A Man Gets Spied On & Caught By His Boss & Forced To Redo A Training / Brainwashing Program

I barely remember part of my last dream from last night, I remember the main character of the dream being a bald man with yellowish/whitish colored skin who wore dress clothes; but I am not sure if I was in the dream or not or if I was the man/main character or not.

The man worked with computers inside a windowless building for a company that seemed to probably get contracts/work from governments/intelligence agencies/et cetera, and they seemed to be working with classified information/projects/et cetera.


The Mafia Leader’s Wife

I barely remember some of one of my dreams from last night, which took place in D during the night, and some of my indirect family members from T came to visit my grandfather; and so I went to greet them, and to visit my grandfather & help him with a few things.

At some point I left in my automobile but I can not remember what happened during this part of the dream, I just remember being at a small two-story apartment-like house near a road in a fictional area of D; and I was there on the second floor with a woman who probably had whitish colored skin with blondish colored hair, and she probably looked somewhat like a certain actress who I can not remember.

We were in an open room that had the family room, living room, kitchen, and dining room in one open space & when you entered the house there were step-like things leading down to the living room; so the room had a sunken design, and we were on the upper part near the door that was the family room which had some cushions to sit or lay on, and some chairs/benches/couches.

The woman and I probably talked, there was probably some kissing/et cetera, but then two men came from a hallway area on the right side at the back of the room which probably had a bathroom & laundry room on the left side and probably a bedroom on the right side.

I quickly found out that one of the men was the woman’s husband and I am guessing that the other man was his assistant and/or accountant, and the woman’s husband was the leader of a mafia family; which I did not know until he entered the room and an argument began.

The husband was yelling, his accountant and/or assistant was yelling, the woman was talking, and I was trying to calm the situation down & figure out was going on; and the situation quickly got worse, and I started moving toward the door, afraid for my life.

The husband told his assistant to call his men so that they could come deal with me, my attempts to calm the situation down failed, and so I left to escape in my automobile before his men arrived; but the husband & his assistant followed me, and I got into my automobile & locked the door in a panic.

The husband was hitting on my automobile yelling threats at me & he called out my license plate number, he told me that he knew what I looked like, he knew what I sounded like, he knew what my automobile looked like, and that I should expect to receive a visit from his men soon, and he probably hinted that I would be killed soon.

I drove off in a panic hoping to escape before his men could find & follow me home, a lot of thoughts crossed my mind about what to do, and I worried for the safety of my family & friends; and I wondered if I should get the pistol at my parent’s house and/or buy a gun.

I ended up driving to my grandfather’s house briefly to probably hide & think, and I briefly greeted my indirect family from T; and then I went to think in the living room alone, it was so late during the night that no one was partying outside, and most of them were getting ready for bed.

My grandfather walked in the room and he noticed that something was bothering me, and so we had a conversation:

My grandfather: Hey (Code Word), you look like something is bothering you, what is bothering you (Code Word)?

Me: Yeah, something is bothering me (Code Word), I made a big mistake, and now I am afraid; and my family (him included) & friends & I could be in danger.

My grandfather: What happened?

Me: I just found out that I was in a relationship with a married woman whose husband is the leader of a mafia, and he walked in on his wife & I kissing in his house; and now I think that he has his men looking for me, so that they can kill me.

My grandfather: What? How did that happen? Laughs Now that is a big mistake! Laughs You really messed up this time, this is pretty bad.

Me: Yep, I am not sure how this happened exactly, I got caught by surprise; I made mistakes, I should have seen this coming or I should have learned more about her first or something.

My grandfather: Even then you still might have gotten caught by surprise, sometimes things in life just happen, and sometimes we can not predict it; what is important is how you handle the situation now.

I can not remember the rest of the conversation but I know that my grandfather said things that helped encourage me, and I got the courage to do something crazy; and so I thanked my grandfather, and I left unarmed/unarmored/alone to talk to the husband face-to-face.

Once again there was no security at the apartment-like house again, and the wife answered the door & she was surprised to see me but she let me in; and there was another man standing in the corner of the family room area, an unknown man who was a bit out-of-place, and he seemed to be an agent or someone connected with certain people & families who have access to certain secret & classified information.

The unknown man had talked to the wife, I guess she was asking for his advice on the situation, and he was reminding her of the importance of keeping some of the information that she & a few other people & families know, secret; and that how her husband was still not allowed to know any of those secrets, but I think that he said that it was okay for me to know or over-hear some of those secrets. (He was obviously talking about this with me listening, so I guess that somehow I was somehow connected to some of the families & people who are allowed to know some of this secret information)

The man also reminded the woman that her husband & others might be more likely to be watching her & listening to her now, and so that she needed to take even more precautions to protect the secrets that she & a few other people & families knew.

The man referenced some of this secret information (not directly) and/or some of the people & families (not by name) that know some of this secret information, and some of the protocols, precautions, burdens, responsibilities, et cetera that comes with knowing that information.

It seemed that the woman was either part of a family that knows these secrets and/or maybe she was an agent who knew some of these secrets, and maybe she had married the mafia leader as part of a mission or something; I am not sure, but I know that she did not love her husband or like him.

I mostly listened to the unknown man talk & I only said a few things, since what he had to say was so interesting, and at some point the woman wanted his advice on what she should do about the situation; but the man said that was for her to decide since it was a personal matter, but he could offer protection/transportation/et cetera for us if she decided to divorce her husband if she asked.

The woman was not sure what to do and so she stopped to think, and I started to ask the unknown man questions about the secrets & the people who knew the secrets, but the husband & his assistant came from the hallway area again; and the husband saw me and he started laughing & there was a conversation:

The husband: Wow! You must be stupid or crazy to come back here! Laughs Now I do not even need to search for you, you just made my job easier. Smiles

Me: I came here in peace to talk about this misunderstanding in person, hoping to avoid violence, I want to apologize for what happened; I did not know that your wife was married or married to a mafia leader, and if I knew I would not have started a relationship with her.

His assistant: Do you want me to call the men sir?

The husband: No, not yet, I want to hear what he has to say first; he has balls/courage for daring to come talk to me in person.

Me: I want to come to an agreement that we can all agree on peacefully, I want to know what do you want me to do to peacefully end this situation?

Me: If your wife wants to stay married to you then I will do whatever we agree to do to peacefully end this situation, and I will leave & you will not have to worry about me again; I do not want my family, friends, or myself to have to be on the run or in danger.

Me: If your wife wants to divorce you then I will do whatever we agree to do to peacefully end this situation, she can decide on what she wants to do from there, and we can all go our separate ways peacefully.

The assistant: Do you want to kill him now sir?

The husband: No, he was brave enough to come talk to me and his offer sounds reasonable.

The husband: I will not make any promises, but I will consider your offer, my assistant & I will go in the back to consider your offer; and we will let you know what we decide.

Me: Thank you, here is my phone number & email address so that you can contact me if you do not decide tonight.

The assistant wrote down my contact information and him & the husband went into the back to decide what to do.

I turned to look at the woman & the unknown man, and I went to ask them what they thought about the situation & my offer; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


The Patient & Detective Stabler & Helo (Karl Agathon) The Doctor

Last night I remembered my last dream, it took place in a windowless building that appeared to be a school or college, and I was walking in a hallway that had lockers & classrooms.

As I turned to walk into another hallway I heard screams and I saw people running out of a room, and they all seemed to be dressed for a dance or party.