Avengers: Infinity War

Source: IMDb

What is it?

The 2018 superhero movie Avengers: Infinity War.

What is it about?

This is how Rotten Tomatoes describes this movie:

An unprecedented cinematic journey ten years in the making and spanning the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel Studios’ “Avengers: Infinity War” brings to the screen the ultimate, deadliest showdown of all time.

The Avengers and their Super Hero allies must be willing to sacrifice all in an attempt to defeat the powerful Thanos before his blitz of devastation and ruin puts an end to the universe.

What do I like about it and what might other people like about it?

I like that this movie managed to do a pretty good job balancing bringing all of these different characters together while not being too goofy, that it was better than I had expected, that they added more dimensions to the character Thanos, and that it was probably the best live action superhero movie that I have seen this year so far.

Final Thoughts

This is one of my favorite Marvel live action movies that I have seen recently, I like how the ending was different than I had expected, I am glad that it was not too goofy, and I like how Thanos was a better villain.

The end,

-John Jr