The Lucid Dream | I Murdered Someone | The Gun

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Lucid Dream

I can not remember my first dream very well, and I actually forgot that I had the dream until a few minutes after I woke up.

All I remember is that I was in a dream and that I realized that it was a dream so the dream became a lucid dream, and so I told myself that this was dream out loud and I started to take control of the dream.

I remember there was a woman there but I can not remember who she was or what she looked like exactly, and I think that she had short light brown hair.

I did not get that feeling of my body being in bed and so I thought that I would not wake up this time, but I felt the dream fading so I touched something in the dream to stop it from fading; but I could barely feel the object.

Next, I looked around so that my eyes could focus on the dream but everything was still fading, but  that did slow down the fading process.

The dream went dark but I felt that I could hear the dream, but I felt that I was now awake.

I kept my eyes closed hoping to go back into the dream, but I think I woke completely up or I went back to sleep later; but this time it was a normal non-lucid dream.

I Murdered Someone

I got the feeling that this dream was connected to the first dream, but it was not a lucid dream.

I remember being next to two houses that were on the side of the road that goes to LC, and I was standing by my automobile.

Both houses were small one floor/story shotgun style houses, and both were painted white.

I think the house on the left side had the woman from The Lucid Dream, her mom, her dad, her older brother, and her younger brother.

For some reason I think I was trying avoid them seeing me, like I was uncomfortable about them seeing me after something that happened in The Lucid Dream, but I can not remember what happened in that dream to make me act that way.

I could see them in the house having family fun together, like they were getting ready for Christmas or something.

I was sneaking by the side of the house and I could see them from the window, for some reason I wanted to see them, but I did not want them to see me.

I think the woman’s little brother was coming outside the back door, and so I hid inside the house next door.

I felt like I wanted to go talk with the woman at the house, but for some reason I was uncomfortable or afraid.

Now that I was in the second house, I hoped that no one was inside the house, because I was going to walk across the house; so that I could sneak back to my automobile.

This house was a bit dark inside, but the light from the windows was bright enough and the house was quiet.

I thought no one was in the house so I kept walking, but a woman walked from a room on my left side and she saw me in her house.

She asked: “Who are you, and what are you doing in my house?!”.

I panicked but I somehow remembered that this might be a dream, but I was not sure if it was or not, so I decided to test to see if it was a dream or not.

I suddenly had a handgun and the woman was about to scream and/or call the police, and I tried to tell her that I was just trying to sneak through her house to avoid being seen by her neighbors.

She tried to run to tell her neighbors and/or call the police or something, and so I shot her with the handgun; but she kept running, and so I kept shooting her.

She fell but she got up, and she ran across the road instead of going to her neighbors house; and she seemed to be trying to scream, hoping that some one driving by would hear her.

Also it seemed that she had a life bar, like on a video game, and so every time she got shot her life bar went down.

I noticed that the neighbors did not hear the gunshots or screams yet, but I was worried that she would escape and get the police; and suddenly I had a shotgun, and I shot her from across the street with the shotgun.

This time she died and she fell into a ditch on the side of the road, which was pretty deep, and so most people driving by would not notice/see her.

I stopped for a moment thinking that I could not believe what I had just done, and I hoped that this really was a dream; and so to test my dream theory I said that if this was a dream, that when I walk across the street, that the body of the woman should be/will be gone.

So I walked across the street but the body of the woman was still there, I was shocked and I thought that this was not a dream, but that it was REAL LIFE!

I felt terrible that I had just murdered someone to test if this was a dream or not, to avoid the neighbors seeing me, and to avoid that woman from calling the police on me for sneaking through her house.

Somehow the two guns were gone, and so I decided to walk back into her house to think about what to do before anyone saw me outside.

As I walked into the house to think, someone knocked on the door, and I was going to run out of the back door but I decided to open the door instead.

There was a man who looked like he might be a family member of the woman I killed, and he told me that the woman who lived in this house, is dead in the ditch across the street.

I pretended to be surprised, and I noticed that some police officers were already over there looking at the body.

I think the man wanted me to walk over there with him to talk to the police, but I was not sure if I should go over there or run; but then I woke up.

That was a terrible dream, I think that may have been one of the first times that I have murdered someone in a dream, and it might be the first time that I thought something was a dream at first but then later I thought that it was real; which made the situation even worse ,and I thought that I had just murdered a woman in the real world!

The Gun

In this dream I was at another house next to the road that goes to LC.

This time I was at the house of Gunnery Sergeant Hartman (R. Lee Ermey) from the movie Full Metal Jacket, and I think Mr. LS was there.

The old man was a former United States Marine Corps soldier (marine), and he was testing out a new prototype assault rifle.

It looked a lot like the Heckler & Koch XM8 assault rifle, and he was testing the gun against targets in his yard.

He asked me to shoot the gun too so I did and the gun was very accurate, it had very low recoil, and it was pretty light weight for an assault rifle.

He then got a gun that looked like an old rifle and he shot a target, and the gun was so powerful that the target ripped into two pieces; and one piece flew across the street.

I asked Mr. LS what kind of gun was that and he said it was a shotgun, and that he was probably using #00 Buck (double-aught).

I was surprised that it was a shotgun, and I was surprised by how powerful it was.

Also, I thought that it was dangerous and illegal that he was shooting guns in his yard, by the street, and across the street.

I thought for a moment, and I started to wonder about the dream where I murdered that woman; but then I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂


My Former Classmate JC’s Cousin L Takes Some Hostages

I only remember some of my dream from last night, and it started somewhere in D near a fictional hospital that had American soldiers for security guards/security.

My friends/former classmates JC & DH, JC’s cousin L, and I were somewhere near the hospital walking and talking.

L wanted to go to the hospital I think, so as we got close to the hospital there was a soldier with a M4 carbine assault rifle with a scope, by himself guarding the back area of the hospital.

The soldier had the standard US Army ACU uniform, a Kevlar vest without ceramic plates, and a helmet.

We stopped to say hello, I can not remember what happened exactly but my guess is that L went to shake his hand, and for some strange reason L attacked the soldier & he took his gun.

I think L started to act like another person, like he went crazy or something, and he either knocked the solider unconscious or he killed him.

He then took JC, DH, and I hostage and he told us to keep walking into the hospital.

L had the assault rifle so we did what he said, and he had us sneak around the security guards and people in the hospital, when we saw someone.

At one point he made us hide in a room but there was a doctor and a nurse in there, and so he took them hostage too.

So now JC, DH, the doctor, the nurse, and I were all hostages of L.

We walked into a strange room that looked like a military/medical/scientific research room.

There were three bridges in this tall room and we were crossing one of them, the bridges were high in the air and not too strong, and so it was a bit scary.

As we were crossing the bridge(s), I saw two soldiers walking on the bridge above us, and so I grabbed L’s assault rifle and I screamed for help.

I told them that L had us hostage and I told them to shoot him, and I told everyone else to run as I held L’s gun to stop him from shooting anyone.

The soldiers started to shoot, but they missed, and they shot the bridge instead.

The bridge started to fall, and fortunately the doctor & nurse made it to the other end and JC & DH jumped to another bridge.

But L and I were falling with the bridge, the bridge bent slowly and I noticed that L started to act normal again, and he looked scared.

I grabbed L’s hand to stop him from falling and I tried to jump to the bridge that JC & DH were on, but I only grabbed the end of it.

So I tried to hang on to the edge of the bridge as L held on to me, L was too heavy and so we were going to fall, but JC & DH grabbed my arm and they helped pull us up to the bridge.

The other bridge that we were on fell, but we were now safe, and we all took a moment to relax as we waited for more help to arrive; but then I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂


Constantine 2: Attack Of The Female Shapeshifter?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I only remember a bit of two of my dreams.

Dream 1

The first dream took place at a hotel/cabin-like area, and I guess that my family and I were on vacation or something.

We were in some small one floor/story hotel/cabin-like place, that only had a few rooms or cabins.

We appeared to be getting ready to leave but my mom wanted to just switch rooms instead of leave, and so we started to move to another room.

As we were doing this I looked around the porch area next to our room, I remember seeing some anti-insect screen covering it, but for some reason I was worried about a snake getting in.

There appeared to be a few other people at the hotel/cabin place, and I remember seeing a truck and maybe a few cars.

I think there was mostly dirt instead of cement in the parking lot, and the weather was nice outside.

I remembering looking up at the clouds and things seemed pretty real, and as usually, I did not realize that I was dreaming.

Maybe next time I will realize that I am dreaming, but then I woke up.

Dream 2

My next dream started with me watching a movie at a cinema, I think.

In the movie I remember seeing Keanu Reeves in a suit standing in a nice looking room with a red carpet, nice lighting, and an indoor balcony/staircase.

On the balcony was an older looking man wearing a suit and he was looking down at Mr. Reeves, and it seemed that the old man was supposed to be the bad guy in the movie; or at least that is what I was thinking.

I thought that the old man may have been the leader of a mafia or something.

I had a feeling that this was going to be the last battle of the movie or something, and I thought that Mr. Reeves was going to shoot the old man or something.

I think the old man started talking and then he shot Mr. Reeves, and as Mr. Reeves was falling he threw a dagger that hit the old man in the chest & he fell off the balcony.

At this point, I was seeing things from the point of view of a camera person.

The old man was dead, and Mr. Reeves appeared to be dying.

Then I was actually in the movie, as I walked toward the dying Mr. Reeves, he started to talk; but his voice sounded like a scary woman, with one of those evil deep voices.

He/she/it said: “I am not what or who you think I am.”.

Then he/she/it changed into a dark shadow creäture and it flew toward me super fast, it grabbed me, and it flew with me outside the building to a lake or something.

Then we started fighting each other, I was a bit afraid at first and was going to wake myself up, but I think I somewhat realized that this was a dream; and I decided to fight.

I think I told myself that I was not going to let this thing beat me in my dream, but I do not think that I really knew that this was a dream exactly; I may have only felt that it may have been a dream.

I think that we were floating over the water fighting, and I was winning the fight; but I do not remember much of the fight.

I remember saying: “Come on! Is that all you got!”.

Then I think he/she/it changed into a big bird-like creäture and it grabbed me, and it flew off with me again.

He/she/it had its legs wrapped around me, so that I could not escape.

We were flying over a city and people saw us, and so the police and the military started trying to stop it.

Every now and then some of them would shoot at it, but they would miss, and one soldier with an assault rifle shot and almost shot me by accident.

As we were flying he/she/it was talking to me with a voice of a normal woman.

I was not afraid really for some reason.

I do not remember what she(?) was saying, but I believe that I started to daydream in the dream about what she(?) was going to do to/with me.

I am a bit confused on what really happened at this point, and I have two possible explanations:

1.  I think I started to daydream in the dream about what she(?) was going to do to me, and the daydream was acted out like it was part of the real dream; but it was really only me daydreaming in the dream about what I thought might happen.

2.  This part could have really happened in the dream and was not a daydream in the dream.

Anyway, I started to think or daydream that she had a baby (that looked like a human) in the cave, and that she may/might be a human that can just shapeshift or something.

I thought that she was going to take me to the cave, leave, change back into a woman, come back to the cave, and pretend to be a hostage of the shape shifter.

And that she would say that her and her baby were being held prisoner.

I was wondering if my thoughts/guesses were correct, and wondering why would she do that?

To trick me into staying with her and her baby?

To trick me and then kill me?

Who knows?

Anyway I think that these thoughts and guesses were acted out in the dream or they really happened.

I remember being taken to a cave, and there was a baby in there.

The bird-like creäture left me at the cave and then it left.

I looked at the baby and then I picked it up, and the baby smelled stinky and it’s diaper seemed to be heavy like it needed to be changed.

Then I heard a woman say something and I turned to see who it was, and the woman said that her and her baby had been held as prisoners in this cave by the creäture.

I told her that her baby needed its diaper changed, and I said that I would change the baby’s diaper.

She asked me if I had ever changed a diaper before, and I told her that it had been years since I had changed a diaper; but that I used to help my mom change my little brothers diaper’s when I was a kid.

I asked her if she had any baby wipes, she said no, but she said that she had some napkins.

So I started to change the baby’s diaper.

Then I remember talking to the woman about how long they had been here, how did they get here, and what it had been like living here.

I also told her about what happened to me, but I can not remember what else she said about her/their story.

Then I woke up or I woke up out of my daydream in the dream & the bird-like creäture was taking me to the cave (I am not sure exactly but I think the bird-like creäture was really taking me to the cave, and that last part of the dream was a daydream in the dream; if that makes any sense).

-John Jr 🙂