Fighting Threats With Water Guns

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that one part of the dream took place during the day, I remember being on a bus of school students who were kids and teenagers and maybe some teachers and some other adults, but I can not remember if we were going somewhere or evacuating/escaping from somewhere.

The next thing that I remember is being inside a multi-story building that was like a school/apartment and I was on an upper floor where there were students and maybe some teachers/other adults and some of my family was there as well, and at some point I remember the building getting attacked by various threats that were between the sizes of a cat and a dog; and most of them were probably non-human animals like cats/dogs/unknown animals and some were possibly inanimate objects but I can not remember.

I remember there being chaos with people running and screaming and threats running and jumping around trying to attack people like wild fast zombies or wild animals with rabies et cetera, I remember some of my family and I fighting the threats trying to distract the threats and hold them off long enough for the others to escape, and so we had to go around the upper floor that we were on saving people and fighting threats; and I remember telling my family to leave and I would stay to fight the threats alone and distract them for as long as I could because I did not want them to die, and my family did not want to leave but I managed to get them to leave eventually.

The threats were possibly infected and/or possessed and/or poisonous because I remember trying hard to avoid being bitten, maybe they could infect or possess you if they could bite you but I am not sure, and so I would move around trying to avoid getting flanked; and I remember spending most of my time in a windowless room between two hallways that had at least three openings leading to both hallways.

The threats would sometimes run into the room to attack from different directions and I would have to defend against them, I remember King Bach (Andrew B. Bachelor) from YouTube joining with me to fight the threats, and we used water guns and metal baseball bats and sledgehammers and maybe some real guns to fight them; but I think that the baseball bats, sledgehammers, and water guns were our best weapons against the threats.

We did the best that we could to distract the threats and draw them to our room, this gave the students and others time to escape, but we had to deal with most of the threats alone and this was dangerous; and I remember us constantly fighting, dodging, running, jumping, et cetera trying to survive.

We slowly started to get comfortable and better at fighting the threats until we started to have fun and we got confident enough to leave the room and hunt down the rest of the threats as things got quieter once most of the people evacuated the building to probably leave by bus, and there was more that happened in this dream that I can not remember but that is all that I can remember before waking up.

Dream 2

This dream was a continuation of the first dream but I do not remember King Bach being in it but it is possible that he was in it, this time I remember the character Augustin Elizalde (Gus) from the television show The Strain and some other people being in the dream helping me fight the threats, Gus and his friends probably entered the building after King Bach and I had already been fighting the threats for a while, and maybe I had sent King Back to make sure that the others were safe and protected while I stayed to clear the building.

At the top of the building or on the floor that I was on, there was a ladder that led to a tower room where I stayed, and I would use that tower room as a safe house to take breaks, and I remember my family returning to the building to help me which is not what I wanted; but I allowed them to join me and I took them and Gus and his friends to my safe room to hopefully help keep them safe.

I had a plan where we would form teams to clear the building and area while some teams stayed to defend the safe room and the people in it, we would also evacuate any people left in the building, and I remember passing on my knowledge of how to best fight the threats; and in this dream I think that all the threats were inanimate objects like paper and random objects that were somehow alive or possessed or being controlled or something strange like that.

There was more fighting and hunting down threats, training and equipping everyone, planning, taking breaks, et cetera; and this all felt like a test or experiment or training simulation, and even in the dream I wondered about this.

It seemed that someone had probably set this all up and was controlling it and watching us, I was not sure who but I had various guesses about who was possibly behind it, and maybe we even started to learn about what was really going on; maybe some one came to congratulate us for surviving and passing the test/training/experiment/whatever (if so, it was probably a government agent-like man with whitish colored skin wearing a suit with brownish colored hair, maybe), but I can not remember.

That is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


A Shopping Mall With A Library | A Teacher Planting Evidence | A Changing / Transitioning Dream

My sleep and dreams got interrupted by someone who turned up the heaters too high causing me to wake up sweating a bit, feeling thirsty/dehydrated, feeling a bit sick with a somewhat sore throat and maybe sinus pressure in my head somewhat blocking my hearing on one side, feeling a build up of energy that I needed to release before going back to sleep so I had to do some exercises and walk around, and it took me a while to go back to sleep; and when I did go back to sleep finally I overslept, and I had a long interesting and detailed dream that I can barely remember properly now because it was too long confusing and constantly changing/transitioning because I overslept so now it makes almost no sense without the missing details and my memory of it is probably filled with errors that will not properly represent the dream.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day at a shopping mall where you could often find celebrities shopping there as well and there was a library in the mall, I was walking around shopping in this crowded mall, and I remember seeing the actor Kevin Sorbo walking in front of me; and some people briefly stopped to talk to him, and then I walked into the library to look for something to checkout/rent.

The library was crowded and there were some people in the library selling things, including books/magazines/et cetera, and maybe the library sold a few things as well; and I remember picking up one or more books/maybe something else that I was going to rent but I can not remember what they were, and I continued looking around for a certain book series that I can not remember.

I saw my former male classmate SC who was trying to sell his last item of the day so that he could go home, it was a $1 Yahoo magazine, and he implied that he would let me sell it and keep the dollar so that he could go home; but I told him that I would just buy it from him so I did, he thanked me, and we briefly talked and then we said goodbye and he left.

I continued looking at books for a certain book series before going to the front desk to checkout, but I woke up.

Dream 2

The second dream possibly took place during the evening and I went with my mom to the house or house/classroom of a fictional male teacher of either my brother TD or my brother KD, the teacher was a bit overweight with whitish colored skin with dark-colored hair and he somewhat reminded me of my former baseball coach Mr. M and he answered the door and he let us inside into a large room, and we talked by one or more desks (probably the teacher’s desk); and he told us that one of my brothers (KD or TD) cheated on something in his class, and that he found the evidence in his desk and he showed us the evidence while explaining the situation.

It seemed bad at first for my brother until we noticed some papers hidden in the desk, they were ripped from my brother’s notebook, and this showed that someone had removed those papers from my brother’s notebook because this would prove that he did not cheat and planted the evidence in his desk; and we assumed that it was the teacher who did this to cover up the fact that his son was really the person who cheated, and he decided to set up my brother to make it look like it was him who had cheated.

We mentioned this to the teacher and he became very angry and aggressive like we were correct even though he denied it, he started yelling and acting like he was going to attack us, and I thought that he was going to attack us so I got ready to defend us; and I came very close to attacking him first as he approached us several times so aggressively that I thought that he was going to attack us, and so I was going to attack him first before he could hit us.

Fortunately and unfortunately (part of me was probably hoping that he would attack us) he did not attack us and he told us to leave, and so we left but I woke up.

Dream 3

This was a long and detailed dream that continued to slowly change/transition to new things without me noticing in the dream, but my memory is too unclear and error filled to properly type it or make sense of it so expect errors that will ruin what really happened during the dream.

All that I can remember is it was during the day, I was inside a one story building with most of my family and some other people/creatures/entities, some of us went outside, the building was in the Walmart parking lot in the city of D by the road and entrance near the gas station, a man with whitish-colored skin with a futuristic aircraft and robotic flying aircrafts shaped like sea animals attacked us from the sky, and a somewhat cartoony-looking flying stingray that looked a bit like a spirit from the animated television show The Legend Of Korra helped us and maybe a few other creatures/entities/spirits were with us as well but I can not remember.

The flying stingray wanted to give us time to escape while he/it fought the man in the flying aircraft and his flying sea animal shaped robotic aircrafts even though this would likely end with his/its death, I wanted to stay and fight so I grabbed a metal pole but all the fighting was happening in the sky so I could not help, and I angrily yelled for the man and his flying robots to come on the ground and fight me instead of being cowards; but they would not, the flying stingray knocked one of the robots down to the ground, and I stabbed it with my metal pole making a hole in it and it looked like maybe a plastic surfboard with plastic eyes that possibly glowed when functional (this one was destroyed so the eyes were not glowing) and it was shaped like a shark maybe and it was possibly a teal green or blue color.

The fight was not going to go to the ground because the man was being cowardly and so the flying stingray would die in vain if we did not leave like he/it wanted us to, and so we probably finally left even though I wanted to stay to fight; and it was very hard leaving an ally to fight out-numbered like that who would probably lose and die.

Next I remember wearing a suit and going to C Elementary School to ask about a job for more information about it, I stood under the catwalk hoping to find someone to ask about it, but it was very awkward waiting there without permission as kids and other people walked by so I went to the office to ask instead; and it was very crowded and larger than in real life, and you had to take a number and wait your turn in the lobby.

A man who looked like or was my uncle CC pointed to where the numbers were, instead of being on the wall the machine was on a table sideways like it fell off the wall, and so I took a number and I waited my turn; and my dad was there at some point, probably on his job, and he joined me when it was my turn at the front desk.

A woman with medium-dark brownish colored skin with blackish-colored hair was at the front desk and she told me that they had no job available at this time and that they did not give out applications until there was a job opening, job openings would be posted on the official job website and in the local paper, and she answered my questions about the cafeteria worker job saying that they hired people based on previous experience in the food industry mostly; and my dad asked some questions, and then I left.

The last part of the dream was very interesting like the first part of this dream but even more unclear, my memory of this part of the dream is mostly destroyed and error filled so it makes almost no sense and some parts of what I do remember is probably incorrect/wrong, and I remember being in maybe an automobile parked on the side of the street on the street that E Manor is on near where my grandfather used to have one of his gardens.

There was a little building or maybe trailer on wheels or something like a little box cart/train with no windows, I remember going inside it, maybe inside it were two men possibly unconscious/dead tied/chained up and maybe a gas or something is set to slowly kill them again when they wake up or someone is going to come back for them but I can not remember and one of them looked a bit like the character Augustin Elizalde from the television The Strain, and I am confused about what is going on; and the man who looked like Augustin wakes up or was already awake so I try to help him get free, two infected large obese men who acted a bit zombie-like and who could talk came to get the second man first, and they started carrying him away.

They possibly said something like that they must kill him again so that he could become a mother, I assumed that this was an infected person who did not end up zombie-like when infected and that after being killed a second time and reviving would be able to give birth to the infected instead of having to infect people who would mostly be zombie-like afterward, and so I freed the man who looked like Augustin and we ran to stop them.

It is possible that a female entity was behind infecting people but I can not remember, there was a fight in the parking lot of what should be MZ Church but it was a store parking lot instead I think, and I somehow had a pistol in a blackish-colored holster around my waist on my right side; and I probably shot or fought one of the infected men, and I ran to the right side toward some automobiles to fight another infected man or the female entity or some creäture/entity.

The President Of The United States Barack Obama or a creäture who shape-shifted into him walked from behind the automobiles toward me saying something like: “I guess that I have to shoot you with my gun then/I guess.” , and I told him that I was not infected and that I was trying to help; but he was not listening, and he started pulling out a gun (either an assault rifle or sub-machine gun or pistol).

I was not sure if it was really President Obama or not, I saw no Secret Service agents oddly so I started to assume that it was not really him, and he was going to shoot me soon if I did not act so I warned him to not shoot me and that I would defend myself with my gun if necessary; and so I started reaching for my pistol as he was pulling out his gun, right before I was about to pull my pistol from my holster and shoot him before he could shoot me a giant creäture stood up from behind me, and it had a blocky shaped body made mostly of maybe wood or something in the area that was on the ground and maybe its head was the head of the infected man I fought or shot.

I told President Obama or the entity disguised as him that I told him that I was telling the truth and that he should shoot at it instead of me, and then I ran to another area in case it really was a creäture disguised as President Obama so that I could have some cover to defend myself while I try to figure out the situation and how to attack/defend/survive/escape; and so I could see how the other man who looked like Augustin was doing in his fight, but I woke up.

This dream made more sense but all the missing parts and errors in my memory ruin it so what I typed is too flawed to properly make sense of it because some important parts are probably incorrect and most of it is missing, but that is the best that I could do thanks to how my sleep got interrupted causing me to oversleep and I woke up a bit sick and my hearing is a bit stuffed up still.

The end,

-John Jr


My Grandmother DE Helping Fictional Family Members And Going Into Someone’s Dreams

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

Last night I had many short dreams that were all over the place possibly because I might be getting a bit sick because I sneezed several times yesterday and I woke up with a somewhat sore throat, I woke up remembering barely part of my first dream, but my memory of the dream faded as I used the bathroom before I could voice record it; and so all that I can remember of this dream is that maybe it was inspired by the film Late Phases that I watched last night, and it possibly involved people getting infected/turned/attacked/et cetera but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 2

I am not sure if or when I had this dream during the night, I just remember a woman who was possibly my wife or girlfriend being very cheerful/playful/sexual with me and jumping/kissing/hugging/climbing/et cetera on me in public causing a scene, and I remember apologizing to people who saw this and trying to remind her that we were in public so that was not appropriate; and she probably toned it down a bit eventually, and we had some fun in a more appropriate way but it is possible that this happened between two other people instead of me but I can not remember.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day and I was playing soccer/football in a field with other people including my former male classmate BH, I remember playing offense oddly, and it was a good game but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

The next part of the dream involved me riding bicycles with someone else to Mrs. CH’s house, Mrs. CH wanted me to do something for her that I can not remember, and as we got closer to her street I remember two obese women with brownish colored skin riding bicycles behind us following us and talking about us instead of to us; and one of them was my former female schoolmate K, she still liked me I guess, and she was talking about me as I continued riding my bicycle like I could not hear her talking about me.

We turned on Mrs. CH’s street and I do not remember them following us to her house to my relief, I knocked on the door and a woman with dark-brownish colored skin with blackish-colored hair answered the door so I told her why I was there, and she went to get Mrs. CH; and as I waited I was approached or called by maybe my female cousin SH/SC who also wanted me to do something for her.

It was going to be awhile it seemed until Mrs. CH was ready so I started walking up the street to do what my cousin SC wanted me to do at maybe an automotive shop-like/automobile wash-like place (I can not remember what she wanted me to do) first and then return to do whatever Mrs. CH wanted me to do, whoever was with me followed me and my male cousin CH (my cousin SC’s son) approached us, and he walked and talked with us as I explained what his mom/my cousin SC wanted me to do and that I also still needed to help Mrs. CH with something; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 4

All that I can remember of this dream is being at E Manor at a large family gathering with many of my family members from my mom’s side of the family, some of my family, fictional family members, and my dead grandmother DE was alive again and she also talked in this dream and she seemed to be organizing this family gathering and helping people like she used to do.

There was food and drinks for everyone and mostly everyone was having a good time, I decided to wait a bit before eating, and then a fictional older female family member and her young son went into the kitchen to talk with my grandmother DE and one of my aunts about something; and I overheard the fictional family member asking my grandmother DE to watch her son for a little while (which probably meant days or weeks or months), my aunt did not like this and reminded my grandmother that people keep using her since she always tries to help people, but my grandmother agreed to watch her son anyway even though she was already busy with the family gathering.

The fictional family member then brought in her older children to join the family gathering and they each brought all of their friends/girlfriends/boyfriends/et cetera (a crowd of people), who we did not know, to the family gathering without asking anyone; and they started eating and drinking up everything and making a lot of noise and acting like they lived at E Manor which was annoying and rude.

At some point I decided to finally eat but almost all the food was gone thanks to the annoying unknown crowd of people, all the desserts that I wanted to eat (including a pecan pie) were gone except for a few pieces of yellow cake with white frosting, and so this made me even more annoyed/angry; and I probably complained out-loud to myself quietly, I like desserts, and so I went into the breakfast room alone to eat a piece of the only dessert left (a piece of cake) and to calm down/release my anger/annoyance.

A tall fictional somewhat old female family member with medium-brownish colored skin wearing glasses and a dress who somewhat reminded me of a thinner lighter-skinned version of Tyler Perry‘s character Madea entered the kitchen with a fictional old male family member (who was her husband) with dark-brownish colored skin, and this older fictional female family member seemed a bit masculine/manly to me for some reason like she was really a man (maybe because of her height and how much she reminded me of Madea) even though she did not sound like it.

She greeted me and she told me to walk into the kitchen because she had something for me, she said a few things to me (about how long it has been since she last saw me, how she remembers me but that I probably do not remember her, et cetera) and she told me to give her a hug, and she was so tall that I had to stand on my toes and reach my arms high in the air just to be able to barely hug her.

She told me that my mom gave her some presents/gifts to give to me, she handed me several presents/gifts from my mom while reading the messages for each one, and I thanked her; but I can not remember if I opened them or not but I did thank her for giving me these gifts that were from my mom, I remember the fictional female family member and her husband joking/complaining about the unknown group of people eating most of the food, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 5

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day and I was walking up N Street in the city of D past the railroad tracks to walk down the street on the right side of the road so that I could return to a fictional school/class that was there, the road lead to a building that started with a library of shelves of books that was possibly partly outside, and then I entered the building going down a hall until I turned to the right on another hall where there were shared classrooms with only partial dividers where one of my classes (a Spanish class) was (I had memories of this class so either those memories were from forgotten parts of this dream or they were false memories).

My class and the other classes were empty except for one class that was still taking place so I walked past this area to where a maybe Mexican-style cafeteria/restaurant was, my class was there eating/drinking/talking at tables and my former high school Spanish teacher Mrs. M was the teacher, and I sat down at one of the tables near my former male classmate LT asking him and the others what was going on.

He/They told me that Mrs. M cancelled class for today and invited us all to eat/drink/talk at the cafeteria/restaurant instead, I asked him/them if we were supposed to just order our food/drinks or ask Mrs. M first, and they told me to ask Mrs. M first so I got up to do that; but I woke up.

Dream 6

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day on the right side of the highway in a LC-like city and I was with my mom, my brother GC, my brother TD, and my brother KD in a fenced area where some of the electrical equipment/connections for this part of the city were located; and oddly the gate was open, and so we were resting/playing/waiting there oddly for some reason that I can not remember.

My brothers were playing catch with an American football and I remember walking closer to the electrical equipment/box/connections for a closer look because I noticed something strange that I can not remember, I even touched whatever it was oddly and a light started blinking like a silent alarm had went off, and I remember telling my family that I did not think that it was safe or legal to be in this area and that it was possible that the police were on their way; and so we moved outside of the fenced area to wait/rest/play/et cetera, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 7

All that I can remember of the last dream is that it took place during the day and I walked back to that fictional school/class from the fight dream and this time one of the classrooms had the actor George Lopez talking to the class about his life with a focus on his life during his school years, but he got interrupted by an overweight man with whitish-colored skin with long dark-colored hair who was angrily saying negative things about women and his wife.

He claimed that his wife was cheating on him and he mentioned some other things so Mr. Lopez started talking to him something weird happened where the three of us somehow went into one of the man’s dreams in his dream world which was mostly positive and it was day, but then we went into a dream/dream world that his wife went into (maybe her dream or dream world); and it was mostly negative and it was night.

We were in a road surrounded my forests during the night with fires in the background, the sounds of people partying/having sex/et cetera, and his wife was possibly wearing a red dress and she happily walked into the forest to join the fun; and this dream world seemed like it represented a hell-like dream world where people did what they wanted without rules really, and so there was a lot of wild sex/partying/chaos/et cetera.

We then started to hear screams of pain/torture/rape/et cetera and we saw wild barely clothed people with mêlée weapons (mostly or only men) with many of them having face/body paint and tattoos attacking/killing/torturing/probably raping/kidnapping/et cetera people like there were various wild gangs having fun, and doing terrible things to people and fighting against other gangs; and so we decided that we needed to escape this dream world or area, and so we started trying to sneak away and we were joined by another man who was also trying to escape who was the character Augustin (Gus) Elizalde from the television show The Strain except in this dream his name was something like Danielle F (a last name that started with a F that he pronounced with a Spanish or Portuguese accent like maybe his last name originated from Spain or Portugal).

As we were close to crossing the street back to where we came from we got ambushed from the bushes by one of these gangs who had mêlée weapons, and so we started fighting for our lives; and we managed to take some of their mêlée weapons, and I remember stabbing/slashing/chopping/blocking/dodging/throwing/killing/et cetera during this quick and brutal battle.

We were winning this battle, mostly thanks to Danielle and I, to our and their surprise and so the leader of their gang came to see what was going on; and their leader was taller and stronger than everyone and he possibly was not human, it was possible that this dream world was controlled by a devil-like entity who had various weaker entities who worked for him, and so the leader of this gang was probably one of those entities.

The leader had maybe teal blueish colored skin, he was taller and more muscular than everyone and he wore barely any clothes like the others, he had body/face paint and probably tattoos, he probably had some mêlée weapons on him like the others, and he walked out like he was very powerful and over-confident; and the rest of the gang seemed afraid of him, and they acted almost like he was a demigod that no one had ever defeated in combat so they were also happy that he was there to save them by defeating us.

I stepped forward explaining the situation to him and telling him that we wanted no trouble and that we were trying to leave peacefully but he was not going to let us leave after embarrassing his gang like that, and so we were going to have to fight; and so I challenged him to a one-on-one fight, and he accepted.

I quickly ran at him faking an attack to force him to into a position that would leave him open briefly for a counter attack and it worked and I countered him before he could barely do anything, I knew that my best chance was to catch him by surprise using his over-confidence against him, and I had my mêlée weapon to his throat; and his gang and him were shocked, this had never happened to him before, and instead of killing him I gave him one more chance to accept my deal to let us go peacefully.

He accepted my deal and I told him that I did not want them hunting us and if they broke our deal that I would kill them if they tried to kill us, he assured me that they would stick to our deal, and then he asked Danielle if he was interested in making some money doing some automobile related jobs with them sometimes (probably illegal things like stealing automobiles) and he said yes.

While they were talking I remember the insides of my ears itching so I bent my left ear and somehow I bent it where I could see inside my ear, inside my left ear was moist and I saw ear fungus which looked nasty as usual and I probably cleaned most of it out, but my right ear could not bend enough for me to see inside of it; and then they gave us a SUV, and we drove away in it.

I remember asking Danielle about his last name, he was from Mexico but he pronounced his last name with an accent that sounded Spanish (Spain) or maybe Portuguese, and he told me that his last name always seemed foreign to him so he always pronounced it with an accent and that his pronunciation of it just sounded right to him but he did not know which country his last name originated from or how it was really supposed to be pronounced; and at some point we reached the other dream world or another area where it was day, but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 8

After about twenty minutes of walking outside I realized that I forgot to type one of my dreams from last night that I voice recorded, and this dream took place inside a multi-story building that seemed to possibly be an apartment/hospital; and a family (grandmother, mother, and about three sons) possibly from Mexico lived there in one of the apartments.

They were poor and maybe the mother was sick, the grandmother possibly worked at the hospital and maybe they managed to get the sick mother signed up with a special research project that the hospital was doing trying to find a cure/treatment for whatever the mother had, but it was moving to slowly and for several other reasons that I can not remember all of them except for the son who was next to youngest decided to steal some medical equipment/medicine/et cetera from the hospital so that they could try to come up with their own treatment/cure for the sick mother.

They brought the stolen items back to their apartment to begin setting them up to do their own experiments/research, but the next to youngest son told them that this was wrong and for them to take the stolen items back; but they refused and they had a brief argument/debate about it where they tried to shame the next to youngest son, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr