Electricity & Temperature & Unrecorded Dreams

I forgot that I did not record any of my dreams, unfortunately, I do remember the temperature in the room being warmer than I like which negatively impacted my sleep & dreams.

This started after the electricity went out shortly after getting in bed, it came back on, but the air conditioner did not work that well throughout the night.

I remember waking up & trying to go back to sleep multiple times, and one or more dreams were barely on my mind.

Furthermore, I think that one of the dreams involved an organization or group of authority over something.


Sniper Vs. Cartel | New House | A Heath Ledger / Judi Dench Movie?

Dream 1

This dream involved a cartel or mafia or gang getting sniped by a sniper.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day, my parents had a nice new house, and I saw my brother CC walking into the back yard toward the deck on his way to visit.