Playing Baseball Inside A Walmart-Like Store

I do not feel like or care about typing the only dream that I remember part of from last night, and so I will type a super lazy overview of the dream that took place inside a Walmart or Walmart-like store probably during the day.

At some point I started playing baseball with inside the store with at least three men with whitish colored skin and a woman with whitish colored skin, and we were playing against another team that had at least four men and one woman on their team; and the woman on our team was our pitcher, and we were winning the match.

At some point we had all the bases loaded and I was on first base one of our male teammates hit a low ball and we started running, but the man on third base turn back twice causing confusion; and so I got put out, and then our team started losing the game after this point until we stopped for some reason(s) that I can not remember.

I remember seeing a somewhat older woman with dark brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair walking a boy with whitish colored skin with brownish colored hair, the woman was babysitting him or something like that and maybe he was party handicapped in some way but maybe not, and the boy was acting annoying/mean/rude/et cetera.

The boy made a racist / offensive / mean comment to me telling me that some insects or something like that are above me/their lives have more value than mine/whatever, that I was not even Human and my life had less value than those insects/whatever, and that the world would be better off without my kind or something like that; and the woman said something to him about saying that, she made a negative comment/joke about him, and she apologized to me telling me not to let what he said bother me.

I walked toward a large open restaurant area that had round tables and chairs spread out with people eating/drinking and I saw my dad sitting with my male cousin ME, my cousin ME looked tired/sickly and a bit homeless, and an employee told him to leave because he was scaring away customers (he had been hanging around this area because he was homeless it seemed); but my dad told him that he was buying him some food and something to drink, and so the employee apologized.

I talked with them and I recommended that my cousin ME go see a doctor and after he finished eating we left and probably dropped him off in my dad’s automobile, and then my dad parked in the fire-lane/whatever at the shopping center near W Park in the city of D during the day on a hill; and he went inside a store while I waited outside, but as I waited the automobile started to reverse down the hill toward the street by W Park.

I tried to press the brake pedal but I was not working and so I pushed down the emergency brake pedal and that started to stop the truck, but I had to turn the steering wheel as I reached the street to avoid hitting an automobile that was driving by; and then I had to push the automobile across the street to W Park, and I waited for my dad.

I waved to my dad as he left the store and he walked over to W Park and I told him what happened, he probably called someone to come help fix the automobile, and I probably started walking home through a fictional neighborhood where I saw my fellow baseball teammates from earlier in the yard of a multi-story house in a nice neighborhood; and they were playing a war game against another team who were inside the house, and so I joined the game.

I think that we had guns (assault rifles, pistols, shotguns, et cetera) but they probably did not shoot real bullets, I remember the other team shooting at us, and we hid under a window of the house where they could not see us; and I sneaked inside the house, and I came across the annoying boy from earlier in the dream.

Eventually I came across his father who looked like a very short, mutated, over-fat, ugly, extra balding, disturbing-looking version of the actor Christopher Meloni and his mother and some of the other people in his family; and they were begging me not to hurt their son, and so I explained to them what was going on.

My team probably entered the house as well and so they gave up and we won, and then we all started talking about how we won/et cetera; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


The Battle Of Beep Beep Boop | A Man Cleaning Pet Areas (Pens) & The Blue Van Will Not Move

Wow! Things are getting crazy on again with bugs/glitches/confusion/annoyances/anger/et cetera all over the place; and The Battle Of Beep Beep Boop is taking place at the Forums and I have joined the resistance again as usual 😀 :

Pacific Rim: Stacker Pentecost’s speech.

Anyway, last night I had several dreams, but I forgot all of them except for part of my last dream because I failed to voice record my dreams before going back to sleep.

So almost all of my dreams from last night and the beginning of my last dream are forgotten now.

My last dream took place during the day in a fictional multi-story building that seemed to have The E Manor inside of it along with maybe dorms/apartments, a restaurant that possibly had a buffet, a pet area or pet pens in the yard, and various types of areas on different floors of the building.

I can not remember most of the dream now, but I know that my family was there except for probably my brother CC, and there were other people inside the building as well.

Various things happened that I can not remember, but I do remember going to the restaurant part of the building one or more times.


Olga Kay And An Annoying Police Officer | A Mountain-Like Area And Water In The City Of D

Dream 1

I forgot most of my dreams from last night but I do barely remember part of two dreams from last night, and the first dream took place during the day inside a fictional building where there were several other people in a room with me.

Each person had their own little area where they sat and I think that we each had a small automobile to sit on and I put the automobile that I was sitting on was on in park, and we could press the gas pedal but it would not move but the tires would move; and you could hear the engine speed up as you pressed the gas pedal.

At some point Olga Kay from YouTube entered the room wearing a very short tight-fitting colorful dress with a very short thin ripped tennis skirt where you could see her underwear which was/were also ripped, some people assumed that she worked as a prostitute, but I knew who she was and I told them and I asked her if she was okay because her skirt and underwear were ripped.

Olga told me that she was okay but her skirt and her underwear accidentally got ripped because they were so thin, she regretted wearing them and the dress that she was wearing, and so I gave her some of the clothes that I was wearing so that she could cover herself; and she thanked me, but we got interrupted by an annoying male police officer with whitish colored skin and short yellowish colored hair before she could cover herself and I remember a song playing in the background that I think was the song B###h I’m From Louisiana by maybe Louisiana Ca$h (I am not sure I had to look it up, I heard this song once at a college American Football camp, and I had no idea who sang it but I remember them saying “I’m from Louisiana” over and over and over and over again).

The annoying police officer entered the room being annoying and mean while yelling commands/orders to people and searching the room and questioning people, and he approached me about the automobile that I was sitting on; and he commanded me around and questioned me, I was very annoyed, but I followed his commands and I answered his questions because I knew that he could get away with abusing his power/authority because he was a police officer.

He then turned his attention to Olga thinking that she worked as a prostitute and he demanded that she put more clothing on, I/we told him that she did not work as a prostitute and I/we told him who she was and that she had a popular YouTube channel, and I told him that she was about to cover herself; and so Olga started covering herself with my clothing that I gave her, and the annoying police officer finally left.

Somehow Olga and I ended up accidentally kissing and there was a spark/connection that I felt, and she felt it too but she felt it stronger than I did; and somehow I was able to feel what she could feel, and then she kissed me again and we had a longer more powerful kiss.

After this Olga kept trying to make-out with me and have sex with me but I tried to be cautious and take things slowly and not let my hormones control me, and so I had to keep literally holding her back and distracting her; and recommending that we take things slowly as we tried to figure this out, but I woke up at some point.

Dream 2

The end of the second dream took place during a very nice day in a slightly fictional version of the city of D on the street that passes W Park that is near the shopping center, and I was driving or walking or riding down the street from the direction of the neighborhoods when I noticed something different about the area that I never noticed before.

I moved to the field next to the street to get a better look and I noticed that this area was narrow with a hidden area on the right side of the road that was lower than the street because the street and neighborhood was higher than this area, and in this lower area was a body of water with a mountain-like area next to it.

This area was beautiful and hidden unless you stood in the field and looked closely, I saw that some people in the neighborhood had some docks and boats in the water, and I noticed that if someone was not careful and if they drove off the street they could crash off the hill because there were no guard rails.

I remember someone else stopping to see what I was looking at and I pointed to the hidden area, and then we started walking closer so that we could get a better view; and then we tried to find how to reach this area, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


5-11-2011 | LC Dream Fragment

Photo showing the pedals of my car for use in ...

Last night I only remembered part of my last dream which involved me arriving at a small motel or hotel in a fictional version of LC late in the afternoon.

I was waiting in line to pay for a week’s stay, as the customer in front of me was paying the woman who ran the motel or hotel; I was a bit nervous but I was smiling and trying to hide my nervousness, and I even started a small conversation with the customer and the woman who ran the hotel.

After paying I went down a hallway trying to find the exit, but it led to a nice upper class-like restaurant, and so I continued trying to find the exit.