Driving My Brother GC To Go Shopping

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All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day in the city of D, I was at my parent’s house, and my brother GC and maybe my mom was there too.

My brother GC wanted to go shopping so I remember driving him in either my automobile and / or The BV, and as we drove through our neighborhood there was a fictional area that had a small one-story white church with white doors that was probably on the right side past Mrs. B’s house.

Sitting in a chair facing the least used door of the church was an old woman with dark-brown skin, and we thought that this was strange and she was very close to the door staring at it and / or touching it and / or talking to it and / or kissing it oddly but I can not remember.

We kept driving and I drove my brother GC to several stores, I possibly stayed in the automobile each time but I can not remember, and at some point I remember waiting in the automobile in the parking lot of the shopping center by W Park for my brother GC to finish shopping.

I can not remember what happened exactly but I think that my dad drove over to me and said that he needed me to do something that possibly involved The BV but I can not remember, and so I drove and I followed him home without telling my brother GC who was still shopping.

The old woman who was sitting in front of a door at the church was still sitting there doing the same thing as last time or she was just sitting there in front of the door very closely which looked strange, it was still strange to me even in the dream, but I kept driving until we got home.

There was a car parked in my parent’s yard that looked like my sister-in-law JC’s car, and across the street at The B House our male neighbor J (Gas Money Kid) was working on an automobile while my former female schoolmate (whose name I do not know) whose brother was my schoolmate N was standing in the yard.

My former female schoolmate was wearing makeup and the corner of her eyes had black markings that were inspired by Egyptian style makeup designs.

I drove to the far side of the yard to pull in there, my automobile was there, but it was very close to the fence like maybe it had rolled toward the fence or someone had parked too closely to it.

I think that something happened earlier in the dream that I can not remember where I possibly returned home and possibly switched vehicles so maybe I parked my automobile on that side of the yard earlier, and maybe during this time someone told me about an overweight or obese female maybe high school student with light-color skin with maybe curly yellow / maybe brown hair who was in an educational school club (like quiz bowl et cetera) and she had won an award during a competition.

Anyway, I walked over to my automobile to make sure that it was not damaged and to make sure that it was in park, and I probably closed the back window because it was possibly open.

As I walked to the front porch I waved and said hello to our neighbor Gas Money Kid and my former female schoolmate, they waved back, and my former female schoolmate walked over to our fence and eventually we started talking.

As we were talking some people possibly drove up and parked across the street and got out and walked in our direction, they were possibly high school students and one or more teachers, and they seemed to be returning from an educational school club competition and the overweight or obese female student who had won an award was with them.

They walked over and started talking to us, they said that they had just finished a school club competition that they competed in, and that the female student had won another award.

I congratulated them and her, I mentioned how someone had told me about the other award that she had won, and then maybe the dream got interrupted by a dream within a dream or something where I saw a school club or college club on a field trip during the day.

There were some young men talking about how they had signed up partly because they would get some books by a certain author whose book(s) contained some famous nudes, I saw a flashback of them getting thin hardcover maybe yellowish-color books by this famous male author, and they looked forward to getting to party now that they were maybe in college so they were freshmen I assume.

The college club was an educational one and they were probably going to or coming from a competition, they were walking outside on concrete near maybe a park-like area on their way somewhere, and their professor was leading the way but then the other dream continued or this scene / vision / flashback ended.

I then realized that I had left my brother GC shopping without telling him that I had left and he had no transportation, and so now I needed to contact him and go pick him up.

I probably told the others this and I said goodbye to them, but I woke up before I could call my brother GC.

The end,

-John Jr


A Fictional Version Of My Parent’s House And A Fair

I fell asleep on the couch last night and I woke up a few hours later and then I got in bed and I went back to sleep without trying to see if I had any dreams or not, and now I can only barely remember the end of my last dream from last night.

All that I can remember of the end of this dream from last night is that I was at a fictional version of my parent’s house during the day, and my parent’s house and yard was possibly near where the KRH Elementary School should be in a field.


NF And Her Husband Trying To Help Me Move An Automobile?

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I went to bed very late last night, and now I can only barely remember part of the end of my last dream from last night.

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place during the day in a slightly fictional version of the city of D, and I think that I went somewhere with some of my family like my mom and maybe my former male classmate JC.

One of these places was possibly a fictional apartment and/or house on or near N Street, but I can not remember the details of most of this dream.

At some point I think that my automobile was parked in or got left in my parent’s yard and later in the dream after leaving somewhere else someone dropped me off in the parking lot of another multi-story apartment building, and maybe someone else was supposed to arrive in their automobile to help me and/or to take me to get my automobile again.

There was an old automobile and/or something else in the parking lot that could no longer drive, the person who was supposed to meet me there and I were going to look at it, and if we wanted it we would take it back to my parent’s house and/or somewhere else so that someone could fix it and get it working again.

The person who I was supposed to meet there and who was supposed to help me possibly never arrived, I regretted not bringing my automobile at this point because I wanted to move the old automobile and/or whatever it was to get it back home, and so I tried to figure out what to do.

At some point my female online contact from Germany (German) NF and her husband C arrived, they probably did not have an automobile so maybe they came from the apartment or they walked but I can not remember, and they started trying to help me figure out how to move the old automobile and/or whatever it was back home.

NF’s husband C did not seem interested and like he did not want to help and maybe like he did not like me or something, I am not sure, and it seemed that he was pretending to help while also wasting my time just to be annoying.

Without an automobile to pull it or tow it we would have to push it across town, this would take a while and would be dangerous, and so I tried to find another way.

At some point we started to try pushing it to see if we could move it ourselves, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


My Brother GC Gets Into An Automobile Accident

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Dream 1

This dream is a bit confusing and does not make much sense, and it took place during the day and my brother GC and I were in a fictional city driving around in an automobile.

Somehow I ended up outside of the automobile and my brother GC was driving it, I was communicating with him somehow (maybe we were using our mobile phones), and he was supposed to be driving to me so that I could get back in the automobile.

I was walking up a sidewalk on the right side of the road as my brother GC drove up the street, but then I realized that he was reversing instead of driving forward and maybe he was driving backward in his lane toward oncoming traffic so I warned him about this.

My brother GC probably did not use the brakes and maybe he just switched gears as he was still driving so when he started trying to drive forward he was still going backward, and so he had to try to reverse his momentum.

There was an automobile driving toward him from his lane and they were going to crash into each other because my brother GC was not able to reverse his momentum in time, and so he switched lanes but so did the other automobile so they both had to drive off the street to avoid hitting each other which caused their automobile to start flipping because they had to turn so hard and fast so suddenly to avoid crashing into each other.

Amazingly they both landed on their wheels normally again, from a distance their automobiles did not look damaged, and they both drove to nearby gas station by the gas pumps oddly so I tried to rush over there to see if they were okay.

They parked very close to each other at the gas pump oddly, a thin small woman with whitish-colored skin with curly long yellowish somewhat brownish-colored hair who somewhat reminded me of the actress Danielle Fishel had been driving the other automobile, and her mom or grandmother was in the front passenger’s seat and a man with whitish-colored skin with short brown hair wearing a red A-shirt was in a back seat.

The woman who had been driving the other automobile was angry and crying and she ran out of her automobile and she ran to my brother GC’s automobile hitting on it with her hands and feet and yelling at him, and she opened the door and she tried to attack my brother GC while screaming and crying so he grabbed her and he pushed her back telling her to stay back and stop hitting the automobile and stop trying to attack him.

I was still rushing to make it to the gas station, as I was still trying to reach it I thought that it would be a good idea to get my mobile phone out and start filming this as evidence if the police arrived, and at this point I slowed down to think about how I should handle this situation.

The woman and the people with her were starting to get aggressive and they were joining the woman outside of their automobile, I ran through various ways to handle this situation to keep the peace, but I woke up right before I reached the gas station.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day and I went to work at a fictional job or fictional version of my shelver job at The B Parish Library, the building looked nothing like a library or The B Parish Library really but I can not remember what it looked like or what kind of job and business this was, but I do know that some of my coworkers from The B Parish Library were there like Mrs. K and Mrs. T.

Mrs. K was still angry with me, and at some point I remember going outside to the back of the building (it was probably time to leave).

The employee parking lot was behind the building, I probably said a few things to some of my coworkers as I was leaving to get to my automobile, and Mrs. K probably ignored me and did not respond to me because she was still angry with me.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was probably not in the dream, and the dream took place inside a house.

A father with whitish-colored skin and his two young daughters with whitish-colored skin were making some jewelry and/or orgonite/orgone generators/orgone devices, and the father had been dealing with (in the past and the problem was still going on) an irritation on his arm that seemed to be a rash and his arm was swelling so he left to get that treated while his daughters continued making the jewelry and/or orgonite/orgone devices.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Finding Family Photographs & Picture Frames

I am not sure if this is one dream or not but I will type it as one dream, I remember being in another city like my parent’s and one or more of my brothers and I drove there on vacation or we stopped there on our way to somewhere else, and I had my automobile and the rest of my family were driving in another automobile.

We probably were staying at a small motel along a quiet part of a highway or in or near the countryside, we probably traveled around parts of the city to stores and/or restaurants and/or other locations, and one part of the dream took place during the day and I was probably driving in the countryside in somewhat familiar areas from some other past dreams or recycled similar versions of those areas.