SnoreCare anti-snore (snoring) nose vents for Christmas from my brother GC which seems to be stopping my snoring to my surprise so I can only remember part of my last dream.

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it was probably partly inspired by a YouTube video that I watched last night called Top 10 WORST Movies 2016 by the YouTuber named Jeremy Jahns.

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