Getting Accused Of Pretending To Be A Police Officer And Mrs. B’s Tests | Visiting A Place Owned By A Native American Tribe

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Dream 1

There was more parts to the first dream but all that I can remember is being in a fictional city and two unknown men with whitish colored skin and I drove a bus back to the city of D, one of the men drove the bus, and once we got to the city of D I remember us driving up my parents street and into the yard of E Manor where the boat is.

I told the man who was driving that this was a yard/house and a dead end and that we needed to turn around so we turned around and we drove to a workshop/shop-like building connected to school, inside were a few soldiers who were probably in the Army National Guard, and my former male classmate DH was there as well as a soldier and maybe my former male classmate JC was there at some point as well.

I remember the soldiers being very relaxed and we all talked, at some point my former male classmate AP entered the room/shop from a door that led to a hall from the school, and he started talking to us about politics as students and teachers were moving around because it was time to switch classes.

A male teacher who either was or looked like the actor Kevin Otto or Stephen Colbert entered the shop and he heard the conversation about politics, which I guess was not allowed at the school, and so he told my former classmate AP and the two men and I to follow him because I guess we were in trouble for breaking the school rules about not talking about politics.

We followed him through a hall into the school as students and teachers walked around until I got separated from the others when a slightly over-fat female student with whitish colored skin with long yellowish hair blocked my path accusing me of pretending to be an officer (she meant police officer I think), an incident like this with a young woman or woman also happened earlier in the dream during the parts of the dream that I can not remember, and this has happened before in one or more past dreams that I probably forgot and/or that I typed.

The the past incidents like this the female student kept accusing me of pretending to be an officer/police officer as I try to explain that is not true as she refuses to listen or answer my questions that would prove that she is wrong, in each incident the females accusing me seem/act a bit crazy, and they keep blocking my path accusing me.

In each incident the females bit me softly and said that my DNA proves that I am pretending to be an officer/police officer, which makes no sense and sounds crazy, and when I try to explain how that makes no sense and how it is wrong and how it sounds crazy they will not listen; and fortunately their bites did not hurt.

My former female classmate AM was in his area but she did not help me even when I asked because she did not want to get involved because the female student seemed crazy and I kept trying to avoid the female student but she kept blocking my path and accusing me until we got interrupted by the teacher Mrs. B (mother of my former classmate RB and EB who are both twins with RB being a female and EB being a male), and Mrs. B was angrily arguing with a slightly over-fat female student with long reddish colored hair who was one of her fictional daughters it seemed.

Mrs. B was yelling about how she did not come home last night and she wanted to know where she was and she complained about how she has been disobeying her husband and her recently, her daughter argued back about Mrs. B and her father being too strict, and everyone in the hall stopped to watch/listen to their argument until Mrs. B told everyone to line up; and so we did, and she said that she was going to test everyone.

She sat up two long rectangular wooden tables on the left and right side of the hall, the first table/test had a paper sign that said The Pass/The Passing Test with a description of the test, but I am not sure what the second test was called; and Mrs. B said a few things to us angrily, and she had us walk past her one at a time greeting her as she gave us a grade of pass or fail.

When it was my turn I looked down and to my left while greeting Mrs. B who was standing in front of me on my right side, when I past/passed her she said that I passed, and from the description of The Pass/The Passing Test and from her reaction my guess is that this test was to see if we would look away when greeting her showing that we respected her authority and that we would be easier to control and less likely to cause problems in her opinion.

If you looked at her in the eyes while passing and greeting her she would give you the grade of fail because students who were not afraid to look her in the eyes were probably more likely to rebel and cause problems and would be harder to control in her opinion, and so she was trying to find the students who would be most likely to cause problems.

The second test involved objects that were for sale on the second table, we each walked past this table after the first test, and those who looked at the objects without stealing them and without doing a few other things that I can not remember would pass the second test probably while the others would fail the test; and I passed this test as well.

The purpose of this test was not known or clear to me but it seemed that it was expected that most of us would look at the objects to distract ourselves from this uncomfortable situation, but those who showed no interest in the objects and those who stole the objects were more likely to cause problems and be harder to control in her opinion probably.

Mrs. B seemed to be very strict and angry and mean in this dream, she seemed to like to control and structure things according to the advice of various sources like religious and scientific and educational sources; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The second dream was long and interesting and overall positive but I can not remember most of the dream because it was a unique and strange combination of the past, present future, memories of past dreams, parts of the dream inspired by past dreams, false memories, et cetera.

The different parts of the dream took place in a slightly fictional version of the city of D with the first part taking place during the day near a fictional multi-story building where Burger King should be, two women and a man wearing an advanced powered exoskeleton / exosuit with a grappling hook like from the video game Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare were in a small advanced helicopter-like aircraft that could also fly like an airplane, and they were after a male criminal who was inside the building.

The two women hovered the aircraft in the air while the man used the grappling hook on his exosuit to grapple through to the upper floor of the building and maybe he took out the criminal or he escaped, either way the man with the exosuit used his grappling hook to pull himself back to the aircraft, and there was a cool slow motion moment where he flew through the window of the aircraft through a small opening in the glass that closed behind him once he landed perfectly in his seat; but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

The second part of the dream involved the police looking for a man with whitish colored skin with short hair, I think that I was at a fictional area on the right side of the road to LC before you get to the outskirts of the city that was owned by members of a Native American tribe where people could visit to see the area where their ancestors used to live, and I had memories of this place and visiting it before from past dreams and/or false memories and I learned things about this place like maybe some of my ancestors used to live there and this place was a positive place for me.

This place had some dry dirt/desert-like areas with hard orangish colored dirt, there were some mounds, some small mountain-like areas, and various other areas that I can not remember; and my family and I used to visit this place sometimes in my memories and false memories of this place.

The police found the man who they were after hiding in this place and they arrested him and took him to jail, and that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

The third part of the dream took place during the day near N Street where some people were looking for the man who the police arrested in the second part of the dream, he had been let out of jail after serving a few years in jail maybe, but he started back committing crimes so the police were after him again; and so I told the people to look for him at the area that the Native American tribe owned, and they probably caught him there again but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

The fourth/last part of the dream took place during the day up the road past BB Grocery Store and I was riding on the back of a large trailer with college students, their professor who was bald with dark brownish colored skin wearing glasses, and my former male classmate JC; and they were going to visit the place owned by the Native American tribe, but first they were going to walk somewhere.

I remember thinking about how it had been years since I last visited that place alone or with my family, the last time in my false memory was back when I last tried to return to college in a past dream but failed, and even though that was a negative experience I felt positive about my memories of visiting that place and I was excited about the chance to see it again and I thought about the things that I learned from those negative and positive and neutral experiences; and I remember telling my former classmate JC about some of my memories until they stopped the truck pulling the trailer, and the professor announced that we were going to walk somewhere as he lectured us about it but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


The Battle Of LC

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I remember part of my dream from last night, except for the important parts of the dream, unfortunately; and it started in D during the night, and I was driving downtown.

The downtown area was very alive with many people enjoying themselves, unlike in real life, and there was music, food, drink, clubs, open restaurants, a theater with plays going on, and people of all ages enjoying themselves doing various things.

I decided to park my automobile and walk around to see what was going on, since the atmosphere was nice/happy, and as I walked around I noticed a few of my former classmates; who I would greet and then I would continue walking.

At some point I walked to a building next to the theater and I walked in the building into a hallway, I saw my former classmate BS and I greeted him by his name, but he did not seem to remember me; but he greeted me anyway, and we both continued walking in separate directions.

The building was windowless with narrow hallways with a few rooms on each hallway with dark or brownish colored carpet, and I saw my former classmates SS, SC, and JF; and so I greeted them, and then we continued walking our separate ways except JF was walking in the direction that I was going, which was further up the hallway.

JF was wearing suspenders (if that is the word) with a dress shirt and dress pants like an old style detective or something, and he walked into a small office in the hallway & he sat down at a desk; I walked in to ask him what his job was, but then he got a phone call that he needed to take, and so I walked off so that he could talk.

I walked down the hallway to a small lobby where the STC College was having registration for the next semester, and so I decided to start registering for the next semester; I asked one of the workers if I could cancel my registration at any time, and the worker said yes.

The workers went on a lunch break and I started thinking about cancelling my registration because I was not sure if I would be getting a job soon that would make it impossible for me to attend classes, and I wondered if I should register for the LT College which is closer.

The dream gets very unclear at this point and for the rest of the dream, but I think that a group of people with medium – dark-colored skin came into the lobby; and they were to be in a dance and/or singing contest, and so there was probably some singing and/or dancing in the lobby as they practiced.

At some point I remember seeing a man with dark-colored skin who looked somewhat like my former classmate AP, I can not remember what happened exactly, but him or I/me was walking on SB Drive in LC during the night; I am not sure if I was him or if I was somehow seeing this like a camera person who could also somehow know what he was thinking and I could feel what he could feel.

I think that it was a full moon outside and he was walking on the sidewalk, it was very quiet and no one was around like in a scary movie, but the dream felt somewhat real at this point; and I think that he/I felt that something was wrong, like something/a power had been passed to him/me or infected him/me or cursed him/me or possessed him/me but I can not remember if something had happened during the parts of the dream that I can not remember that would help explain this.

I am not sure if this was werewolf related or not, but I remember him/me starting to change a bit or starting to feel the power; but as he/I was walking on a sidewalk area that went partly on someone’s property, something tried to attack him/me, something non-Human.

He/I ran and more things started trying to attack him/I, I can not remember what they were but it might have been a combination of various types of things trying to attack us, and I do not know where they were coming from; but I remember him/I partly using his/my power to fight them as he/I ran to the Civic Center, but I can not remember what his/my powers were exactly.

The military, probably The Army National Guard, were sent downtown to fight the things that were attacking the city because the situation was that bad; it was like an invasion that seemed to be starting downtown, and so the military was dropping off soldiers at the Civic Center which was being used as a temporary headquarters.

He/I reached the Civic Center, but the mostly young soldiers seemed to be losing the battle, and the scary non-Human things that they were fighting had them scared & confused; and so I saw soldiers running away, crying, afraid, and ready to give up.

The military was about to retreat from downtown, so he/I decided to give a short speech to encourage the soldiers, and he/I continued fighting the things while still encouraging the soldiers to fight; and this part of the dream was dramatic, as he/I used his/my powers to fight the things.

I think that he/I fought with hand-to-hand combat and that his/my power made him/I faster, stronger, et cetera; and I think that he/I could increase & decrease the power level at will, and the more he/I increased the power level, the more he/I changed in appearance temporarily, maybe like a werewolf or maybe like a dark shadow would cover him/me or maybe his/my appearance would change in other ways temporarily, I am not sure.

His/my fierce fighting against the things, proving that they could die, speech to the soldiers, et cetera encouraged the soldiers to continue to fight and they started to charge forward to join him/me in the fight against the things; and we started to win, and eventually we won and/or forced them to retreat.

The soldiers cheered and they saw him/me as a hero, but he/I decided to leave before anyone could figure out who he/I was and to avoid anyone knowing about his/my powers; I can not remember what happened next exactly, except that I was at the lobby again the next day wanting to cancel my registration for the next semester.

People, soldiers, and the news media were talking about the battle and the unknown hero who helped win The Battle Of LC; and I remember listening and watching people talk about it.

At some point I remember sneezing and wiping my nose on a napkin and I threw it in a trash can near one of the worker’s desk in the lobby, and something happened later in the dream that made me wonder if the powers were passed to me and/or passed from me; and I tried to find the napkin, not knowing if someone would get the power if they came in contact with it or not.

I think that the power/curse/whatever could only be in one person at a time, but I am not sure, but I did not want to take any chances since I had no idea what it was or where it came from exactly; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


My Former Classmate DH Is Back From Army National Guard Basic Training?

Last night I barely remember part of one dream fragment, which took place in an unknown fictional place outside, and I remember my former classmate DH being there along with several of his family members.

I remember talking with several of his family members such as his mom & dad, and several unknown family members of his.

At some point I remember talking with DH and I was surprised that he was back from his Army National Guard Basic Training already, and I started to wonder if he had quit or something, because he was back earlier than he was supposed to be; but that was not something that I thought that he would do, and so I figured that it must have been another reason but I did not ask him & I hoped that he would tell me himself.

At some point he asked me if I thought that he had quit his Army National Guard Basic Training and come home, I answered his question, but he did not tell me if he had quit or not; and so I asked him, but there was a moment of silence.

I decided to change the conversation to another topic and I started to tell him about what some of his family members had told me earlier in the dream, but I woke up shortly after this.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


President Obama And The Non-Human Animals Attack

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I only remembered part of one dream, but not very much and it is very unclear, so it is very short.

I believe the dream started with me either seeing or being somewhere that The President Of The United States Barack Obama was at, I am not sure what happened, but I remember President Obama and his secret service agents leaving the area; not in a panic, they just left at a normal pace.

Then I remember walking outside and it was day time in some unknown neighborhood, and at some point after President Obama left, some non-human animals I think appeared somewhere in the city; it reminded me of the dream where UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) appeared after President Obama had left.

This time I did not see the things that had appeared, they had appeared in another part of town, but I heard noises and I saw people running toward the neighborhood that I was in.

Oddly around the neighborhood I noticed small buildings scattered around with a tank-like thing in them and maybe a few machine guns, I guess it was the Army National Guard or something, and they had started placing defenses to protect neighborhoods.

Anyway, a group of people ran passed me screaming run and the tank-like things started shooting tear gas or smoke grenades or something around the outside of the neighborhood, so I ducked, it was like they were trying to keep out whatever the people were running from or at least prevent them from seeing the people running.

I decided to move away from the tank-like things to avoid getting shot and I followed the people who were running, and they stopped in the middle of the neighborhood at a small park-like place with a basketball court or something near a tree.

The people were afraid, unarmed, unarmored, and many of them had sleeping bags and a few supplies; most of them were middle-aged or older, but there were a few kids.

They started to set up a small camp under the tree on the concrete or pavement area, and I noticed my aunt ME and JE were there.

Some of the people mentioned something about some non-human animals attacked the city and that some of the animals were using guns; I think one person mentioned what they looked like and I think they were not very big and looked like a normal non-human animal here on Earth.

I forgot what animal they said it looked like or was, I remember finding it odd that they looked like that or were like that, I remember trying to imagine these smaller than human animals with fur instead of clothes with guns chasing people; it seemed goofy and I wondered why were these people so scared, the only thing that bothered me was that some of them had guns and we did not.

I also found it odd once again that something strange happened again in a dream shortly after President Obama left the area; I started to wonder if he and the United States Secret Service agents had known that an attack was about to happen but did not warn everyone else.

I was not quite sure if that person’s description was correct about what was attacking the city, so I decided to ask more people about what was attacking the city, but I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂