Kunta Kinte Gets Revenge?

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Dream 1

I forgot most of this dream so I only barely remember part of the end of it, it is possible that my former male classmate JC and maybe his fiancé were in the dream during one of the forgotten parts of the dream, and the end of the dream took place at The E House.

My mom, some of my mom’s side of the family, some unknown people, and I were at The E House during the day and things were normal at first.

Somehow the topic of race came up among some of the others and I remember going outside alone, and I walked into the laundry building which was slightly bigger because it now had an extra room connected to it.

Something had caught my attention that I can not remember, as I was distracted my mom walked into the laundry building, and I remember her asking me a question that was something like what am I or what do I consider myself to be.

I was a bit confused and annoyed by the question because I assumed that she was talking about race like the others and she knows how negatively I feel about race, I do not believe in or support or identify with race in any way and I am strongly against the idea or belief in race and it annoys and saddens me that most people seem to believe in and support race even though it does not really exist, and race does not physically exist in modern humans as far as I know scientifically and it is nothing but a false and failed and harmful social classification/division/et cetera system created by humans.

I reminded my mom that she already knows that I do not believe in or support race and neither does current science, and so I told her that I assume that she was asking me what social group(s) do I identify with.

I do not really identify with any social group(s), my family’s ancestors were from various social groups and cultures and most of their culture(s)/et cetera was destroyed/lost/not passed on/abandoned/and more so I never grew up with any connection with any particular culture(s) or social groups, but I did name some of the social groups that some of our ancestors probably identified with or were from.

I am not sure if the next part is another dream or not, but I will type it as another dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember is that this dream or this part of the dream was like being in a fictional version of the new History channel miniseries Roots, and it took place during the evening or night at a dock area with many slaves and/or former slaves with brown and black skin around the dock with a few armed guards with white skin patrolling the area as an obese upper class man with white skin was walking around like maybe he was picking out new slaves or something like that.

On the dock area closest to land was the character Kunta Kinte (played by the actor Malachi Kirby) from the new miniseries Roots among the crowd stalking the upper class man like the upper class man had done something terrible to him and his family (maybe he even had Kunta Kinte’s daughter killed or something like that, but I can not remember), and so it seemed that Kunta Kinte was going to kill him in revenge maybe.

The upper class man was very over-confident and relaxed and annoying like he was better than everyone and like he thought that the slaves and/or former slaves were not even human, and the guards were not even close to him so he was walking alone among the slaves and/or former slaves alone.

The slaves and/or former slaves outnumbered him and the guards easily, at some point the upper class man was close enough for Kunta Kinte to shoot him with a revolver that he had hidden on him, and the upper class man asked the crowd where was his daughter who had arrived here with him at the dock and someone replied that she had been arrested for killing a non-human animal that was probably out of season so it was not legal to hunt it at this time (I am not sure if this was true or if it was a lie to distract him while Kunta Kinte moves in for the kill).

The upper class man started ranting about how his daughter was probably arrested on the orders of the governor to get back at him, I guess him and the governor were enemies, and while he was ranting Kunta Kinte pulled out his revolver and hid it partly in a bag so that no one would see the revolver and to help reduce the sound when he shoots the upper class man.

Kunta Kinte held up his hidden revolver as the upper class man ranted loudly, and then Kunta Kinte shot him but the upper class man was so busy ranting loudly that you only partly heard the gunshot and it took him several seconds to react to getting shot.

Once he reacted to getting shot the guards, who were in the distance, started shooting the slaves and/or former slaves, and chaos broke out.

Some of the slaves and/or former slaves started fighting back, a few of them had guns, but many were running and screaming; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


A Man Wants A Bag Of Dried Shrimp

I had several dreams last night but I overslept and there were possibly one or two short power (electricity) outages and I failed to voice record my dreams or think about them throughout the day, and so now I can only barely remember part of my last two dreams from last night which I will type as one because it was a dream within a dream.

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place during the day inside my parent’s house, I remember being alone in my brother GC’s bedroom, when I heard a knock on the wall from the outside.

There was a bathroom cabinet with a mirror front on the wall next to my chest of drawers, I opened it and then I slid open the wall behind it so that I could see who was outside the wall, and it was a fictional man with dark-brownish colored skin who had the top of his head covered who was one of the people (walkers) who would often walk down our street and across our field each day and he was even poorer than us it seemed.

The man asked for something, I think that he wanted a bag of dried shrimp, and I remember briefly talking to him about his situation and why he wanted that; and I told him to wait for a moment so that I could go find my parent’s to ask them if I could give him what he wanted or not.

I walked down the hall toward my parent’s room but something happened where I woke up in another dream in my bed, I was not sure if it was the real world or a dream (it was a false awakening dream) and I even said this to myself, and so I looked out the window to see if the man was still there but he was not; and so I walked into the dining room to look out of the front porch window toward the street to see if I could see him.

I did not see him at first but as I was closing the curtains I noticed him walking toward our street from the direction of the dead end sign so I ran to the kitchen, I grabbed a small bag of dried shrimp that was in a small clear plastic bag with reddish colored letters on it, and I ran outside across the yard toward the fence to greet the man and give him the bag of dried shrimp.

I ran to the double gates near the dead end sign, I greeted the man, I still was not sure if this was a dream or real life so I tried to make this situation less strange by letting the man know that this might sound a bit crazy; but I am not sure if I told him about my dream or not, I probably did not to avoid seeming like I was crazy, and instead I probably told him that someone had told me that he needed some dried shrimp.

I told him that I was not sure if this was true or not but that he could have it if he wanted it, I told him that the bag of dried shrimp was fresh and never opened and that this was not a trick and that it was not tampered with, and that it was free and that he did not owe us anything.

The man looked a bit confused and surprised but my cautious approach worked, he accepted the bag of dried shrimp and he thanked me, and he mentioned some of the things that he could cook with it; and then we said goodbye, and I remember feeling positive.

I still was not sure if this was a dream or not but I did manage to not seem as crazy, but I woke up in the real world this time; and so that had been a false awakening dream where I woke up from one dream into another dream (a dream within a dream).

The end,

-John Jr


My Dad Trying To Sell Stuff

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I remember part of one dream from last night that took place on a gray day after or before rain in D, my dad had three storage/carry-like/soft luggage-like/duffel-like bags (a large-sized military-like bag which was the oldest & in the worst condition with a damaged zipper, a medium-sized bag which was is average condition, a small bag which was in good condition), and he talked to a man on the phone who said that he was possibly interested in buying them; and so my dad, my brothers KD & TD (who were younger in the dream than they are in real life), and I drove/rode to meet the man.

My dad drove and the man had a small business not far from the B Plant, my brothers KD & TD went to sleep during the trip, and we parked in a small parking lot next to the man’s business; and my dad let the windows partly down while my brothers KD & TD slept in the automobile, and my dad & I got out to greet the man.

The man was an obese man with whitish-color skin wearing overalls probably, he greeted us, and he looked at the three bags; and he was interested at first but the damaged & older military-like bag & the medium-sized bag made him change his mind, and he told us that he was no longer interested in buying them, but he gave my dad $8 since he had driven all the way to his business.

He then invited us inside of his business which was a one-story building with a lot of large glass windows on two sides of the building & there was an arcade/recreational area, a pawn shop-like area, and a small area with food & drinks; my dad was disappointed about not making the sale but my dad found a white colored outfit in the bags that had a white colored mask that only covered the eyes like a Robin-like mask, a white colored shirt, and white colored pants.

My dad went to the man to see if he was interested in buying the outfit, the man was interested, and he offered $5 per piece; and so my dad sold the outfit for $15.

I was looking around the business at the time and I checked to make sure that my brothers were okay, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


Hide And Seek

Last night I only remember part of my last dream and a bit of a recurring dreamlette (or semi-dream-like thoughts) that I kept having.

I am sick now, so that probably played a role in the recurring thoughts I kept having, my mind kept replaying something over and over and over.

It did not stop until my brothers woke up, I can not remember exactly what it was my mind kept replaying; but I think it was something that was almost maze-like.

It kept rewinding and fast forwarding through something, and going over the patterns and/or steps over and over.

After waking up and going back to sleep, I was finally able to have a normal dream.

I only remember being in a field near the C Elementary School, except this area was like a fictional version of the junior high school.

I was there with some people from the neighborhood that I grew up in, and we were near a row of seats like you would find at a cinema; except they were outside against a fence.

I can not remember exactly what happened, but I remember hiding under the seats, and for some reason the group of people from my neighborhood were trying to find me.

Under the seats there were bags and random junk, so it was a pretty good hiding spot.

They were looking under some of the seats, but the row of seats were pretty long, so they did not make it to my side.

As they were still looking I left from my hiding spot and pretended to help them look for me, and for some strange reason they did not notice me.

They seemed so distracted with looking for me that they did not realize that I was standing right next to them, which was very odd and funny.

I pretended to look around and suggested that they look somewhere else, but I woke up before I was able to see their response.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


John Jr Gets Bit By A Snake

File:Agkistrodon piscivorus piscivorus CDC.png
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The other night I had my first dream where I got bit by a snake, that I can remember.

In the dream me and my dad were under a covered area outside somewhere, there was a concrete floor and a metal roof; but there were no walls.

There may have been some tables, but I do not remember, it could have been a covered patio at a park or something.

I think it was in a field or something, and my dad had a brown cloth bag with some snakes in it.

Some of the snakes fell out of the bag and I told my dad that we had to catch them, but he said that it was no problem.

All of the snakes looked non-poisonous except for one, it had a triangle-shaped head like a viper or something.

It was black with a bit of a yellow stripe on its back, my dad had a special tool to pick up the snakes with, and he started to put some of the snakes back into the bag.

I think I helped too, but he left the dangerous snake on the ground and I told my dad that he had to get that snake, because it looked poisonous.

He did not seem worried and he said that it was okay, and that it was no problem.

I told my dad that it could bite one of my brothers or someone else, but he still did not pick up the snake.

He still did not seem worried, so I threw a bag on the snake and tried to grab it.

The snake could not see me, but it had its mouth open and it was waiting to bite the first thing that moved.

I did not move because I was afraid it would bite me, so I told my dad to grab the snake with the special tool he had.

But my dad just stood there and he did not try to grab the snake, and the snake was slowly moving closer to the end of the bag.

The snake was feeling the side of the bag with its mouth open and it was ready to bite, I did not know what to do, soon it would be to my finger.

When the snake got to the end of the bag, by my finger, it bit the tip of my finger a little; and I grabbed the snake by the neck.

The snake’s fang was still in my finger so I had to slowly pull the snake off of my finger.

I told my dad that he should call the for an ambulance or take me to the hospital, but he did not do anything.

Then I woke up,

-John Jr 🙂