A Crazy Nap With Sleep Paralysis | Money Being Delivered To The BP Library?

After work I got tired at some point before or after jogging / exercising and after or before drinking a $1.00 small caramel frappe from Burger King, and so I laid on the couch to rest for a moment and I went in and out of sleep and semi-sleep and sleep paralysis and auditory and visual hallucinations and daydreams and thoughts et cetera during a brief maybe almost hour or hour nap.

I did not record these experiences and dreams and daydreams and thoughts and hallucinations, but I do barely remember a few details from this period of time.


As I was in and out of this short nap with dreams, daydreams, thoughts, sleep paralysis, and hallucinations I do remember barely part of this nap.

I remember moving in and out of those states of consciousness, I remember being paralyzed and not sure if I was dreaming or awake at some point, but either way I assumed that I was having sleep paralysis.

I remember feeling one or more presences, I remember feeling one or more presences moving in the living room near me until it or they even touched me and I even felt it and / or I felt the movement / wind of them moving near me, I heard the presence(s) make some sounds and it or they even said something and even said something near me and by / in my ear(s) which felt like someone really saying something very closely to my ear, and I saw brief flashes of what the presence(s) looked like.

This all happened quickly as I was in and out of various states of consciousness with my eyes sometimes open and sometimes closed, I assumed that these were just hallucinations and I tried to stay calm, but I did try to move and I slightly panicked a bit trying to break out of the paralysis because I could not move and this / these presence(s) were near me.

I managed to break out of the paralysis slightly quicker than normal once I managed to stop jumping between states of consciousness, I can not remember what the presence(s) that I saw looked like exactly, I just know that they maybe changed in appearance at times and moved and teleported and floated et cetera around in possibly various forms that were probably mostly humanoid and paranormal and / or supernatural-like and maybe sometimes shadow-like.

The presence(s) seemed to be having fun trying to scare me and / or something, I can not remember what the presence(s) said by / in my ear et cetera, and it or they possibly laughed and smiled a few times as they and my visual flickered in and out as they moved around and I opened and closed my eyes as I moved between various states of consciousness as I tried to snap out of this and out of the paralysis because I was not exactly sure if this was real or hallucinations and I was not sure if the presence(s) were trying to possess me and / or do something negative to me.

Moving between various states of consciousness during this was pretty crazy, maybe the caffeine / caramel frappe was part of the cause if I did drink this before my nap, and I was stuck as I jumped between these states of consciousness and I could not move my body until I broke out of the sleep paralysis once I finally stopped jumping between various states of consciousness so quickly.

Once I was free I got up eventually and I went outside to walk around and completely wake up, but I did not record any of this; and that is all that I can remember from my nap from Saturday.

Later during the last three anime (animated) television shows of Toonami, I went in and out of sleep as I laid on the living room couch again, and after Toonami was over I went to sleep on the couch until maybe 6:00 AM before I got up to get in bed.

I did not record any of my dreams that I had on the couch and I only recorded part of the last dream that I had in bed, and so all of my other dreams are forgotten now.


This dream took place at a fictional version of The BP Library that was combined with my parents house, and some of my family (my mom, my brother GC, my brothers KDC and TDC, and maybe my dad) and some fictional coworkers of mine were and I were there during some parts of this dream.

I possibly spent most of my time in the parts of the building that were mostly my parents house, my brother GC and my dad were possibly in the forgotten parts of the dream, and I remember my mom being in this area with me at some point along with a fictional male coworker with light-color skin with dark-color facial hair who somewhat reminded me of a younger version of my coworker Mr. CF who is the security guard in real life.

This fictional male coworker who was the security guard was a laid back and relaxed type of person, I remember him doing patrols and talking to people and us, and his appearance and personality slightly changed throughout the dream.

A second version of him possibly had slightly darker skin (maybe light-medium color skin), and a third version of him reminded me of an even more relaxed version of him combined with an American Christian who somewhat reminded me of the character Han Lue.

The third version of him was a follower of Christianity who liked to talk about Christianity probably trying to convert people, he was very laid back and relaxed though, and at some point he went into the bathroom.

While he was in the bathroom someone was at the front door, it was a somewhat older thin man with dark-color skin who seemed to be an armored vehicle guard who seemed to be trying to delivery money to the library, and I assumed that my mom had told him just a moment as I went to knock on the bathroom door to let the security guard know.

I remember waiting for the security guard to get out of the bathroom because he has to deal with this, but it took a long time oddly so I had to knock on the door several times to remind him.

Eventually he got out of the bathroom and started trying to talk to me, and then I reminded him about the man at the door so he finally went to check it.

I woke up before I could find out if the man was still at the door or not.

The end,

-John Jr


A Repeating Dream Of A Fight Against A Tribal Leader During A Strange Planetary Event

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I forgot most of my dreams from last night after getting awakened by an alarm clock and failing to record my dreams before going back to sleep, but I do remember part of my dream that I had after going back to sleep.

It took place during the day in D in my parent’s yard, and I think that an armored truck crew brought their armored truck outside of the gate and they came to start loading up their precious cargo that they were supposed to protect & transport; but I do not know what the cargo was.

Another armored truck arrived with another armored truck crew but they had their guns out, and they started to attack the other armored truck crew; and so I will call them the robbers, since they were robbing the first armored truck crew.

The robbers and the armored truck crew ran to the left side of my parents yard during their shootout, and I saw my dad trying to carry my mom from the front of the house toward the street because my mom got shot in the leg during the shooting; and so I went to help, I told my dad to get my brothers & him to safety, and I would carry my mom across the street to hide her in the neighbor’s house.

Our neighbor’s house was further across the street than in real life and a fictional female neighbor with dark brownish colored skin with short curly black colored hair lived there, and I told her about what was happening; and she let me hide my mom inside her house, and then the neighbor & I went back outside to see who was winning the shootout & to see if the rest of my family were safe.

The armored truck crew lost the shootout and the robbers were loading up/stealing the cargo, I think that maybe some or most of the armored truck crew might have been alive but they were no longer fighting & were being held hostage & the rest of my family was either hiding and/or being held hostage as well, but one of the robbers saw us watching them across the street & so he ran over toward us; and I forgot to mention that the robbers were a group of rough somewhat biker gang/raider-like men & women with wild/rough haircuts & tattoos lead by a man with whitish colored skin who was bald or mostly bald with a goatee and he had tattoos.

The neighbor and I did not run inside because we did not want to endanger my mom, and so we stood there as the robber approached with his pistol pointed at us; interestingly the other robbers were too busy loading up the cargo that they did not notice the robber run off, and so he was alone with us.

The robber was over-confident and annoyed us briefly, but I managed to somehow take his gun & knock him off of his feet & I easily defeated him in a brief fight; and I held him hostage, trying to decide what to do next, since the other robbers did not know about what was going on.

At some point the other robbers were ready to leave and they called out the name of the robber who I was holding hostage, I knew that they would get suspicious and come looking for him, and so I felt that I had to let him go; which was crazy/risky/stupid, but I felt that was our best chance of avoiding a conflict.

The robber who I was holding hostage seemed to have been humbled by how easily I defeated him and so he seemed to respect me now, and he promised to go back to the armored truck without telling the other robbers about us or what happened; and so I let him go, I still had his pistol & I paused trying to bring myself to throw him his pistol to avoid the other robbers getting suspicious, and then I did the crazy/stupid/risky thing & I threw him his pistol.

It was not easy letting him go and giving him his pistol back, I hoped for the best, but as he was walking off another robber had come looking for him after getting suspicious; and then the neighbor and I ran toward my parent’s yard as the other robber yelled to the other robbers about us, and they started shooting at us but I think that the robber that I let go kept to his word & he probably even did not attack us & he probably waited in the armored truck.

I got a pistol from a dead body and I started shooting back at the robbers forcing them to take cover, and the rest of my family & the surviving armored truck crew joined me in running & holding off the robbers during their attack around the yard; but something strange happened that I can not remember, and an opening under my parents house opened up and small primitive-looking humans or human-looking beings came running out attacking anyone that they saw.

Something strange happened/was happening and maybe we all were smaller, I am not sure, I just know that they & we were now small enough to fit under the house without ducking or maybe everything except us living beings were bigger now, who knows?

The robbers were closer to the primitive humans/beings and so they got attacked, and the primitive humans/beings chased them to the other side of the yard.

The primitive humans/beings had a small amount of clothing made from probably non-human animal skins & other natural materials, some of them probably had tribal-looking tattoos and/or paint, they used bone/wood/rock weapons like spears/clubs/knives/et cetera.

I felt that some big/strange was going on with the planet/environment and I felt that going into the opening under my parents house where the primitive humans/beings came from, was probably safer, and so we all ran under the house through the opening.

We walked into a place with maybe dirt and/or rock walls and the place was full of a village of primitive humans/beings, I am not sure if they could talk English, since they mostly made sounds/chants waiting for their leader to decide what to do with us outsiders.

They seemed to be tribal with the leader being who ever was the best fighter among them, and their leader was a man; and the leader & the second best fighter in the tribe approached us, and the leader seemed to feel that us outsiders would threaten his power & so he was going to have us killed.

But either I challenged him to a fight or the option to fight was offered, and if I won we would live & maybe I would become the new leader, since the fight would be to the death; it was part of their tribes customs/whatever.

I might have had to fight the second best fighter to the death first to prove that I was worthy to fight the leader, and he was a large muscular man; and he gave me a hard time during our fight, but I managed to defeat/kill him using better tactics, during our hand-to-hand & mêlée combat death match.

The entire area had people of the tribe standing against the wall and so they were like the ring/fence or something, it was a bit scary having so many people watching & chanting & cheering during the fight around me, and I forgot to mention that the area was like two rectangular areas joined in mostly open spaces except for a mostly sealed off area that might have been the housing & bathroom areas made of dirt/rock/mud.

After defeating/killing the second best fighter I fought the leader, who was very tough, and I barely survived/defeated/killed him by using the environment around me & a variety of fighting tactics that he was not used to; and the tribe got quiet surprised by what happened, and I waited to see what would happen next but the dream restarted from the point earlier in the dream when the strange event started & when the primitive humans/beings first came from under the house.

I forgot to mention that while in the area under the house with the primitive humans/beings I felt safer than outside, I felt that something very strange was going on with the planet, and that the primitive humans/being probably knew how to survive better during/after the event & their area felt safer.

Anyway, after the dream restart(ed) we went back under the house again, but the tribe and/or leader looked a bit different & were from a slightly updated time period with bronze weapons; and the leader was probably a bit weaker/more cautious/more cowardly, the this got worse after each dream restart probably.

The dream restarted several times with the tribe and/or leader looking different & were from an updated time period each time, and like I said the leaders of each time increase seemed to be more cowardly/cautious/smart/sneaky in their tactics.

The leaders would use their second best fighter to do more of the fighting as the time periods continued to update and they would double team me more as the time periods continued, and this was a bit annoying; but I would win each time, but the dream would restart.

After many dream restarts and fighting through several time periods, the last dream restart had the leader being in a robotic suit without a helmet, and he was very cowardly/smart/sneaky; and his head was the only area that I could attack, but he had a robotic suit & his second best fighter to distract me.

After an annoying & long fight I managed to defeat/kill the second best fighter, and I came up with a strategy to defeat the cowardly leader in his robotic suit; and my strategy allowed me to finally reach his head, and then I had to fight to put him in a choke-hold because his robotic suit kept moving me around & I could hardly reach his neck with the metal robotic suit in the way.

After constantly failing to choke him out due to the robotic suit, I had to use my anger & strength & skill to just break his neck instead, and then I finally defeated/killed the leader; but I woke up as I was trying to recover from the long fight and as I waited to see what the tribe would do next.

I wondered if I would become the next leader, how in the world would I lead them since I am not the leader type & I did not want to lead them really, and I wanted to learn more about their tribe & history; and I wanted to know if they knew about the strange events that were going on with the planet, since I felt that they had survived a past or past event(s) similar to what was going on.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂