What Would You Do?

I did not get at much sleep as I wanted to last night but I slept good and I dreamed good, but unfortunately I forgot some of the best parts of my dreams when I went back to sleep without voice recording them.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place inside The B Parish Library where I work, I remember being in the fiction DVD section and I was holding a DVD with MY typed on the label so the title started with the word My, but I can not remember the full title of the film.


My Baby Nephew CC Talks

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

I got distracted and am currently still distracted by other people and things this morning before being able to think about or voice record my dreams or even eat yet, I have wasted and loss hours of my time again trying to help my family with something that should have been dealt with long ago and they should have followed my earlier advice when I offered my help repeatedly back then only for them to do their own thing and waste money and time and now they want my help after refusing it last time, and so I have forgotten most of my dreams and my memory of my last dream is fading very fast as I continue wasting my time on/with them.

All that I can remember of my last dream now is being with my family inside a strange building, the first floor had a tall ceiling and most of the ground floor was just dirt and rocks and incomplete and unfurnished, and there were some upper areas that you could reach that led to an elevator that could take you to some other floors.

Strange things happened in this dream that I can not remember involving robots, androids, and other strange things.

My nephew CC was in the dream so I assume that my brother CC and my sister-in-law JC were in the dream too but I can not remember, while exploring this ground floor and dealing with weird things, I remember my nephew CC speaking for the first time.

He is a baby so nothing he said was understandable, just random baby talk/sounds trying to mimic English I assume, and this was a very funny and positive moment in the dream and maybe I got to hold him and talk to him during this.

I pretended to talk with him even though we both could not understand each other, we both smiled and laughed during this, and at some point someone else held him and/or left with him as we continued to explore the upper areas until we went to use the elevator.

There was a woman or female android with us who was looking for something, involving the strange things and reasons that some of us were here but I can not remember these details now, and so this woman or female android joined us as we explored the building.

I think that the others used the elevator to reach another floor but the woman or female android stayed behind because she found something in a large hole in the ground near the wall of the ground floor, I told her that it was  probably too dangerous to go down there because the dirt and rocks would probably collapse on her, but she went down there anyway.

I was correct and the rocks and dirt started to collapse on her and a sinkhole probably formed and she fell into it and was pulled down like quicksand where I could not see her or reach her because the hole(s) were so deep, and the others were gone on another floor so I could not call them for help.

The ground floor was unfurnished so I did not see anything long enough to reach into the hole(s) or that would allow me to safely climb into it, and so I was not sure what to do.

I was afraid that she would suffocate or be crushed if she was human but if she was an android she might survive, I was not sure if she was human or android, and so I was not sure if she was dead or not.

I called out to her and she was probably able to respond at first, but eventually she sank too deeply and I heard nothing.

I wanted to find the others but it would take too long and they would probably not be able to help anyway, and so I paced around trying to find something to help while trying to figure out what to do.

Eventually I assumed that she was dead or that we would have to wait until later when we can get someone with heavy equipment to dig up her body or her, if she was android she would still be functional probably, and if she was human she would probably be dead.

I did not want to leave her alone either way so I stayed on the ground floor waiting for the others to return, and sometimes I would call out to the woman or android to see if she would respond or not.

That is all that I can remember of this dream now unfortunately, even though I know that some strange and interesting things happened that I can not remember now, but maybe I will remember more later.


The end,

-John Jr