A Large Talking Snake Named Avery

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I woke up during the night with a terrible cramp in my right leg all the way down to my toes that felt like the muscles and some of my toes were cramping/twisting out of place like someone had me in a submission hold, I had to stop sometimes to wait for the pain to stop so that I could move, and I slowly limped to the bathroom; and this seemed to be possibly caused by my several hour walk/occasional jog around parts of the city of D with my brother GC and my brother KD’s pet American Bulldog Chief the night before yesterday when it was cold, from my normal jog yesterday, and because I spend most of each day standing up because I use a standing desk.

After limping back to bed I did not want to get out of bed again as I laid in bed still sore but not cramping anymore fortunately, unfortunately this caused me to not get up to voice record all the dreams that I remembered (I remembered three dreams), and so unfortunately I ended up forgetting most of my dreams that I had remembered when I went back to sleep several times.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that maybe it took place during the day and part of the dream involved a talking non-human animal and the end of the dream involved my dad cooking something inside a house, my brother GC and I were probably in the house with my dad talking to him while he cooked, but that is all that I can remember of this dream now unfortunately.

Dream 2

This dream and my other dreams that I can not remember from last night were more detailed and interesting and unique and possibly symbolic, but unfortunately I can not remember most what happened and so the best parts of the dream is missing and the other dreams are completely missing.

All that I can remember of this dream is the end of the dream where I was walking around outside with maybe my brother GC or someone else in a fictional place where there was a sidewalk, street, field, several buildings, some trees, grass, et cetera; and oddly I think that part of this area possibly looked like it was evening or night while maybe the rest looked like it was day, but I am not sure.

There were some humans and talking non-human animals (non-human real world animals) and talking creatures (non-human fictional animals) around this area, the talking non-human animals and creatures seemed normal in this dream world/dream and they possibly were in other dreams that I had during the night so I had memories of them, and so it did not seem strange that they could talk.

When we were walking in the possibly dark/evening/night zone past the sidewalk where there were some trees and some grass before you reached a building we saw a giant talking creäture who we probably tried to avoid it and keep our distance be safe, we possibly said a few things to it and maybe it said a few things back to us and I think that it was a male, but I can not remember what it looked like other than maybe looking like a rock/plant/dirt/animal-like creäture.

In a tree I thought that I saw something that looked like my dead grandfather CE, I can not remember what or who it was but I remember assuming that it was just a part of the tree that was shaped a bit like him, I remember us stopping to investigate but I can not remember what happened; and then I remember us walking back to the day zone across the sidewalk, and we got approached by an almost human sized talking male possibly greenish colored snake named Avery (I knew his name and I had memories of meeting him before where he was aggressive, so maybe he was in the forgotten parts of the dream and/or other dreams, and/or maybe those were just false memories).

Avery was threatening us aggressively for no reason almost like he was trying to scare us away like this was his territory even though it was public property and he was acting/talking like a generic dangerous thug/gang member or something like that but he seemed more dangerous/wild than usual and a bit crazed, we tried to calm him down and talk peacefully with him letting him know that we have met before but it was not working, and I feared for our safety because he was an almost human sized talking snake acting aggressive and threatening to harm us and approaching us violently; and so eventually things got physical, and we grabbed and grappled with him making sure to hold him so that he could not bite us and we put him in a plastic shopping bag (maybe he got smaller somehow and/or it was a big plastic shopping bag) to avoid having to hurt him and to avoid him hurting us and others and we were going to take him to someone that could hopefully help him and contain him until they figured out what was wrong with him.

My former male classmate LT and some other humans stopped to help because he was pretty strong and I was not sure if he was poisonous or not, either way Avery was dangerous and aggressive and acting/talking/ranting/taunting/threatening somewhat angrily/crazily, and after getting him inside one plastic shopping bag I wanted to put him in another to be safe but only one person continued to help me hold the bag and for some unknown reason I could not move enough to do it myself.

The other person and I struggled to hold the bag as Avery tried to escape from it and the bag was starting to stretch like it might break, Avery’s head flattened like a cobra and he opened his mouth with his fangs showing like he was going to try to bite a hole in the bag, and my arm was in front of where he was going to bite; and so I kept yelling for my former classmate LT and the others to help before he breaks the bag, but they were just standing there oddly.

I started to panic a bit as the other person and I tried to hold the bag while trying to put another bag over it but it was too difficult trying to hold him and do it at the same time while part of our bodies seemed to not be able to move much, and so I accidentally woke myself up from the stress/panic/yelling for the others to help or at least bring us a bigger and better bag or something to hold or tie Avery up/in.

The end,

-John Jr