DT & Ants & Diatomaceous Earth | Work & College | Two Vaccines

Dream 1

In this dream, I think that my family & I let my female coworker DT stay a few nights at a hotel-like apartment-like house-like room or building that I assume we owned or were renting or were allowed to use.

It had large windows with large curtains, things looked pretty good, except for the closet.


An Outdoor Class | An Entity In A Book? | Chromebook Manual Stress

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that my brother GC & I went to an outdoor class, there was an outdoor classroom with desks, and I brought a backpack & a bag of cloth face masks with me.

While there I remember my brother GC acting like a janitor, like he was working at his janitorial job at The BP Library or something, and I remember some of my former classmates being there as well among the other people there.


Getting Chased By A Werewolf & A Water Tank Experiment?

The end of this dream took place inside a multi-story building, I remember this part of the dream being like a video game, and I remember trying to avoid what seemed to be a werewolf.

There was a man or a male humanoid entity there as well, and I remember sneaking around trying to avoid the werewolf.


Fred Durst Cooking At A Family Gathering

I had more dreams and there was more to this dream but I did not record them, and so now I only barely remember part of one dream.

Part of this dream was inspired by a Chris Stuckmann video that I watched on YouTube before going to sleep that was called The Fanatic – Hilariocity Review:

All that I can remember of this dream now is that it took place during the day, and some of my family and I were at a slightly larger and nicer version of The G House preparing for family gathering for my mom’s side of the family.

We brought food and other supplies, we were setting things up, and slowly family members from my mom’s side of the family were showing up at The E House.

Some of those family members started to come to The G House to hang out, bring supplies, and help set up.

I remember seeing and talking briefly with my male cousin EE, some of my other family members from the state of T, and several others.

At some point Fred Durst was in the kitchen cooking, he was cooking our food supplies for the family gathering, and I briefly talked to him; and he told me that he wanted to do most of the cooking, and so that is what he was doing.

Too many family members were starting to show up, we were not even ready yet and I did not feel like being around them, and so I left at some point with plans to return later when everything was ready.

The next thing that I remember is going inside a building that was next to several other buildings, it had school and store areas and a movie theater-like area, and I remember walking through the movie theater-like area.

There was a video of a male comedian with light-color skin with short yellow hair talking about conservative stuff and talking/ranting about liberal stuff, and he was talking about conservative ideas/conservatives being under attack by liberals et cetera.

He gave some examples and he asked the audience to think about what he was saying, he made a point that I can not remember, and it seemed like he was possibly on to something as I thought about his example and the question that he asked the audience.

I remember walking around trying to find a bathroom because I needed to urinate, when I went to go into a bathroom my former female classmate LJ was either in the bathroom or walked into the bathroom making a strange almost crying-like sound like someone who was unstable and sad, and so I left the bathroom to find another one.

LJ walked out of the bathroom still making the same sound, I felt a bit bad for her but I really needed to use the bathroom and I also felt like avoiding her for now at least, and so I ducked to hide behind something.

I was wearing a backpack oddly, as I was hiding I noticed a men’s and a women’s bathroom that was in a store across from me, and in the store were two female employee’s with light-color skin.

The two women heard and saw LJ walk by, and I heard them wondering what was wrong with LJ.

After LJ walked by I walked into the store, I went to say something to the two women, and I was going to ask them if I could use their bathroom but I woke up.

In the real world I really did need to use the bathroom.

The end,

-John Jr


Attending A Content Creator Convention

Dream 1

In this dream I went to a convention that was possibly mostly for content creators and I had a name badge / tag, and I possibly got to go because of my blog where I blog every day so I was considered a content creator.

This convention possibly took place in India because I saw a lot of people who seemed to be from India (Indian), but I could be wrong.

While I was at one of the events / programs, the host / whoever who was a woman, called out the names of some content creators who she was going to have come to the front / stage with her so that she could talk to them one-at-a-time in front of the audience as part of the event / program.

To my surprise she called my name among the names of content creators who were chosen to talk to her, I was not expecting this and I was not ready for this, fortunately I was not the first person to be called up there.

I needed to urinate so I walked off to find a bathroom, as I was leaving I heard someone mentioning diversity and they were sharing advice for content creators, I am not sure if I got to use the bathroom or not, I just remember going to take a seat and some people I knew were among the crowd like maybe my former male classmate CB.

I remember us talking when a male employee with light-color skin walked over to me asking to see my name badge / tag, and then he told me that it had not been fully set up yet so that needed to be done.

He reluctantly started the process of fixing this, but I woke up.

Dream 2

This dream started at a convention again, I was wearing dress clothes with a name tag and a heavy backpack, and I went to one of the programs / classes / whatever that was taking place in a room with chairs.

I sat along the left wall to the right of a somewhat older man with light-color skin, the man looked at me and moved away from me while saying something to me like he was paranoid and he even said my name because he saw my name tag, and he seemed to think that I was targeting him or something.

I moved further away from him after responding, I hoped that this would help his paranoia, but he still seemed paranoid and I ended up saying a few more things to him before I decided to leave.

I walked off and eventually I walked away from the convention until I reached a fictional MS University-like college that I had false memories of having once attended but I never finished.

There were various college students walking around, and I walked around looking around comparing my false memories of the college to how it looked now et cetera.

This college and my false memories contained some real feelings and real inspiration from MS University, and so this felt very realistic walking around looking around and thinking.

At some point I reached an area that I had never really saw much of before, it was an area where maybe the business et cetera department was where many of the rich students had many of their classes for majors that led to jobs with high salaries, and I saw students wearing dress clothes and I saw a male student with light-color skin wearing a graduation cap and gown inside one of the buildings like he was about to graduate.

This area had a nice traditional college / royal look to it, after passing this area I reached a long courtyard with plants and seating areas in the middle with some semi-indoor restaurants and other businesses on the left side and a sidewalk on the right side by the buildings that had entrance doors along them, and many people were in this area.

Some students were listening to music and hanging out as they ate and drank, some were walking to and from classes, et cetera.

This was one or at least two areas like this, this was the one that I had possibly never visited or did not visit much, and so I started walking toward it to explore it but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr