Mask Vs No Mask Lab Results – Do They Work?

The mask results were even better than I had expected.


Two Dreams Partly Inspired By Revelation: The End Of Days

Dream 1

Part of both of the dreams that I somewhat remember from last night were inspired by the History channel television mini-series Revelation: The End Of Days, which I watched last night, but I can not remember the part of the first dream that was inspired by this.

All that I can remember of the first dream is being inside a building in a diner-like area sitting down eating, drinking, and talking with several other people including the actress Melissa Joan Hart who worked at this diner-like part of the building; and sitting in front of me at the table was a young man with whitish colored skin with short brownish colored hair who was on his mobile phone, and he was acting uncomfortable/awkward.

Not far from our table were some old objects and some of the old objects were from my past like my first computer, my first computer monitor, my first computer keyboard, my first computer mouse, and a few other things; and Mrs. Hart was looking through them, and she asked me to move the computer monitor for her so I did.

I helped her move a few other things as we talked about these old objects, she was going to try to use them or something like that, and then I remember my brother GC showing me a video that he uploaded to YouTube; and it was a video of a false memory from my childhood, maybe some of it was real because it seemed so realistic, and it is amazing how well my mind did making this look real because even the video looked like it was really from that time period in terms of video quality.

The clothing and hairstyles in the video were correct for this time period and other details like that but the area where the dream took place was fictional, it took place in a field during the day, and I think that I was in a high chair as a young kid again; and my dead female cousin AE as a young kid again was in the field as well (she was older than me, and so she did not need to be in a high chair), and she ran and she kicked/drop kicked my high chair causing me to fall.

I probably started crying and my mom probably ran over to me and that is all that I can remember of this video clip, my brother GC showed me another video clip that also took place during the day in a field, but this field was a fictional version of the field at the end of my uncle WC’s street; and I was in the field with other kids from the neighborhood, maybe a few of my cousins from my dad’s side of the family, and we were playing with tennis rackets.

My mind messed up on the details involving the tennis rackets which were modern tennis rackets instead of the older tennis rackets that we had back then, and the way that my mom responded in the dream was not realistic; but other than that this seemed to be a fake memory that was possibly based on a real memory from my cousin BC’s birthday party when I was very young.

A thin boy with dark-brownish colored skin with short blackish-colored hair who was older than me got angry about something and he started trying to hit me with his tennis racket, and he was swinging hard and wildly at me as I dodged and blocked his attacks as my mom told him to stop as she filmed and walked closer.

I fell on the ground rolling to avoid his attacks, it was like he was trying to kill me, my mom continued walking closer telling him to stop while filming; and maybe one of my male cousins and some other kids stopped him, and then my mom finally got close enough and she helped but the video clip ended.

I woke up as we talked about those video clips.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of the second/last dream is that the beginning of the dream was inspired by Revelation: The End Of Days, I remember being dressed up in a suit and several people and I were sent on a mission to meet some people inside a hospital/college-like building, and so we were supposed to sneak in dressed up like we were supposed to be there.

I remember us entering the building and walking to the meeting place trying to blend in, we reached the meeting place without being stopped to my surprise, and a man and several women who were scientists/doctors/nurses met us; and after our meeting we started to walk away, but they were arrested by security and the people who sent us and other scientists/doctors/nurses.

We had no idea what was going on and so this surprised us, we demanded answers because this did not seem right/correct to us to trick them like that and to use us without telling us what this mission was even really about, and they explained that a deadly bacteria that was resistant to many antibiotics was missing from their labs and spreading and that the people who we met with were probably infected with it and so they wanted to quarantine them and test a special vaccine/treatment on them using some antibiotics that they had developed.

The people we met had been part of the team working with that dangerous bacteria and on the antibiotics to treat it, there was one man and several women among them, and so we watched as they quarantined them in separate rooms and gave them the antibiotics; and most of them were infected so the antibiotics started to help most of them, but a few of them started to get worse eventually until they were given more and they started to improve again.

It seemed that their special antibiotics was going to work to help stop the spread of this deadly bacteria, like in Revelation: The End Of Days, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

The next part of the dream involved my male cousin DE and I riding bicycles either in the evening or night when it was dark to a fictional city that was probably where the city of LC should be, when we reached the city I decided to go to a store that was a bit like Big Lots but it had a blueish and whitish-colored logo and a different name, and I had been to this store before possibly earlier in the dream during the parts of the dream that I can not remember.

The last time that I was there I bought a stuffed poodle toy that was on sale for someone and Valentine’s Day was approaching so I wanted to buy one or more of the poodle toys for one or more people, and I wanted to see what else they had; but when I rode into the parking lot my cousin DE was not behind me, and so I sent him a text message with my mobile phone letting him know where I was.

Some other people were in the parking lot near me as my cousin DE rode up on his bicycle complaining that something was wrong with it, I heard and felt air coming from his front tire, and I saw a hole in it; and I wondered where would we find someone to patch it at night, a girl with light-medium brownish colored skin with long curly brownish colored hair who was standing near us with her mom (who looked similar), told us that we would have to have a professional patch it for us.

The girl’s mother did not know who could patch it for us so we thanked them and we went inside the store, the store was combined with three other places oddly, and the other two places included a small library and a fictional version of E Manor; and my aunt DE, my uncle EE, my cousin EE, most of my family, and several other family members from my mom’s side of the family were in the E Manor areas and most of them were watching television.

I started looking at the toy poodles and talking to people, mostly old women, as they noticed me looking at the toy poodles and Valentine’s Day stuff and desserts; and then I went to the small library area that was partly combined with a nice fictional antique version of a room from E Manor, and I saw a few old photographs from my mom’s side of the family there including one of my mom.

There was a closed-door in this area that led to the bedrooms and bathrooms of E Manor, there was another door that led to the rest of the house, and I explored this area a bit as well; and some of my family members called me over to see something that they were watching on the television, and so I walked over to see it.

They were watching an old fictional western and an attractive woman with whitish colored skin with long yellowish colored hair was left alone in a house after her husband and a group of his male family members left by horse to go somewhere, and a man with whitish colored skin dressed like a stereotypical cowboy (her husband and his family were dressed like this as well) entered the house and attacked her.

It was a tough and brutal fight and the woman was a surprisingly good fighter who was winning the fight until somehow the man knocked her down, and he started brutally punching her constantly using the ground and pound technique; and it was amazing how many punches it took until he finally knocked her unconscious.

When she got knocked unconscious there was a jump in time, you assume that she was raped but this was never said or shown, and then it showed the woman on the ground beaten/swollen/bleeding in the wilderness as her husband and his male family members returned on horses; and they ran to her, and she told them what happened so they left to find the man before he could escape.

A Native American tribe joined them in the search for the man, the tribe found a bald strange-looking man wearing a poncho who somewhat seemed like he was not even human, and they told him to stop but he refused; and they started attacking him with spears, sticks, and more but he dodged and blocked their attacks and he ran.

Somehow it seemed that maybe he escape the television into our dream world or our dream world combined with theirs but he became very short and his appearance changed, and when the tribe chased after him they also became short and their appearance changed to that of maybe a tribe from the jungle of South America.

They ran through a door on the right side of the building that led to more rooms, I ran after them to help, and my dad was in one of these rooms with some of his coworkers doing some work/construction; and the tribe and I chased the man into a room with two doors, we closed both doors, and he hid under a couch.

There were two couches and the members of the tribe crawled under the couch after him chasing him to the second couch, then I started lifting the couch because I was a normal height and not very short so I was strong enough and tall enough to do this, but then in the corner of my left eye I saw someone escape through one of the doors.

Some of the tribe ran after the person and I lifted both couches to find that the man was no longer in the room, I made a loud noise of disappointment/anger/annoyance that was so loud that my dad heard me in the other room, and he made a comment about it.

I wondered how did the man sneak past us so easily, it seemed that maybe he could shapeshift a bit and maybe he had some superpowers, and then the rest of the tribe and I ran to try to find him; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr