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Dream 1

I am not sure if this was from a previous dream or a forgotten part of this dream, I just remember that my female coworker TR was there, the next thing that I remember is being at a slightly fictional version of my parents house which had an attic that you could walk in unlike our attic in real life, and we had two separate visitors arrive with Tom Cruise being one visitor & a Milla Jovovich-like woman with curly blonde hair or it was Milla Jovovich who was the second visitor.

Most of my family & I were there & these two separate visitors were a surprise to us, it did not seem that we knew them as friends or anything like that, so I am not sure why they were visiting us, they did not arrive together or seem to know each other & I do not remember them even getting to see each other during the dream, they both were in different parts of the house, and I was with the Milla Jovovich-like woman or Ms. Jovovich if that was her most of the time.


Escaping A Police Attack (Raid)

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day in a fictional city that has been in several of my past dreams, and I was with some of my family (my parents, my brother GC, maybe my brothers TD and KD, and maybe a few others) and possibly one or two other people.

We drove to a fictional area near a warehouse-like area near a college that has a dock-like area, and both of those areas are familiar to me from several past dreams and the college is partly inspired by the S Technical Community College in the city of LC.

We drove to a somewhat rough-looking multi-story automobile repair shop-like building, it was closed, but a man who worked there who knew my dad left it open so that my dad could work on something or do something but I am not sure what.

There were several different doors and types of doors to this building, one was a garage-like door with a chain that you had to manually pull closed, and I remember closing it because I was not comfortable leaving the doors open but the chain was not tied to anything on the other end so after closing it my dad had to climb up there to fix that.

While my dad was working on something or doing whatever it was that he was there to do, I remember checking the other doors to either close them or to see what was going on outside, and there was one opening that only had a chain to stop automobiles from driving in and I was not sure if there was an actual door to close or not which bothered me.

This opening had a good view of the warehouse-like area in the distance, and I saw my male cousin DE working at one of the warehouse-like buildings doing some hard labor and he was sweating and there were some other workers there including some maybe construction workers.

I did not like being at a closed business like this and I did not like that there were some openings and / or unclosed doors, I kept checking around making sure that the area was secure, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

I am not sure if this dream is part of the previous dream or not, I am also not sure if my parent’s were in it or not, and I am not sure if I was another man and / or myself during various parts of this dream.

I just remember a man and / or I being in a multi-story building during the day with many other people, I can not remember any other details, and at some point the police attacked (raided) the building but I can not remember if they were killing people or not (probably).

I just remember people running and hiding for their lives as the police attacked inside and outside the building working their way up each floor, and they were patrolling various sides of the house from the outside.

The man and / or I tried to avoid and hide from the police, eventually we ran out of hiding places, and so the man and / or I broke an opening in the ceiling to reach a maybe hidden area in the attic.

Some people tried to run outside but they either got stopped inside or outside because the police were all over the place, and so they were either dead and / or arrested.

There was at least one other person in the attic, we could hear the police getting closer as they searched the house and attacked as they got closer and closer to the attic, and maybe the other person ran from the attic in a panic but I can not remember.

I just remember the man and / or I being so desperate that we looked out the attic window or vent looked for the area outside with the least amount of police, we saw one part of the yard where there was only one male police officer in the yard and one outside the fence, and so the man and / or I waited for the police officer in the yard to walk below us and we jumped from the attic and landed partly on him knocking him unconscious or worse.

The man and / or I picked the unconscious police officer up to hide the body before escaping and / or we were going to take his uniform and keys and escape in his police car, but the police officer outside of the fence saw us.

The police officer’s body was facing them and he / I was holding him up so the other police officer could not see his or my face and body, the other police officer asked what was wrong with him, and we responded that he was sick and that we were helping him to his car and that he would probably be okay as we pretended to be a police officer while hiding behind the unconscious police officer who he / I was carrying.

To my surprise this worked, he / I was able to reach the police car, and escape without being noticed.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was in a health store (maybe a health food store), and I remember standing at the front counter as a male employee with light-color skin with short hair tried to get me to buy a bottle of maybe soft gel multivitamins.

It was the last bottle and it looked old like it was possibly expired, and it cost about $15 I think.

The employee was trying very hard to get me to buy it even though I kept saying no, eventually I started to consider it, but then I decided not too because I could get some non-expired looking probably better multivitamins for maybe $5 – $10.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 4

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was inside the living room of my parent’s house, and for some unknown reason my coworker Mrs. DT was there too.

I remember my coworker Mrs. DT asking me some questions and I remember answering them, but I guess my answers were too long and boring so my coworker Mrs. DT did not seem to be listening to most of what I would say and she would either ask another question or start talking about something else.

My coworker Mrs. DT then asked me some questions about the orange couch and maybe about the pillows on the couch, she was tired, and she seemed to be trying to decide if the couch was clean enough to sleep on and I remember her dusting off the pillows and couch.

My coworker Mrs. DT told me that she was going to take a nap so I said okay, and she laid on the orange couch to sleep.

If I stayed awake it would be weird so I laid on the other couch to try to sleep too, I closed my eyes, and then the next thing that I remember is hearing a loud noise so I opened my eyes to see my coworker Mrs. DT laying on the floor like she fell off the couch when she was sleeping so she was looking around in confusion as she tried to get up.

I asked her if she was okay and she said yes, but there was a possibly broken object of hers on the floor too so we collected the pieces and we tried to see if it was broken and if it was still under warranty if we could not fix it but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


A Horror Story With A Surprise Ending

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I had a long and intriguing (if that is the word) dream, unfortunately I can not remember most of it, but the dream could be made into a movie if only I could remember most of it; and one of the main characters was and/or looked like the actress Uma Thurman.

Unfortunately I have forgotten the best/main parts of the dream and so it will not make much sense & it will not seem as interesting as it really was, and I will have to guess what happened during a few parts; but the dream probably started with a group of young men taking me to a possibly abandoned multi-story house in a field on the outskirts of a neighborhood, the house was located off a road further back across a field, and so it was a private area.

I probably had no idea what was going on, just that the young men said that their were rumors/legends/stories about this house & the family who used to live here/lived here, and they probably slowly told various stories as we walked to the house & went inside the house; and they were probably going to hang-out on the first floor, but some of them took me to an upper-floor and they took me to the attic I think were ghosts & strange things were supposed to be.

Some of the young men said that they had been in the attic before briefly when they were kids and had seen/heard strange things, but even they were too afraid to step into the attic again for more than a few seconds or not at all; and they got me to go into the attic alone, and they ran off in fear.

Some of the stories about the house & family who owned it varied probably: one story probably involved a woman cursing the family with magic & the wife started to have a mental / emotional / supernatural breakdown that ended up destroying their family literally (with maybe almost all of them or all of them dying or being killed) & the wife’s ghost and/or other ghosts/beings now haunt the house, another story probably involved a female ghost/being haunting the house & possessing the wife and/or scaring her into a breakdown that led to her and/or her families destruction, another story might have involved the supernatural and aliens, and there were more stories/versions of the story with the wife (Mrs. Thurman) being at the center of most of those stories.

When I was in the attic something very strange happened that probably seemed supernatural, the things that happened in the attic during this entire dream were very interesting/detailed/complex that I can not remember what happened exactly & even in the dream parts of what happened are unclear even after they happened, and I probably saw ghost(s)/being(s) & flashbacks of some of the things that happened in the house in the past; and after this experience I left the attic to tell the others, and had them take me around the city & maybe outside the city to talk to their families & people who might know more about the history of the house & the family who owned it.

Whatever happened in the attic slowly changed me throughout the dream & I probably went back into the attic several times to learn more, there I communicated with the wife (Mrs. Thurman) & she probably could appear/communicate with me more & more as the dream went on & I could see/learn more & more about what had happened to her & her family, and each time the house/whatever effected/affected me more & more and I became more connected with it/them & it seemed that what happened to Mrs. Thurman was happening to me too; when I first went in the attic I stayed in there longer than I was supposed to & I learned more than I was supposed to, and so now it/they had me to I guess.

During my journey to learn more I met various senior citizens who had lived in the neighborhood and knew some information about the family & the house, these parts of the dream were detailed & also interesting, and I even learned information about the people & families who lived in the neighborhood near the house.

One of the families had a family member who was a young man who had become somewhat famous (maybe a rapper or actor), he was the one of the people who brought me to meet his older family members since they had some information that I needed, and they reminded me of a normal family on Eastside; and they had their own family drama going on, and so I got to see/hear their family drama as I talked with his family members (which was fun & funny, and reminded me of my family).

His grandmother was complaining that they had not seen him in a while since he became somewhat famous, this was his first time visiting them in a while, and she went on & on about this as I tried to get information from her; but the family drama was handled in a fun way.

After my journey to get more information, which also involved various trips back & forth from the house & around the city & maybe outside of the city, I returned to the house; I forgot to mention that during the flashbacks that I would have, it was like being knocked unconscious and/or dream and/or being possessed and/or being effected/affected by an outside source & the visuals and overall experience(s) are too hard & unclear to describe, it was something that you would have to experience yourself to understand but I wish that I could remember more describe it/them.

After all of my investigating & experiences it seemed to be a mostly supernatural situation but it was possible that there were natural explanations such as alien/unknown phenomenon(s) and/or secret Human experiments going on, it was clear that I was now connected to/part of the situation, and I learned a lot from my last communication with Mrs. Thurman who now seemed to physically be in the house; and I think that she had never died or been dead all this time, so she was not a ghost/spirit/whatever probably.

I think that Mrs. Thurman also warned me/told me that it seemed that we both were now in the same situation it seemed but our conversation/flashbacks/supernatural experience was interrupted where something happened where I probably lost consciousness but thought that I was having another supernatural experience; and I woke up in a small room with two or three government-looking people, the main one was a man with maybe a woman assistant and maybe male security person in the corner.

They revealed that the situation was not supernatural probably, but that it was a secret government(?) experiment, and that I was now part of it.

They had implanted a glowing (maybe bluish colored) circular device that reminded me of the device that powers Iron Man maybe in Mrs. Thurman’s chest (which I thought was odd, why not the brain?) years ago and in me the night that I first went into the attic, this device tricked us/controlled us into seeing/hearing/experiencing the things that we saw/heard/experienced probably & they probably briefly mentioned more information about how they implanted it/when/what it could make us do/think, and this angered me that they had done this to us without our permission & they had destroyed Mrs. Thurman’s life/family all for this experiment.

After letting out my anger I started to ask questions wondering what was the purpose of this experiment/device, where did the technology come from (Human or alien, and/or both?), and more; and many questions/thoughts came to my mind (but I was still trying to make sense of things after having been unconscious) but they just listened to my many questions quietly without responding & they paused smiling a bit as the dream ended like a movie with my point-of-view pulling away from the dream as it faded.

The end,

-John Jr


Trying To Exorcise A Girl

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I barely remember part of one dream that started normal, but ended freaky/disturbing/a bit scary.

I can not remember the beginning of the dream, I barely remember entering a room in a building maybe, that might have been a classroom; and there I met a husband, a wife, an almost teenage(ed) daughter, a daughter who was just a girl, and maybe a few other people.

I can not remember what happened but at some point we went into another room, which was their house which was connected to the classroom-like room, and they had an attic or partial second floor as well; I might not have been myself, I might have been the older brother in this dream physically but I was myself mentally/emotionally/whatever, but I am not sure.

There was a strange feeling in the house and it felt like something was in the attic-like area, like a spirit/ghost/demon/energy/being/entity/et cetera, and the wife would be drawn up there especially; and she would spent time up there sleeping and talking in her sleep or talking to something/someone who was not there, and maybe she would even partly be possessed or effected/affected/somewhat controlled by whatever lived/haunted/possessed the attic-like area.

I wondered if the wife and husband had a child who died very young in the past, and that maybe that child’s energy/spirit/whatever was in the attic-like area or if the wife was just emotionally/mentally disturbed.

I went into the attic to see who the wife was talking to and to investigate the strange feeling coming from the attic, and the husband quickly came to get the wife & they were going to leave somewhere with their almost teenaged daughter and they wanted me to babysit their young daughter while they were gone; it seemed that the husband and daughters usually avoided the attic, probably, and probably the wife only went up there regularly.

I did not see anyone in the attic but the wife, who was in a trance-like or sleep-like state talking to someone/something that I could not see or talking out-loud, but the husband managed to get her back to a normal state after they quickly left the attic; and they left as the young daughter was probably sleep in another room, and so I walked around the house investigating the strange feelings that I was feeling of something being in the house/attic.

The young daughter woke up and was drawn to the attic, but I did not get to her in time to stop her; and when I went into the attic, she was not herself any more it seemed, it was like she got possessed by whatever was in the attic.

This was not like the effects/affects that the wife had, it was like a full possession, and the young daughter did not even look like herself anymore; it was disturbing was she looked like now, she looked more like an it, and I wondered if it had fully possessed her since she was just a child & maybe children are easier for it to possess.

She/It had white pasty colored skin now with sharp teeth in an evil/scary grin, its eyes were different, it made stereotypical evil/scary deep male-like sounds/laughs probably but I am not sure if it talked or not, and it could move faster than a normal Human.

It freaked me out/scared me a bit, I was mostly worried about the young daughter’s safety and I panicked, and I began to attack it and rebuke it/command it to come out of her; but I had to be careful since it was in her body now, even though her body was a child’s body, it was now tougher & it could move fast.

It ran through the house from me and sometimes I would catch it & rebuke it/command it to leave her body and/or attack it, it would scream or makes sounds of pain when I would direct all my energy toward it while commanding it/rebuking it, and then it would run off fast and start laughing with an evil/freaky laugh when I could not catch it.

I had no idea how to exorcise it from the young daughter and so I started experimenting with rebuking it/commanding it in the name of Jesus to leave her body while still directing all of my energy toward it with my commands, but it still did the same screams of pain and so I was not sure if adding the name of Jesus helped or not (it did not seem to make much of a difference, as expected, but I wanted to experiment with any option that I could think of); and it would run away fast to escape, it was fast.

I was getting frustrated/more panicked fearing for the young daughters life, and I went back to a more violent approach; and it seemed to be trying to get me to the attic, like it wanted to try to possess me instead and/or it was stronger in the attic, and it led me to the attic at some point.

I knew that it was a trap and so I decided to surprise it with a violent attack to distract it long enough for me to get it out of the attic and so that I could get it in a headlock / choke-hold, and so I grabbed a broom went I entered the attic; and I started to beat it with the brush part of the broom, and I grabbed it off its feet by the neck and took it back on the first floor.

I started choking it while commanding it/rebuking it while directly all my energy toward it & I would use the name of Jesus as well to see if it helped any or not again, but it would start talking in the young daughter’s voice & maybe its face would change back to hers begging me to stop, and I would stop; but then it would change back & laugh/grin and go back to its voice/sounds/laughs/screams of pain.

I did not want to kill or hurt the daughter and so I kept alternating between a chokehold and a headlock, but I still felt bad/panicked/worried about hurting her or killing her; and it kept trying to escape, and it probably did a few times.

My commands/rebukes seemed to hurt it, but it would get me to stop or it would escape, so I never got to see what would happen if I commanded it/rebuked it long enough without stopping; and I kept trying to think about possible ways to exercise it from the young daughter, even though I had no idea what it was.

I was worried about harming the young daughter and I was worried about the young daughter being permanently possessed if I did not exercise it fast enough, I did not know what to do, it was a tough situation; and I remember walking around trying to keep it in my headlock / chokehold, and I probably began trying to hold it long enough to see how much rebuking/commanding it could handle without it escaping or without me stopping when it begs me to stop in the voice / face of the young daughter but I woke up accidentally when my panic level got too high probably talking in my sleep (I had my mouth opened & was probably drooling a bit when I woke up, so I probably did talk sometimes when I was sleep during this dream).

The end,

-John Jr