My Dad’s Automobile Tire Breaks

I only can remember the end of my last dream from last night, which took place in a fictional city during the day, and my family & I were driving in this fictional city like we were going on vacation or something maybe.

My mom & brothers were probably driving in one automobile & were somewhere else in the city, while my dad was driving his automobile, and I was driving in my automobile several automobiles behind my dad.

At some point the back right passenger side tire on my dad’s automobile started to break apart as he was driving without him noticing, and the people driving in automobiles behind him jumped into the left lane & they drove off to avoid whatever might happen; but none of them bothered to warn my dad that his tire was breaking.

I started to panic a bit because I did not have time to call my dad with my mobile phone to warn him & I feared that he would flip his automobile and die or something & I tried yelling to/at him to warn him but his windows were up & he was too far away to hear me, and so there was nothing that I could do but hope that his automobile did not flip.

Things happened pretty fast as my dad drove until the tire was gone & only the rim remained, and then my dad realized that something was wrong & he tried to pull over; and he started to swerve in the road and he almost flipped his automobile, but he managed to stop his automobile next to an automobile shop.

A crowd of people at the automobile shop saw what had happened as they were waiting on their buses to be fixed, they seemed to be parents/coaches/student athletes, and some of the workers saw what had happened as well.

I drove to the automobile shop as well and I went to talk with my dad, and we talked with some of the people & workers at the shop; and we talked mostly about what had happened.

Coach F was among the crowd of people and we talked with him a bit, and I called my mom & brothers to tell them what had happened; and they came to the automobile shop as well.

Coach F went to greet one of my brothers and I thought that he was greeting me, but he did not recognize me; which is not surprising since I was only in one of his classes years ago.

I woke up shortly after that.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

Reopening The Shop

Dream 1

Last night I remember two dream fragments, with the first dream fragment taking place in D during the day, and I was across the street from BB on Eastside.

I walked into a building that my former male classmate JS’s dad owned, the building was torn down long ago in real life, but it was still there in my dream; and it was a bit dark inside as expected.

To my surprise it looked like someone was fixing up the place to reopen it, and it seemed to almost be ready to be opened again.

The building used to be an automobile shop where JS’s dad would paint automobiles, change rims, change tires, et cetera; and JS probably would help his dad too.

As I walked across the building I heard voices and around a corner I saw JS, his dad, and his sister; and so I greeted them.

They seemed to be inspecting the building and making decisions on what else to do to the building, JS was further away in a dark spot where I could not seem him at first, and his sister walked closer to me where I could see her & I could partly see their dad.

I told them that I was a former classmate of JS and I asked them if they were going to re-open the shop, and I complimented them on the improvements that they made to the building so far.

They told me that they were going to open the shop again soon and JS’s sister made a funny comment about JS & their dad agreed with her funny comment & they both laughed, and then JS came out of the shadows where I could see him to respond to his sister’s comment.

Strangely JS looked nothing like himself, he looked like the actor Kirk Cameron for some strange reason, and we all began to talk; but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 2

The second dream fragment took place during the day in D as well, but it took place near my former classmate SS’s parent’s house; and I guess I had driven there or something.

I remember walking near a fictional small house or storage building, and I saw SS & his brother MS near the trunk of a car in a garage; and they greeted me.

They indirectly invited me to join them and they walked toward their parent’s house, so I followed them, and then to my surprise from my left side a woman who I had not seen before walked over to SS & MS.

The woman had shoulder length straight black colored hair and she seemed to be from K, I guess that she was a friend or girlfriend or family member of SS and/or MS, and she joined SS & MS on their walk to their parent’s house while talking; and I think that she was speaking in Korean instead of English.

I greeted her and I started talking to SS & MS from a distance as I followed behind them wondering if they had really invited me and/or if they really wanted me there or not, and I wondered if the woman knew any English so that I could talk to her; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

The Automobile Repair Shop


Source: Wikimedia Commons

I can only remember parts of the dream because when I woke up my brother started watching television and my other brothers were being annoying, so I forgot some parts.

Me and my dad went to the automobile repair shop to see how things were going with my automobile, the automobile mechanics said something but I can not remember what they said.

After they finished talking the owner was going to let me work there to pay for fixing my automobile because I did not have a job and I did not have enough money.

So my job was to clean the shop after the shop closes, just for one day.

They had a guy that usually cleans it, but he told him to go home for the day.

I was going to ask the other guy that cleans the shop where the broom was, he was sitting with some other guys talking.

I introduced my self to the group, but I could not talk loud enough and they did not hear what my name was so they asked me my name again.

When I went to say my name a second time, I woke up in the real world actually still saying my name.

I then went back to sleep and the same dream started back again, which is very rare.

So I started to clean the shop and talked to the owner a little, and after I finished he said that he might let me work sometimes because I did a better job than the other cleaning guy.

Then I woke up,
-John Jr 🙂