An Entity Recruiting For A Breeding Program?

I did not record my remembered dreams after I had them, I did not even record this dream until after an hour of trying to go back to sleep, fortunately I still managed to remember some of this last dream but it is unclear and incomplete.

I remember the dream taking place during the day, I was at a place with underground and above ground areas with some multi-story buildings, and some parts of this place were school-like combined with several other types of places that I can not remember so I am not sure what kind of place this was.

I am not sure what I was doing there for most of the dream, I know that some of my family was there like my parents and my brother GC, one or more of my former classmates were there like my former male classmate KS, some other people were there including maybe some school / college-like groups, some small robots were there, at least one unknown entity was there that maybe most people did not know about and possibly even a spaceship was there but I am not sure and the entity was possibly natural and / or paranormal and / or supernatural but I can not remember, and there were possibly a few non-human animals and / or creatures and / or small entities there as well.

I communicated with my parents during part or parts of the dream, and I possibly walked around with them and some other people.

I went to some underground areas, I went to some above ground areas on the ground floor, and I walked around several floors of several different buildings.

I learned of the existence of the unknown entity and of maybe a spaceship was that hidden somewhere, I can not remember where, and I can not remember if I saw the entity and the spaceship (if there was one) or not; and I can not remember how I learned about this entity and possible spaceship, which is annoying because I knew some of this information, but I forgot it now.

The entity seemed to be trying to stay hidden, it had plans et cetera, but I can not remember the details or if I saw it or not.

There were some strange abandoned-like areas where I probably heard and saw some of this.

At some point I somehow possibly overheard the unknown entity using / telling maybe a small robot to go recruit some people to take part in its (maybe his) breeding program, it or he possibly had a human-looking baby already or planned to get or make a baby, and it or he seemed to need or want a human to help take care of the baby and maybe some others to help make more babies but those are just my assumptions in the dream; and it or he wanted to recruit another small robot, and at least one of the small non-human animals or creatures or entities.

I was curious to learn more about the entities breeding program and its or his motives and goals et cetera.

The entity sent the small robot to try to recruit people, it recruited another small robot first, then it convinced a woman with light-color skin with long yellow hair to come meet with the entity in its or his hidden location, and it started trying to convince a small non-human animal or creature or entity who could talk to join and it was male.

I planned on following the woman so that I could find where the entity was hiding, I wanted to learn more about its plan et cetera, but it was risky and I was not sure if I could stay hidden well enough against something that was possibly alien and / or paranormal and / or supernatural with robots and maybe a spaceship et cetera.

I possibly decided to not risk following the woman for now, maybe she was going to meet with the entity later or something but I can not remember, either way I remember walking past an opening along a walkway that went past a lobby with some rooms and a hallway.

I saw my former male classmate KS there with a crowd of people, maybe students, and so I stopped to greet him and talk to him as they waited outside some bathrooms during a bathroom break or something.

The next thing that I remember is leaving by an area where maybe The O Club used to be in the city of D, there were a group of people hanging out near and on a one-story building, and I stopped to join them.

At some point two large airplane flew super low above us, it was an amazing sight, but then a third large airplane flipped out of the air and it landed upside down almost hitting us but fortunately the tail landed on the building without hitting us and it did not damage the building surprisingly.

We all probably would have died if it had not magically flipped so perfectly, I remember us talking about this, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Sarah Paulson’s Modern Castle | Flying Buildings Get Hijacked?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I had some interesting dreams but as usual I lost most of them including most of the two dreams that I do barely remember part of.

Dream 1

The end of this dream involved me and one or more people going to visit Sarah Paulson at her new house, the person or persons were friends with Ms. Paulson, and I remember Ms. Paulson greeting us and walking us into the main part of the house.

The main part of the house had a tall ceiling and as Ms. Paulson showed us around I started to notice signs that the house was bigger than I thought, there were hints of other parts of the house and possibly hints of more parts that might be added, and so the house seemed like a mansion at this point with the main part of the house being the area where Ms. Paulson entertains guests and where guests who spend the night will stay.

Ms. Paulson was a very friendly and energized and happy and nice person to be around, and she was excited about her new house that seemed to still be a work in progress and she was telling us all the details about the designs and inspirations and materials et cetera.

After showing us the main part of the house she then revealed that this was actually only a part of the house, she saw the house as a modern castle, and connected to the main part of the house through semi-hidden areas were connections to the other parts of the modern castle and some sections were possibly not built yet.

There were upper and lower connections to maybe different floors, and Ms. Paulson explained how she likes castles and her plans for this modern castle as she walked us outside for a better look of her modern castle from a different angle where you could see that it really did look more like a modern castle from the other side compared to the side where the main part of the house is that looks like a normal house and some parts that look more like a mansion.

Next to her house were two ancient probably abandoned very worn castles, one of them looked like it was made from dirt or some kind of tan material, and they were next to a river that had some strange fish and / or flightless bird-like non-human animals in it that could jump pretty high and sometimes get on land maybe.

Ms. Paulson told us about the two castles and we glanced inside the entrance of them, and the most ancient looking one had some ancient cave painting-like paintings in it.

Parts of the castles were caving in and they were too close to the river, some pieces of the castle probably fell in the water and / or near it, and so we did not go further.

The next thing that I remember is walking away along the river with one or more people looking the strange fish and / or flightless bird-like animals, and along the way we saw and heard some people who were or were like some of the cast of Chrisley Knows Best who were walking the same path as us acting like they were filming their reality television show or something.

We reached what looked like the yard of The E House, one of the fish / bird-like animals probably jumped on land and I picked it up, but I can not remember if I put it back in the water or not.

I just remember maybe the grandmother in the Chrisley Knows Best group talking about a pet animal that she had, she called it one animal but when she pulled it out it was really a different animal, and then it looked like she was going to have it fight another animal near the second storage building.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The end of this dream took place during the day on an upper floor of what seemed to be a building, unfortunately I can not remember most of this dream, I just remember a professional wrestling event was taking place at this point.

A tag team wrestling match ended and two male wrestling partners from that match were walking toward backstage, one of them was very short and was dressed more like a sumo wrestler or something, and he was walking slowly and oddly like something was wrong.

He stopped and bent down for a moment so his partner asked him if he was okay, I assumed that he was hurt and / or that something heavy was on his mind, but he said that he was okay so his partner went in a different direction while he went past security to go backstage to the changing room to change clothes and somehow I went the same way and was somehow allowed back stage.

The wrestler reached the changing room and some other short men who looked similar to him, like they were family members, showed up and it seemed that they had something strange / suspicious planned and they changed clothes like they were disguising themselves and they left to past security to go to another part of the building.

I felt that something was not right about that and that they were up to something no good, but I had no solid evidence but I made a mental note of this and would stay alert and alert security if necessary.

The changing room had glass walls / windows along the left side with a beautiful view of outside, there was an outdoor balcony, and I could see that we were very high in the air like we were at the top or almost at the top of a very tall building that looked like it was possibly in an area that looked slightly like where The D Junior High School should be combined with somewhere else.

My coworker Mr. CF walked in the changing room doing a security patrol because like in real life he was a security guard in this dream, and so I greeted him and I told him about the suspicious behavior of the wrestler and the other people who were with him and he said that he would check it out.

As we were talking something happened that I can not remember, maybe some castles that were connected or one castle and the structure(s) that it was on or with started flying in the air or it was already flying and started flying toward us, but I can not remember.

I just know that our building started to shake and rumble and lift from the ground or from the top of the tall building that we were on, and our building started to fly too.

I was shocked and confused and amazed, and maybe I heard some sounds that reminded me of this sound from the movie Inception:

Mr. CF said that our building was not supposed to be taking off, and so we assumed that someone had hijacked our building / aircraft / spaceship and maybe even the other one.

We went to the balcony and it was an amazing sight as we floated in the air and we could see below and see the other building / aircraft / spaceship flying across from us, but we were worried about the other building / aircraft and ours because we had no idea who was flying them (we assumed that the wrestler and the others with him were probably involved) and what they had planned but we assumed that it was not good.

Before both flying buildings / aircraft could crash into each other or whatever, the flying castle or castles one lost control and crashed into the ground, and I could see the castle or castles collapsing.

Our flying building / aircraft started losing control too, but it seemed that ours would land safer than that but I can not remember if we landed or not before I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


A Military Helicopter Crash

I had more dreams but I only recorded part of one dream.

My memory is unclear but the dream involved me, some of my family, and maybe some other people going to several places including several: stores, schools, and houses.


An Old-Style Aircraft Dogfight Ends In Disaster

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day at my parent’s house, my memory of this dream is too unclear, but I think that some of my family and I heard news about an attack.

The attack was possibly carried out by an airplane and / or helicopter, and maybe the military was responding to the situation and / or some old former soldiers (who were possibly part of a private security group or militia or they were just former soldiers who decided that they were going to try to help) decided to try to help even though that was illegal because the government / military had halted all normal flights until they resolve the situation.

As my family and I were inside the house learning about this news we heard an aircraft flying over our neighborhood, and we looked out the window to see an old-style fighter aircraft that probably had a propeller that was either the aircraft or one of the aircraft that had done the attack.

Then we saw another old-style fighter aircraft flying to stop the attacking fighter aircraft, and this aircraft was being flown by an old military veteran with light-color skin with white and / or gray hair who was part of the group of military veterans who decided to break the law and try to help by flying their old-style fighter aircraft to defend the country.

The two aircraft got into a dogfight over our neighborhood and house, eventually the military veteran’s aircraft got shot and he started trying to do an emergency crash landing, and while he was doing this the attacking aircraft tried to show-off and fly down super low to the ground taunting before trying to shoot down the military veteran’s aircraft before it could crash-land.

The attacking aircraft flew down toward the street in front of my parent’s house and it was going to try to fly over The B House where our neighbors across the street from us live, but something went wrong I guess and the attacking aircraft did not pull up in time so it crashed into The B House at the front entrance and it exploded and so did most of the house.

Then there was fire and dark smoke, we watched from the window in shock and horror and this seemed pretty real, and then we went to call emergency services.

We assumed that the pilot and our neighbors across the street at The B House were probably dead, I could not see if the military veteran had successfully crash landed his aircraft or not, but I woke up.

When I woke up in the real world I heard real military aircraft flying over the house and neighborhood, the military was really doing training exercises for most of the day, and so I assume that my sleeping mind heard those sounds and made a dream about them even though I was sleep and had no idea that this was going on in the real world.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it was a bit like a comedy post-apocalyptic movie that took place during the day, oddly the world did not seem destroyed or bad, but for some reason people were splitting up into survival groups like something major had happened.

I was with a group of people who were possibly at a house or building, the leader of our group was a man with light-color skin, but another group attacked our group and they took our leader because they wanted our leader as their leader so we had to pick a new leader who was like a nicer weaker version of the character Rick Grimes from the television show The Walking Dead.

Then another group attacked our group again, they took our new leader because they wanted our leader as their leader, and so we had to pick another leader for the second time so our new leader was once again a kind man with light-color skin.

This dream was only somewhat serious, it was mostly comedic, for some reason all the other survival groups kept wanting to take our leaders; I guess we had the best selection of leaders so other groups kept attacking us to steal our leaders.

We seemed to be at the beginning of things before we could get proper weapons and armor and defenses et cetera and like we had all just met, and so we were not yet ready to defend against surprise attacks like this.

We got attacked for a third time, this time by a single male sniper who we could hear but we probably could not see, and he wanted to steal our third and newest leader.

He told us to send our leader to a field nearby and he left, our leader did not want any of us to die so he said that he would go to the field, but we were tired of getting attacked so we grabbed random objects as weapons and we walked with our leader to the field.

Once in the field something happened that I can not remember that caused our leader to join us and try to fight the sniper, and so we charged across the field toward the direction where we heard the sniper even though we could not see him so that we could attack him but we started getting shot at by more snipers.

The sniper from earlier was not alone, he was actually part of a small group of snipers who were hiding and they had us almost surrounded, and they were moving around using underground tunnels so that they could pop-up around the field to snipe at us with warning shots to scare us.

There was a comedic moment when it was taking a long time for the snipers to move like maybe they were trying to dig a new tunnel to reach a certain area, and so my group stopped our charge to avoid getting shot.

Our leader did not want any of us to die so he was going to surrender to the sniper group, but then a new group attacked both of our groups.

This new group was a strange group, I remember mentioning a strange woman or strange women, but I can not remember what was strange about them and I can not remember if the group was all women or just mostly women.

This third group also wanted our leader, their surprise attack on both of our groups gave them the advantage, and so our leader surrendered and they took him and they left.

The sniper group and our group just stood there looking stupid, another comedic moment, and then maybe our groups started to walk away in defeat together like maybe we were join together to defend ourselves from future attacks.

Now we needed to pick a new leader again, but I woke up.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was outside in my parent’s yard when I saw a man and a woman with light-color skin who reminded me of two regular patrons at The BP Library where I work who were walking up the alley by our pet cages, and they walked into our yard talking.

Eventually I remember us being inside my parent’s house in the bedroom of my brothers KDC and TDC, and slowly more people started to arrive at the house to talk and eat et cetera and maybe some of them brought food for everyone.

My mom was there and my brothers KDC and TDC were there but my brothers KDC and TDC were little kids again oddly, and some of the people who arrived were some of my coworkers at The BP Library like my supervisor Mrs. JM and my coworker Mrs. M.

Some people were in that bedroom, some were in the dinning room, some were in the living room, and some were in the kitchen.

I remember my mom being in the kitchen sometimes as I looked in the refrigerator and freezer for some food, there had been two large trays of desserts in the freezer, but they were gone and I could not find them so I started to ask around to see if anyone knew where they went.

I remember carrying a baby boy while I did this but I am not sure if the baby was one of my brothers or if it was my nephew CC or who the baby was or who the baby was for, no one seemed to know where the desserts went, but then I found one of them in the living room on the brown wooden table that used to be in there and either my brother KDC or TDC had it.

I asked my brother why did he not tell me that he had one of them when I asked, he claimed to not have put it there or known, but I did not believe him so I was a bit annoyed and angry.

I wanted to complain some more but my supervisor and other people were there, so I felt a bit self-conscious suddenly, and so I stayed calm and gave up lecturing my brother.

My supervisor Mrs. JM was watching this from the dinning room table where she was sitting and eating with other people like my coworker Mrs. M and she was smiling like she thought that it was funny, and like she enjoyed seeing how I act at home where I am more comfortable and more myself.

I took the dessert tray back to the freezer and I went to find the other one, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Crash Landing A Private Jet

My first dream was a rare and interesting experience, unfortunately I can not remember most of it, and so the important details are missing and I only remember some of my second dream because I went back to sleep without voice recording either dream.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I seemed to be on a luxury private jet that was flying during the day, and maybe some of my former classmates and / or some other people were flying on the private jet with me.

I can not remember any of the important details so I am not sure who I was with, why I was there, where were we going, what was happening exactly, who owned the private jet, who was flying it, et cetera.

I just remember the main cabin area being very nice and open so there were not many seats, it was more like a room than an airplane cabin, and we were probably not sitting down so we were probably doing other things while probably having a good time.

I think that things were positive but then something happened that I can not remember at all, I assume whatever happened possibly left everyone dead except me, but I can not remember anything about this part of the dream unfortunately.

I just remember wondering who was flying the private jet now so I went to the cockpit, no one was flying the private jet now, and I could see outside the front window and we were in the sky flying during the day but we were losing altitude so we were going to crash into a slightly fictional version of the city of D.

I had no idea how to fly this private jet and I probably had no one to ask now that I assume that everyone was dead, I am not sure though but I assume that they were, and so I grabbed the control stick(?) and I started trying to gain altitude again but it was not working because I did not know how to make the private jet accelerate.

The private jet continued to lose altitude, I probably thought that I was going die too (if the others were dead), but instead of giving up I decided to at least try a crash landing (emergency landing) even though I did not know how to release the landing gear (tires).

I started controlling the direction that the private jet was falling toward, I looked for a place to land, unfortunately my only option was a fictional area of grass in front of a ditch / river near the side of the street where the road to the D High School meets another road that goes along the side of the D Junior High School playground that no one uses.

I flew over the neighborhood without hitting anything and I did not know how where the brakes were, and so I made the private jet slid lightly across the grass because I did not know how to release the landing gear.

The private jet slid across the grass and dirt, and eventually it crashed into the ditch / river and it started to sink nose first until it was not visible (which makes no sense for a ditch / river like that to be that deep).

I am not sure if I jumped out before it sank or before it crashed into the ditch, also I am not sure if I was injured or not, but I do know that it seemed that no one saw this oddly.

For some unknown reason I did not want anyone to know about this or that I had been on the private jet so I did not want to report it or tell anyone, I hoped that no one would realize or find it or be able to figure out that I had been involved, and so it was like I wanted to cover it up oddly but I have no idea why because I can not remember most of this dream now unfortunately.

I wanted to probably remove any evidence that I had been involved but the private jet was under water now, which was a good and bad thing, and so I hoped that maybe most or any evidence would be destroyed or lost or contaminated on its own.

I left the scene quickly to avoid being seen, I went on the other side of the ditch / river, and I took a back route through a trail and behind neighborhoods and maybe to a highway that would take me home to reduce the chances of being seen.

As I walked I was thinking about what to do and trying to predict what might happen in each what-if scenario, I assumed that they would probably find the private jet eventually (whether during a drought or search for the missing private jet and missing people) and that they would probably find some evidence that I was involved eventually and it would look bad if I ran away without reporting it, and so I probably decided to turn around and return to the crash site. (If it were not for that, I would have probably never told anyone anything, and left it a mystery and left the others there to rot and be forgotten; which is terrible, and not like me at all)

On the way back I started thinking about what to say, how to act, what to do, et cetera.

I was possibly injured or faking injured or I was slightly injured but was partly faking to make it seem worse on my way back, I was probably the only survivor, and so it would not look good if I was not injured at all or if I was barely injured.

I was not going to lie about the details but I did not want to share the complete truth oddly but I have no idea why, I was going to only share limited information, and I was going to try to do it in a way that would not make them suspicious and ask me more detailed questions.

I imagined that they would ask me more detailed questions, and so I thought of some ways to avoid the questions without lying.

For a worse-case scenario I was considering pretending to have no memory of certain details due to an injury from the crash.

All of this is confusing to me because this is not like me at all, I have no idea why I would be so determined to hide some of the truth of what happened, but I can not remember the important details of this dream to help me make sense of any of this.

I was thinking and preparing for many possibilities and I was even practicing faking injuries, faking emotions, playing dumb, choosing my lines of dialogue of what I would say in various situations, et cetera.

I was possibly even considering contacting a lawyer first or letting a lawyer talk for me if things went bad, and so I was seriously preparing for many possibilities.

I was probably even thinking about how to handle the fact that probably some people I know had died on the private jet, how to handle this socially et cetera, and so I possibly thinking about how to handle this with their family and friends and the police et cetera.

I was being very methodical and maybe even somewhat sociopathic about this, did I even feel bad about the others probably dying or was I just worried about myself (which is not like me at all)?

I do not even recognize myself in this dream because the me in this dream is not the me that I am familiar with in real life or in most dreams and in daydreams and in thoughts et cetera, so this is unusual, and I wish that I could have remembered more of this dream so that I could make more sense of it and so that I could try to understand my motivations for doing what I did in this dream.

I seriously want to know what happened on that private jet, what could have possibly happened on that private jet that led to me doing what I did and what I thought about  and considered doing in this dream?

Anyway, that is all that I can remember of this dream now.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was inside a building working, I was at some kind of job that I can not remember doing something that I can not remember, and this building was like a combination of The E House and my parent’s house and several other buildings and it probably changed look and location during the dream without me noticing.

At some point I walked into a part of the building that looked like The E House combined with a place for people in need of medical attention and maybe people in need of temporary housing, and there were several female nurses with light-color skin wearing somewhat older-style nursing uniforms and nursing hats who were at a desk.

My coworker Mr. CF was working here as well, he was wearing his security guard uniform from The BP Library where we work so I guess he was a security guard in this dream as well, and he was in a small medical room helping an old probably homeless sick man with light-color skin with gray / white long hair and a long beard who was sitting on an examination chair / table.

The room was on a small fictional hall next to the stairs, and I heard the old man saying something that almost sounded like he admitted that maybe he had killed one or more people before in the past but it was hard to understand him.

After my coworker Mr. CF finished helping the old man we both started talking, and we walked outside during and eventually I remember us being in a yard that looked like my parent’s yard near the storage buildings.

It was a daytime outside, I remember Mr. CF mentioning something that the old man had possibly told him, and even he was not exactly sure what he said so I told him what I thought that I heard and he said that the old man was probably just crazy or senile or something so he was not taking what he said seriously.

Mr. CF told me that the old man or another man had told him that he had recently found out that he was Acadian, he mentioned a certain percentage, and so I took this to mean that the man had found out that some of his ancestors were part of the Acadian social group (ethnic group).

I then told Mr. CF that I had recently learned about a sale on a genealogical DNA test, an autosomal DNA (atDNA) test called Family Finder by Family Tree DNA, and that I had learned about it from a post called Friends And Family Summer Sale At Family Tree DNA by Roberta Estes on her blog / website DNAeXplained – Genetic Genealogy. (I read and commented on her post before going to sleep)

I told Mr. CF that I was going to buy the Family Finder kit (test) now that it was on sale for $69 for the rest of this month, I can not remember the rest of our conversation, but I do know that it was lunch break time.

Mr. CF realized that it was time for the weather forecast to be shown on television, and so he ran toward the building (which now looked like my parent’s house) to run inside to watch the weather on television during his break.

I decided that I would take my lunch break at The E House so I walked to the fence of The E House, but then I realized how terrible it looked outside and inside when I last saw it because it has been abandoned property for several years now so I decided to return to the building to take my break there instead.

I walked through the back door and it looked like the living room at my parent’s house because the building now looked like my parent’s house, Mr. CF was probably in another room, and the television was on but no one was watching it.

I turned to the television and a movie was playing where the actress Katie McGrath was playing a high-level rich upper class fancy dress-wearing vampire villain who somewhat reminded me of the character Semira in appearance combined with a bit of Danica Talos in personality in maybe a remake or new movie that was somewhat like maybe a combination of the movie Blade: Trinity and / or the movie Queen Of The Damned and / or the movie Underworld: Blood Wars.

I watched for a few seconds before turning off the television, I wondered what was the name of that film, and then I stopped to decide what to do for my lunch break but I woke up realizing that I had overslept past my usual get ready for work time.

The end,

-John Jr