Gerard Butler Goes Undercover Against The Zeros Cartel

I had a variety of dreams that I woke up remembering, but I did not record them each time that I went back to sleep; so most were forgotten except for barely part of several connected transitioning dreams.

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day and involved a slightly fictional version of the area where my aunt JE’s house is or should be, if the house was there it was thinner and was a different color; and me and some of my family were in this area outside mostly.

More things happened in this dream, but I can not remember the details now.


Melfina In A Video Game World? | Our Neighbor Mr. RD Acting Unstable

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Dream 1

I am not sure if this is one dream or several dreams, and so I will type it as one dream with three parts.

Part 1

All that I can remember of this part of the dream is that it took place during the day and my brother CC was visiting so I assume that he was on vacation from the military, and I think that we both went to exercise somewhere and then we drove to McDonald’s in the city of D.

I remember my brother CC looking at his reflection on the window of McDonald’s as we got out of the automobile, and I asked him if he has gotten more muscular or less since basic training.

I can not remember his response or my response, other than asking him about his workout routine, and talking about mine and some other things but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

Part 2

This part of the dream took place in my parent’s kitchen and the animated characters Rebecca Rossellini and her male butler from the anime television show Lupin The Third Part IV (which I watched last night or this morning) were cooking, they were probably animated, but the rest of the dream was not animated.

Rebecca saw some sweet potatoes and maybe something else that brought back memories of her dead former boyfriend and some other memories, she became a bit emotional, and she asked her butler to make something special from the time period of those memories and she probably talked about some of the memories.

She possibly sent him and / or someone else to go pick up some supplies, but I can not remember; and so maybe the next part involves that, but I am not sure.

Part 3

All that I can remember of this part of the dream is that it was still daytime, a man with light-color skin was sent to buy something for someone at an auction, but I can not remember exactly what he was supposed to buy other than it involving maybe a video game (that was possibly also a dream world, but I am not can not remember) and somewhere inside the video game world and / or dream world was the animated character Melfina from the anime television show Outlaw Star (which I watched this morning) and they wanted to buy whatever it was so that they could pull Melfina from the video game world and / or dream world into their world.

The man went to the auction but he lost because someone had more money than he could bid because the person who gave him the money did not expect anyone to bid more than that amount, and later in the dream he was watching the news on a television when he learned that the buyer was forced to return whatever it was from the auction after something that I can not remember went wrong so the man left immediately to go bid on whatever it was again but somehow I ended up riding with him in his truck I think.

We return to the auction and the man wins the auction this time, but I can not remember if we took the object with us or not.

I just remember us driving back to the person who gave him the money and the man was telling me about their plans et cetera, and he seemed to really care for Melfina.

I can not remember if we pulled Melfina from the video game world and / or dream world or not as we drove, but I do remember visualizing it / daydreaming it as the man talked about it.

At some point we were driving through a neighborhood with trees on both sides of the street with a forest on the left side, and we drove through an opening in the trees in front of the forest where there was a trail that went up a hill and this was a shortcut I assume.

I remember seeing what looked like the head of a man with light-color skin with orange / brown hair and facial hair with maybe a bandana who looked like a thin biker from the countryside on in a dip in the trail, but I assumed and hoped that it was just a fake head because it seemed to be in too good of a condition to be a real human head.

I mentioned it to the man but he was in a rush to return so we did not stop, there was a bit more to this dream, but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day and I was inside my parent’s house when I heard the dogs barking outside, and so I looked out of the living room window to see a medium-to-large yellow / white dog in our yard near our dogs so I walked outside.

I heard our neighbor Mr. RD yelling to the dog from across the street, the dog was a female, but I can not remember her name.

I picked up the dog and I walked it over to our neighbor Mr. RD who was standing in the street, the dog went back in his yard, and I briefly said a few things to Mr. RD before he started to walk away.

I turned to walk back in the yard but Mr. RD suddenly said: “Did you see that?”.

I turned to see him pointing to the ground outside of our yard, there was a shadow effect from maybe clouds blocking the sun or something, and so I could not see in that area too well but I assumed that maybe he saw a snake or something because he looked afraid.

I told him that I did not see anything and I asked him what he saw, he was acting afraid and strange like he was becoming mentally unstable and / or was having some kind of reaction from medicine or the lack of medicine or some kind of medical situation, and then he asked me: “Do you see him!?” while pointing and looking afraid and unstable.

I looked again but I did not see anything or anyone standing or on the ground, the shadow effect was moving a bit like the clouds were moving in the sky so there were dark spots and light spots that moved, which was a bit annoying because I could not see on the ground that well.

I told our neighbor Mr. RD that I did not see anything, he seemed even more unstable and a bit physically unstable, and so I helped walk him home wondering what was wrong with him to have him acting strange like this and possibly hallucinating.

He probably closed his gate so that his fictional dog (he has a smaller dog in real life) would not get out again, and then I walked him inside his house asking a few questions and giving him some advice hoping to maybe figure out what was going on so that he could help himself and / or that I could help him and / or I could decide if I should get him some medical help.

I remember him ranting a bit and sounding unstable, I got him to calm down and maybe go eat something and drink some water and take his medicine if he had any and then take a nap, and I waited for a moment to make sure that he was okay enough to do those things.

I can not remember if I was still there or if I was leaving when I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


An Outdoor Auction

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I did not voice record my dreams each time that I woke up to use the bathroom, and so I forgot all of my dreams from last night except for barely part of the end of my last dream.

The dream took place during the day in a familiar fictional location in a slightly fictional version of the city of D that is sometimes in my dreams, this fictional location is located in a fictional version of a neighborhood that is not far from the D Junior High School, and sometimes in dreams I walk through this fictional location.

This fictional location had a storage building / shed in a small yard/field across from a building that is sometimes a local business like an antique shop or flea market or pawn shop or post office and/or something like that, and in dreams sometimes the building is closed and abandoned; and sometimes it is still open, but about to be closed and abandoned soon.

Usually there are nice people who work and shop there who know me because I often stop there sometimes to shop/visit them when I walk through the neighborhood, in this dream I visited them, but I can not remember this part of the dream; and later in the dream we had an outdoor auction in the yard/field by the shed.

Some of my former classmates were there like my former male classmate AM, his father Mr. M/my former baseball coach Coach M, the people who worked in the building, people who lived in neighborhood, and some other people were there for the outdoor auction.

Each item that was up for auction was shown one-at-a-time by a different person each time who would stand up and walk around with each item in front of the crowd who were mostly sitting down in chairs, and I was going to have to stand up and walk around showing off an item that was up for auction as well; and I was not comfortable with this because of me being shy and having social anxiety disorder and maybe generalized anxiety disorder, but I was going to try it anyway because we were probably trying to raise money to keep the building/store open/running.

I remember talking to my former classmate AM, his father Mr./Coach M, and other people in the crowd until it was my turn to stand up and walk around holding an item that was up for auction; and the item that I had to hold looked like a lunch / cafeteria tray with something on it (maybe food or fake food for decoration or something like that).

I remember being nervous/uncomfortable at first, I tried to stay calm, and slowly I started to become more comfortable as I walked around waiting for people to bid on the item; and eventually my fear/nervousness probably went away, and I started to have fun but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

Somehow at the end of the dream I was in the yard/field with a small group of people with somewhat dirty whitish-colored skin with somewhat long hair who seemed to be from another time period, and they somewhat reminded me of characters from the History Channel television series Vikings because of how they dressed and acted.

Two of the people were brothers and one of the brothers was married I think, there was a woman among the group with maybe yellowish-colored hair who liked the married brother and she kept trying to get him to have sex with her but he kept refusing her, but his brother wanted to have sex with her but she was not interested in him which made him a bit jealous of his married brother.

The group of people were partying (drinking, talking, laughing, dancing, making out, probably having sex, and more) as I sat there feeling a bit awkward toward their wild partying ways/traditions/culture, and at some point the married brother either got drunk or somewhat lost consciousness; and then the woman who liked him used this as a chance to rape him.

His brother watched and did nothing thinking that his brother was lucky to get to have sex with the woman even though she was having sex with him against his will while he was unable to stop her (rape), and his brother asked her if he could either join in to have anal sex with the woman from behind as she raped his married brother and/or have sex with her after she was finished raping his married brother.

She let him join in and have anal sex with her and/or have sex with her after she was finished raping his married brother, I forgot to mention that the married brother’s wife was not around at the time, and so she was not there to stop this; but if she were to find out it was not going to be pretty because she was supposed to be a pretty good warrior.

I am not sure why I did not get involved exactly, maybe I was confused and not sure how their culture worked exactly, either way the married brother regained consciousness or the ability to move again; and his brother probably explained what happened to him, he was angry and he argued with his brother, but he was more worried about his wife finding out and he worried about what she would do about it.

The married brother probably also argued with the woman who raped him, he was so worried about what his wife would do if she found out that he told both of them to not tell anyone about what happened, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr