The Expendables: Behind Enemy Lines

Dream 1

Last night I remember part of several of my dreams, one dream took place at my parent’s house, and I found my little cousin JE in the house; he had sneaked from my grandfather’s house to my parent’s house without permission.

I told him that he was not supposed to do that and I sent him back to my grandfather’s house, and then I went to use the bathroom; after using the bathroom I started to wash my hands, but then my cousin JE jumped into the bathroom.

I was annoyed and I told him that fortunately I had just finished using the bathroom before he jumped in & once again I told him that he was not supposed to sneak around without permission inside of people’s houses; he was acting like it was a game, he is just a little kid, so I tried to explain the situation in a way that he could understand while I walked him back to my grandfather’s house myself.

Dream 2

The next dream that I remember took place at a college, one that looks different from most of the colleges in my dreams, and I think that the beginning of the dream took place in one or more classrooms.

I think that the semester was nearing an end and we had a project, but I could be wrong, I forgot what class it was; I either had not finished my project and/or I had missed a lot of classes or something, and I might have been a bit worried about failing the semester.

I think that I had an A or a B so far, those were guesses even in the dream, and if I did badly on the project I hoped to at least get a C as my final grade; I remember being at my grandfather’s house in his kitchen thinking about this at some point after leaving the class.

I think that I turned in my project the next day to my teacher who was a woman with whitish colored skin & blond colored hair, who was a bit mean, and then I went to an underground-like gym at the college.

It seemed to be underground since there were no windows and it felt like we were underground, there was a variety of exercise equipment, and I was looking for an elliptical trainer/elliptical machine; so that I could test one to see if I could use it as an alternative to jogging, since jogging is hard on my body, so I can not jog as much as I would like.

There were mostly women exercising, as I looked around for an elliptical trainer/machine; and at some point I asked one of the workers at the gym, who was the actor Justin Long, if they had an elliptical trainer/machine.

I described the machine to him and he showed me a machine that he thought was an elliptical trainer/machine, and so I started to use it; and it seemed to have some resistance which I could feel, so it seemed that I would get a good workout if I used it long enough.

After a short workout I left the gym but I can not remember what happened next except that above ground outside, I saw a lot of soldiers gathering, and I was a soldier.

This dream was one of my rare dreams that I have sometimes that involves some historical & other information from older wars like the World Wars, sometimes with real & fictional parts, and sometimes I am seeing or experiencing this about several countries, but this time it was about The United States (or a fictional USA) it seemed but I do not think that any country was ever mentioned.

Instead of seeing scenes from wars & battles with historical & other information being shown or narrated, I was experiencing this myself, which happens sometimes but this one was all about the experience.

We were gathering on flat land near a school maybe, we seemed to have older olive drab-colored uniforms without armor other than a helmet, and we were gathering to get orders from a general; this seemed to be an emergency gathering where they quickly rounded up a bunch of new recruits/drafted soldiers, I was one of them.

The general, at least I am guessing that he was a general, said that many of us were to be sent on a secret mission where we would be dropped behind enemy lines into the ocean/sea, we would have to make our way to land, and then travel to an enemy position to steal something; and then return it to our side.

It was a very dangerous mission, a suicide mission, and I think that he was using only new soldiers who had just finished basic training or who had not even finished basic training; I guess that the situation was serious and he did not want to lose any experienced men (I only remember seeing male soldiers at this point), I guess us newer soldiers were not worth much or anything to them.

We did not have a choice, who ever was picked had to do the mission, and then the general or officer sent us to an airplane to leave for the mission immediately; I was pretty numb about the situation, I was not afraid to die, I did not want to be in the war but I was chosen & I decided to go along with the war for a reason or reasons that I can not remember, I wanted to finish the mission hoping that it would help bring an end to the war, I just wanted the war to end, and probably possible future wars too.

On our way to the airplane, some of the soldiers were scared and/or crying and/or sad, but I was numb & focused; and an old military veteran who was watching us gather came to give us some encouragement, and he started to talk with me.

He told me a bit about his experiences in war and he asked me if this was my first war, I said yes, and I told him that I just wanted the war to end & I was tired of these unnecessary wars & I wish that I could stop them or something like that.

He told me that even though war is bad that it has its purpose(s), that it had its place in life & that there was nothing wrong with me wanting the war to end, but that war a necessary evil in life or something like that; and that it should not be completely eliminated and/or that it can not be completely eliminated.

I told him my reason or reasons that I participated in this war, normally I probably would have refused & accepted jail/death/banishment, but I can not remember what I told him; I remember him telling me that he had learned some good things from war too, that it was not all bad, and that though he experienced many bad things in war, that he was better because of it.

Though we did not completely agree, I thanked him for talking with me & encouraging the others, and then the other soldiers & I connected one large parachute that was stronger than a normal parachute, to ourselves; so we were all connected to one parachute.

The military veteran wished us well and then the rest of us left in the airplane, once we reached enemy territory, we parachuted with our joint parachute into the ocean/sea; we were on now on our own, and we were a long way away from land.

It was going to take a few days to reach land I think, so we would have to swim & float for a few days, many of us died during the journey; some drowned, some were attacked by sharks & other animals, some got sick, some died of dehydration, and the enemy fired artillery on us when we first hit the water.

I forgot to mention that, when we hit the water, artillery was fired around our location; it was pretty realistic, and some of us died.

Days later the rest of the survivors and I reached a river, we followed that to avoid detection until we got close enough to the enemy position, but more people died of snake bites & other things during this part too; it was a long & depressing trip, but I was still numb  & focused on completing the mission.

Many men died, so only a few of us were left, and I seemed to be in charge now due to my numbness & focus; it was truly a suicide mission now it seemed, since we barely had enough men left, but that allowed us to sneak around better.

We reached land at some point in our trip that took days, we came across some kind of animal(s), but I can not remember what happened exactly but I think that a few more of us were killed; and then we found the enemy position, and we sneaked into their camp to steal whatever we were sent to steal, I can not remember what it was, it was several things actually.

Inside of one of their buildings we found most of what we were to steal and some women, who were not soldiers, helped us find the rest, and they led us/me to an upper floor; I think that I sent the others with the rest of the stuff that we stole, to wait for me away from the camp, and I went with the women to steal the last item or items.

I am not sure who the women were or why they were helping us, but they led me to an all female area on an upper floor, where there was a bathroom with showers/dressing rooms/& various other things; and they were hiding me there away from the women in charge of this area & other women who would turn us in if they knew what was going on.

I am not sure if I had the last item or items or not, but I remember that the women & I were trying to move to another location; but we had to avoid several other women & at some point one of the women in charge came to check on things, and I barely avoided being seen.

We were trapped on the upper floor at this point, hoping for an opening to escape, but I woke up as we waited.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


10-10-2011 | Dream Fragments | War For Fun

2nd Infantry Division soldiers in action durin...

Last night I remember part of several dreams, with the first dream probably taking place in a fictional version of D at McDonald’s during the day, and I think that my uncle W, several other family members from my dad’s side of the family, some of my former classmates, many unknown people, and I were there.

I can not remember what happened exactly but at some point we all went outside for some reason, we split into two different armies somehow & for some reason, both of our armies used two separate wooden porch-like structures as our bases, both bases were on opposite sides of the field, the other army seemed to be led by my uncle W probably, my army seemed to not have a leader but several people & I gave most of the orders while fighting with the rest of our army, and both of our armies had a war against each other but I am not sure why or for what purpose.

We used real looking weapons such as rifles, assault rifles/carbines, grenade launchers and/or artillery, grenades, pistols, sub-machine guns, et cetera; but our weapons shot and/or exploded only plastic bullets and/or plastic pieces, but they still hurt.


Some People And John Jr Versus Some Soldiers And The United States Secret Service And President Obama?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

*These were just dreams, and so please do not add me to a terrorist watch list or anything like that, thank you. 😀 *

Last night I had several unusual & realistic dreams that were confusing, because I can not remember the important parts of each dream, and so my unusual actions in each dream are not clear & I am not sure the exact circumstances of each dream; and so I will be making wild guesses sometimes as I try to explain these dreams.

Dream 1

The first dream that I remember is Very unclear and I am not sure how it started, I just remember being in the middle of a small battle during the day in the woods near my parent’s house and in my parent’s yard.

This is a wild guess here but I am guessing that some regular people & some soldiers who might have defected/quit/left the military were fighting against a larger group of soldiers who were better equipped; and I was in the middle of this small battle, which I think started in the woods, but we got pushed back into the neighborhood & into my parent’s yard, due to the other soldiers being better equipped and having us out-numbered.

I remember that the other soldiers stayed in the woods and they started to shoot artillery at us, which would kill several people at a time if you were too close to the explosions, they were using some artillery that reminded me of some designed by Germany(?) back during World War II maybe or something (but I do not know artillery well, so that is a wild guess), maybe another country, and The United States (USA).

We did not stand a chance against their artillery and so I started to climb my parent’s fence to move out of their range, and the others started to charge toward the woods to prevent them from being able to use their artillery if we got too close and/or before they could re-adjust the range of their weapons; I stopped to decide if I should stay further back or should I run closer toward the woods, but then I woke up.

Dream 2

My next dream is also Very unclear and I am not sure how it started, but I think that my family was going to go to a birthday party for my brother GC; but a small family emergency happened that caused my family to have to go to the hospital, maybe one of my indirect family members was having a baby or maybe one of my other brothers had a minor injury or something but I am not sure.

My family drove to the hospital, except my brother GC and I drove to the hospital parking lot, and I guess we were going to have his party there or something maybe; while the rest of the family was inside the hospital.

It was during the day and the parking lot that we were in was mostly abandoned & next to an empty field, and so it was a nice area to have a birthday party & we would be able to easily check on whoever was in the hospital.

Slowly some of my brother GC’s former classmates and some of his college classmates started to come to the parking lot for the birthday party, and we all talked.

At some point either this was a memory from another dream or this happened, I remember dropping off one of GC’s former classmates at his family’s house; and later I remember returning to that same house to give him something that he had either forgotten or that I decided to give to him & his family, I think it was some groceries or something like that.

He was not home at the time and so I gave the groceries or whatever to an older woman who appeared to be his grandmother and another woman who appeared to be his mom, and walking down their street was a man who looked at me but he did not smile or wave back when I smiled & I waved at him, as I drove away.

I returned to the parking lot, but something serious happened but I can not remember what happened exactly; my wild guess is that maybe some soldiers attacked us, some of us died, some of us ran into the hospital, and the rest of us fought the soldiers until we defeated them & we took their weapons.

We then had assault rifles & rifle carbines, sub-machine guns, hand guns, maybe a RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher), maybe a grenade, and maybe a portable anti-aircraft weapon, and maybe a few other things; and I think that my brother GC either died in that attack or he might have died in the next attack.

All of this is unclear and I am not sure what all happened or why, but the next attack came from the air, either Air Force One and/or their escort attacked us from the air; this is a wild guess but I am guessing that President Barack Obama and some other people probably had given some orders that might have resulted in the attack in the first dream & in this dream, and they were probably trying to flee in Air Force One.

My wild guess is that they were going to flee like cowards while us regular people got killed, arrested, or whatever due to their decisions & commands; and that they would go to a secure location so that they could continue to give orders while staying safe from attack; I am not sure what was going on exactly, that is just a wild guess.

Whatever had happened to us was so serious that us survivors who were willing to fight seemed to have decided that we would not let President Obama and the others escape alive and/or allow them to keep making decisions that were hurting people; and we saw Air Force One taking off from an airport near by and we got attack by them and/or an escort as they were flying over our area.

They just happened to be taking off near where we were, and we defended ourselves with the portable anti-aircraft weapon but we only had one shot & we probably destroyed the escort; and so we had to all shoot Air Force One with our automatic weapons as they were still trying to gain altitude, and so we had a chance to actually shoot them down if we were lucky.

Whatever had been done to us and/or we were afraid of continuing was so bad I guess that our only focus was to kill President Obama, the other higher level people with him, and anyone who tried to stop us; I remember us shooting Air Force One with all we had, as they were trying to gain altitude, but our bullets were not doing enough damage.

But someone either hit one of the engines with a bullet or some bullets and/or the RPG, and so they stopped gaining altitude and I remember us shooting & shooting & reloading as Air Force One was smoking from one engine/one of the engines was smoking & they did an emergency landing in the field.

All of this seemed pretty realistic, even though it does probably not seem like it if you are reading this, Air Force One was low enough for this to be done; and we had some military weapons to do it, but it took a lot of effort on our part.

Air Force One landed in the field without being damaged during the landing really or not much, and I started to shoot at the cockpit with my assault rifle & I managed to shoot the windows out after many shots & I shot the co-pilot & the pilot as they were waiting for The United States Secret Service to come & defend them.

My only focus was to live long enough to kill President Obama at least and hopefully anyone else who had done and/or was doing whatever was so bad that had caused us normally peaceful people to defend ourselves & then attack our own leader(s)/government/military/intelligence community(?)/whoever; I guess we wanted to stop them from escaping like cowards, we wanted to stop them from being able to give the orders to hurt more people, and we probably wanted revenge.

I was not afraid and my main focus was to kill President Obama and anyone in my way, two or three or more Secret Service Agents jumped from the broken cockpit to prevent us from boarding Air Force One; they reminded me of agents from the film The Matrix, they had black suits, black ties, black shades, and they seemed to have no fear either.

I respected their courage and they forced us to take cover, and I had to reload my assault rifle; and The Secret Service Agents had us pinned down at first, they seemed to be trying to distract us long enough for the other agents to either prepare defenses inside Air Force One and/or to give them time to get President Obama & the people with him away from Air Force One.

I realized that they were distracting us and so I did something crazy in my effort to try to reach President Obama so that I could kill him, I ran out of cover/from behind cover,  which surprised the few Secret Service Agents; and I shot them.

The others and I then ran to the cockpit area to try to board Air Force One, but a few more Secret Service Agents inside shot at us and we shot back killing them and maybe a few other people; but we found out that The Secret Service Agents had the first area full of innocent people who they were using as shields and as distractions, and so I told the others to stop shooting.

We managed to kill the few Secret Service Agents who were using the innocent people as shields and distractions, and I stood outside of the plane helping people get off of the plane; and my mission then became to help the innocent people escape before we killed President Obama and whoever else was with him.

I had run out of bullets and so I picked up one of the dead Secret Service Agent’s sub-machine guns, I helped people get off of the plane one-at-a-time, I gave orders for the others to secure the area where the innocent people were, I gave orders for the others to also secure the outside of Air Force One so that President Obama & the people with him could not escape, but there was not enough of us to secure the back of the plane.

I told the people who we were saving to run into the hospital, but some of them joined us & they picked up weapons from some of the dead Secret Service Agents; but I was afraid that some Secret Service Agents might be pretending to be with the innocent people, and so I told the others to be on the look out for surprise attacks by Undercover Secret Service Agents.

I kept trying to look around for threats as I helped people off of the plane, I had my sub-machine gun in one hand, I helped people off of the plane with my other hand, I was giving orders to people inside the plane & outside of the plane, and I was hoping that President Obama & the people with him had not escaped; and so I was eager to get everyone else off of the plane as fast as I could so that I could kill President Obama & the people with him before they escaped, if they had not already escaped.

I remember seeing a few kids and babies who parent’s could not be found, maybe their parents were accidentally killed during the shoot-out or something, and so I kept asking people who the babies & kids were for but no one knew; and so I had to hold a baby in one hand, and I told some of the other people to take the other kids & babies inside of the hospital with them.

The baby who I was holding was very young and it held on to me like a baby monkey or something, it gripped me very hard like babies do when they are very young usually, it was gripping me so well that the baby probably would not have fallen even if I had let go 😀 ; I was holding the baby in one hand, I had my sub-machine gun in the other hand, I was still helping people off of the plane, I was still looking for threats, and I was still giving out orders. 😀

We were stretched too thin & we did not have enough people & we had no training in combat and clearing out all the people was too big of a distraction, but their safety was more important to me than killing President Obama & the people with him, but my main focus was still to at least kill President Obama (all I know is that President Obama was not to escape, he was my main focus it seemed, and I only wanted to at least kill him before I died) even if it would cost me my life & I had no fear & there was to be no talking/no compromise, just killing, no mercy, no surrender, & I was not to let anything or anyone stop me from at least killing President Obama; but I woke up as I was still holding the baby, and doing everything else.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


The Alien Scheme Corny Dream Fragment

Source: Wikipedia

Last night I only remember the last fragments of my last dream, which was animated, which is rare for my dreams.

All the important pieces of the dream or missing so this will not make much sense, but all I remember is being in some facility with humans and a few different alien species; none of them looked like any common aliens like The Greys, they did not look like any aliens I have ever heard of or seen before really.

We were all working together on something, supposedly we were supposed to be trying to stop something from happening or something.

A group of humans, a few aliens of different species, and I were suspicious of one specie(s) (if that is a word) of alien; something did not seem right, so a few of us started investigating.

At some point our group and some others went on top of the facility which had an interesting metal roof and I am not sure how high in the air we were, but I think the building was up high and maybe on a high place.

One of the aliens that was part of our investigation said that he had finally figured out the plan of that suspicious group of aliens, he said that they were going to artificially create a world disaster that would force us to need their help and it would give them control over the planet.

I think they were going to launch some drill-like device from within the Earth up to their mothership above the planet or something like that (This is just a guess, it probably was more complex), this would give them the ability to possibly destroy the Earth or a lot of it, if we did not follow their demands.

We told the others and we got guns, and other weapons to go stop that/the one group of aliens; but suddenly a giant drill-like device shot up into the air, it looked like the one from the new Star Trek film; somehow they knew that we had figured out their scheme and launched the drill-like device.

So we started shooting at it from the roof and some of us started shooting at some spaceships that the attacking alien group were using, and the rest of our group went into the facility to fight the ones inside & outside.

We were using regular human guns, alien lasers, cannons, artillery, anti-aircraft weapons, anti-tank weapons, and more.

We managed to shoot the drill-like device down pretty quickly and the spaceships in the air, since there were not many, but there was still shooting going on in the facility and on the roof.

I woke up as my group started to shoot at the attacking alien group that was now on top of the roof too.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂