Robin Williams Bakery | Breastfeeding Problems

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I had more dreams but I forget them, and so now I only barely remember part of two dreams from last night.

Dream 1

The end of this dream took place inside a windowless maybe one-story maybe carpeted almost shopping mall/casino-like building, and I remember walking into a small business that seemed to be a bakery.

The business was supposed to be closing or closed it seemed because I saw the owner and maybe his son finishing up with the last few customers and starting to clean up, and the owner of this bakery was the actor Robin Williams.

Mr. Williams was nice and showed me around the bakery showing me the few desserts that they had left, he was going to let me buy some even though they were supposed to be closed, and I remember seeing glazed donuts and chocolate covered éclairs and Long Johns) filled with cream and some other desserts.

Mr. Williams had a beard and was wearing glasses so he somewhat reminded me of the actor Mandy Patinkin, I remember wanting to get some cinnamon rolls to go along with the other desserts but I did not see any as I looked around, and there were some openings along one wall that allowed you to see and maybe walk to the next business which was an upper class restaurant.

Inside the upper class restaurant I saw a lot of dressed up people sitting at fancy tables and the restaurant itself looked fancy and expensive, I can not remember if I got to finish picking and paying for my desserts or not, and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream is super unclear and confusing and so lacking in context and details that it does not make much sense and so it seems even more weird and awkward than it already was, and so even I am confused.

At the end of this dream I remember being in a room with maybe an opening to a room that reminded me of the laundry room at my parent’s house, which is really just a hallway with a washing machine and dryer in it, and I know that there was at least one woman in the room breastfeeding a baby on one breast but I am not sure if the woman was my wife or not.

There was a short old woman trying to help us with a breastfeeding problem, the woman breastfeeding the baby had a problem where one of her breasts was not producing breast milk, and so the short old woman was there to help her/us.

The old woman explained that the woman was using the same breast too much and that this problem could easily be fixed, she massaged the other breast until a bit of milk came out, and then the old woman told me to test this breast by trying to drink some breast milk from it.

I thought that this was strange and awkward for a man to be trying to drink breast milk from a woman’s breast who is holding a baby who needs this breast milk, I did not want to do this and I asked the old woman if this was really necessary, and I told her that I could see that some breast milk came out of the breast after she massaged and squeezed it and so there was no need for me to test it this way myself.

The old woman saw nothing wrong with this test and told me that I should not have a problem with it either and so she told me to do it and stop worrying about it seeming awkward, she was a bit like a strict grandmother, and so I went to do her test even though it was awkward.

I remember slightly sucking on a nipple and some breast milk came out, I could somewhat taste the breast milk, and then I said that it worked and I stopped.

We thanked the old woman for the help, she explained what happened and how to avoid it in the future, and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


Choosing A College Student Council President And Carrot Cake

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I only voice recorded one of my dreams during the night, and so I forgot the other dreams that I had earlier during the night.

I barely remember part of the end of one dream where I remember being inside a Walmart-like store, and I was back in college again.

One or more classmates of mine told me that I was possibly chosen to be the new college student council president, which/who was being chosen by a small group of students, and this surprised me.

At some point I went to the bakery section to buy a rectangular sheet cake sized carrot cake, and one or more of my former female classmates like PF worked in the bakery.

I told them that one or more of our classmates told me that I was possibly chosen as the new college student president or that I was at least one of the people considered for that position, and I asked them if they knew anything about that.

One of them either knew someone who was in the small group of people choosing the new college student president or they were on the group or they were around the group as they were choosing the new college student president, and they told me what they knew.

They told me that I was one of the people considered for the position and that I was possibly chosen at first, but one or more people in the group removed my name from consideration for some unknown reasons that we assumed involved me not meeting certain unknown qualifications/qualities/et cetera that they were looking for in the new college student president.

I thanked them for telling me this and I felt a bit relieved at the news but at the same time I felt a bit disappointed, and they handed me my carrot cake; and I said goodbye, and I went to the cash register to pay for my carrot cake.

While I was in line I talked to another former female classmate of mine, but I woke up as we talked.

The end,

-John Jr


The French Bakery

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Lazy Overview:

I think I had several dreams this week where there were one or more paintings of The Young Shepherdess, in them, the painting(s) did not play an important role in any of the dreams that I can think of.

Dream 1

Last night I remembered part of two dreams, with my first one involving me being in my birth town in the day time, and somehow I either got a used car real cheap or it was free, I can not remember which.

I remember driving to my parent’s house to show my family, and my brother CC was excited and wanted to know would I keep the car or my automobile; he wanted me to give him one of them.

I remember trying to decide which to keep, and so I went to test drive the car; but I woke up.

Dream 2

My next dream was real short and appeared to be my brain trying to put some French words in a dream for practice or something, maybe.

I do not think that I was in the dream, which I think took place in the countryside of France at a small bakery, that was owned by a husband & wife & their young son.

The dream seemed to be from an older period like maybe the 1950s or something, and the wife & son reminded me of the wife (Katie Coates) & son (Arliss Coates) from the film Old Yeller; the son looked like the kid from the film almost and the wife as well, and the wife had an older style dress with an apron on.

The husband wore a somewhat tight white t-shirt tucked into some dark-colored pants & an apron, he was a bit muscular and had tan-colored skin, and black hair.

It was near closing time at the bakery & the husband & wife were cleaning up and talking in French, while their son was playing with a friend, the friend only spoke English; so the kid & the husband & wife only used English when talking to the friend.

As they were closing the shop the telephone rang and it was a call for the friend, after the call, the friend looked shocked; he said that his mother had just died.

They all were shocked and quietly walked out of the bakery, it was late in the afternoon or evening, the son was starting to set; the husband walked over to the friend and told him that he has to try to be strong & that there is nothing he can do or something like that.

The husband then started to walk his wife & son to their old red single cab truck, but the wife looked very concerned for the boy and the son was not sure what to do.

The friend must have lived close to the bakery or something, since they were not going to give him a ride, the husband seemed to think that the friend needed time alone to mourn.

The wife ran over to the friend and hugged him, they both started to cry, and they both fell to their knees as they hugged.

After a short moment the husband came and started to move his wife back to the truck, as she looked back in tears at the friend, and the friend looked back at her in tears; but you could tell that the hug helped make him feel a bit better, and he felt good that someone cared about him.

The truck began to slowly drive off toward the road as the friend watched the wife & she watched him, both in tears; it was like the end of a movie or something, but then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂