A Female Auto Mechanic?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

All that I can remember of this dream is that it was evening and I was in my dad’s automobile with my nephew CC and a woman with light-color skin with curly dark-color hair who was possibly an auto mechanic.

I think that I was driving the woman home after she did some work on my dad’s automobile, and then maybe I was going to drive my nephew CC home.

When we were driving on the street that The E House is on, we started to have a problem with my dad’s automobile, and so I pulled over to the grass and I popped the hood and the woman started checking it to see what the problem was.

At some point the woman found what she thought might be the problem and she told me to drive to an automobile parts store that was in a fictional area where the N Auto Parts Store used to be, and she had me take a back route that crossed a fictional area where the trail behind the house in front of The E House should be.

There was grass and trees and a clearing like a nice narrow park, at the end of it was the auto parts store, and the auto parts store was about to close soon so I held my toddler nephew CC while the woman went inside to buy the auto part that she needed to change.

The woman was the confident strong independent practical type and she seemed to know a lot about automobiles, I was impressed with her, and I was interested in learning more about her and learning from her.

The woman entered the store from the back through the employee’s only storage-like area, there were at least two male employee’s in this area who had light-color skin and one of them was a bald man who looked a bit dangerous and I got negative vibes from him and I felt that he probably had racist beliefs.

At some point I entered the employees area carrying my nephew CC to wait on the woman there, I saw her in the store area waiting for the maybe manager or owner (who was a somewhat older man with light-color skin with graying hair who was wearing a short-sleeve button shirt) to probably get the auto part that she needed, and I let the workers know what I was doing.

The dangerous racist-looking employee did not respond and he just glanced at me with a dangerous negative-neutral facial expression as he probably smoked a cigarette, I continued waiting but I kept an eye on him because I did not like or trust him so far, and so I started to prepare myself in case I needed to defend myself and my nephew CC and the woman.

At some point I could not see the woman anymore as I waited, and people started showing up outside and inside the building like a fair-like event was taking place and it was night now.

There was food, drinks, music, dancing, booths, et cetera now.

At some point I called my mom on my mobile phone to tell her about the situation, and she showed up at some point so I put my nephew CC down so that he could walk while she watched him.

There was one or two women with dark-color skin with black hair who brought some kids with them who were mostly girls with dark-color skin with black hair, and at some point my nephew CC pulled one of the girl’s hair from behind and a fake hair extension or whatever was pulled off.

I apologized and I picked it up and I gave it to one of the women, the woman was angry, and she yelled at us and insulted us until we walked into another room at some point as she continued her rant.

Somehow part of the building had a waiting room now and a small diner / bar / restaurant-like area, and so there were some people in the waiting room with us and some in the restaurant-like area waiting in line or sitting down.

At some point I noticed some of my former classmates sitting on both sides of some bar seating next to the line of people, they were having a good time, and they noticed me and they asked me to join them so I did.

We all happily greeted each other and we started having a good time until I told them that I needed to go, and we said goodbye.

I decided to walk into the auto parts store and look for the assumed female auto mechanic and ask the workers if they knew where she was, but she was not in the auto parts store and they did not know where she went.

So I told my mom and she started walking around asking people if they had seen the woman, and I walked around outside looking for her.

She was not in my dad’s automobile but I did not look to see if she had put the auto part inside of it, I assumed that she probably walked home when she did not see us or something, and I hoped that she did not buy the auto part and leave with it to rip us off or something.

We still could not find the woman so I told my mom that we should call my dad to see if he could call the woman to find out what was going on, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr