Hotel Hot Tub(s)

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the evening or night, and I was with all of my family at a multi-story hotel; and my brothers were a little bit younger than they are now.

I remember walking back to our room or one of our rooms on an upper floor, in one of the rooms I noticed a ladder that led to the balcony, and my brother TDC climbed up the ladder and I followed him.


A Nice Room With A Balcony | Finding My Dad’s Contact Information At Work

I had more dreams, but I only barely remembered part of the end of my assumed last two dreams.

Dream 1

The end of this dream took place during the day inside what seemed to be a multi-story house-like building, I can not remember the rest of the dream so I do not have context for the dream, but it possibly was a combination of a house and maybe a work building that was possibly currently not in use.

The building was lightly furnished, it was a used, and maybe some of my family and I were there maybe deciding if we were going to buy it or we were moving it and/or we were going to work there but I can not remember.

I just remember going into a room that was probably several rooms in one with possibly several mostly open rooms that were connected through open doorways, and at the end of it was a door leading to a balcony that overlooked the back of the building near some bushes.

If I remember correctly this floor felt shorter than a 2nd floor but taller than a 1st floor, but I could be wrong.

The room was nicely lit from the natural light outside I think, it was a nice quiet area with a view and outdoor balcony access to the quiet back of the building, and I remember spending some time in this room enjoying the view and trying to imagine using this room for various things.

I also spent some time one the balcony, I thought and daydreamed of the various possibilities and how nice this was, and at some point my mom walked into the room.

I mentioned how nice this room was et cetera, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The end of this dream took place inside The BP Library, I was there working, and I was behind the front desk and my female coworker JB was at the front desk except things were backward and her and her computer were on the side of the desk that the patrons stand in real life but I did not notice this strangeness during the dream.

We were talking and a somewhat older female patron with medium-color skin went to check out at the front desk, she stood on my side of the desk since things were backwards, and the patron was talking to JB and I about various things.

While we talked I had a paper with some contact information, maybe the patron wanted this information, and then I found another paper with some contact information on it but it had my dad’s contact information on one side and something else on the other side or the other side was blank.

This confused me, why was my dad’s name and contact information on this paper at work, and so I went to make sure that his information was not on the other contact information paper as well.

His contact information was not on the other paper so it was safe to give to the patron, and I decided to hold on to the other paper.

One thing that I do remember the patron mentioning during our conversation, she mentioned various things, was the name of one or more politicians who JB and I had never heard of.

The patron said several things about this politician or these politicians, mostly complaints probably, but then I woke up as she continued talking about one or more people who JB and I had no idea who she was talking about.

I remember JB trying to listen to the patron while also trying to finish checking her items out, and JB had a facial expression like she had no idea what the patron was talking about but she was going to somewhat pretend that she did.

The end,

-John Jr


Where Is My Coworker JB And Her Family?

I barely remember part of the end of my last dream.

I remember being inside a multi-story building with some of my coworkers and their families, maybe some of my family, and maybe some other people.

I remember being on the ground level of the main floor / lobby / auditorium / whatever where there were indoor balcony-like areas for each floor that overlooked the area where I was standing with many of the others, and the others were standing along the balcony areas looking down where we were.

I am not sure if this was an all staff training event for The BP Library that was taking place in another city or if we were on a work trip or what was going on exactly, whatever was happening our families were allowed to be there, and we were possibly at the opening ceremony and / or watching a movie or something and / or was watching the first event.

I can not remember most of the dream so I have no idea, I just know that we were probably going to be going to take photographs next in a different part of the building on one of the upper floors, and I remember seeing my female coworker JB and her husband and her children on one of the balcony-like areas.

At some point I did not see JB and her family, I remember glancing around sometimes looking for them from where I was standing, but I was still not seeing them.

For some reason this bothered me, I felt restless / worried / maybe anxiety / et cetera, and this got worse as time went on.

For some reason it really bothered me that: I did not see them any more, that they had seemly disappeared, that I was not sure if they were okay or not, or if I would see them again, et cetera.

Me not seeing JB and her family anymore really bothered me, in the real world my body was possibly starting to feel a bit hot and maybe I was tossing and turning in bed a bit feeling some of the same feelings / emotions, and this did not feel good at all in the dream or the real world.

Instead of going to look for them I tried to tell myself that they had probably just stepped away for a moment or something and that things were probably okay, this probably did not help much, and I tried to avoid looking / glancing around for them much.

I told myself that I would just keep an eye out for them as we move to the next area and if I did not see them then, then I would probably ask around and look for them, and I hoped that we would move to the next area soon because this was really bothering me more than it should.

Not long after this it was time to start walking to the next area for photographs, I remember looking around as we walked, and I still did not see JB and her family but I kept looking around as we walked.

I woke up during this feeling the same emotions and I felt bad, and so the feelings continued into the real world even at work where I finally saw JB again for only the second time this week; and I did not talk to her beyond just saying good morning, I took my usual cautious approach, which made things worse.

Today I have thought about why did that bother me so much in the dream, and I tried to make sense of it.

It connects to some things from the real world known and unknown, some worries and fears and mysteries and feelings and thoughts and beliefs et cetera that probably need to be addressed, but some things are not completely clear.

The end,

-John Jr


A Concert Arrest | My Former Semi-Neighbor T Body Swaps Or Possesses My Wife Or Girlfriend?

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day at an outdoor concert that was in an area partly like the area next to my aunt JE’s house where The R Trailer used to be, and I was in the crowd with other people including my female coworker DC.

At some point a young man with light-color skin who had a young woman with him, maybe his girlfriend, started ranting at the band and then he argued with the band until the band sent security after him.

The young man started running but was tackled by security, and they started struggling with him trying to arrest him.

I was talking to a woman in the crowd behind me during this, then I noticed a female security guard struggling with the man who looked like my female coworker DC, and then I said this to the woman I was talking to.

I was about to run over there to help her but when I turned around I then realized that the woman I was talking to was DC, so the female security guard was not DC, and then I told this to DC and we both started to laugh and joke about this.

I told DC how I was just about to run over there to help until I realized that she was with me already, but then I woke up.

Dream 2

This dream took place inside a nice modern somewhat upscale multi-story multi-purpose building that was like a combination of a resort, hotel, apartment, library, and who knows what else.

I was on an upper floor, this dream kept transitioning without me noticing the changes and I can not remember the beginning of the dream, and so maybe the dream started with me and some of my family and / or someone else vacationing here or something but I can not remember.

I do remember that at some point in the dream I was working at a job that was possibly my job(s) at The BP Library, which was in this building, but the library looked completely different and it was spread out in various smaller rooms on an upper floor in this building.

I can not remember the details but I probably saw and talked with my supervisor Mrs. JM and maybe several other coworkers including my female coworker CR, most of what I remember involves me working and talking with CR, and things between us were still a bit distant but better than my previous two dreams with her in them.

The work part of the dream was probably the second transition in the dream, the third transition involved maybe us getting assigned hotel or apartment rooms in the building, and so I guess we also lived in this building.

I went to my assigned room that was still on an upper floor, it was probably a nice modern somewhat upscale rectangular carpeted hotel-like room with two beds, curtained windows and a glass sliding door to a small glass room with a view of the balcony or this was just a covered part of the balcony, and from this area you could reach the balcony that had a nice view of a body of water and the sky and some other things below and in the distance.

The curtains were closed and burgundy and thick and / or there were several layers or two separate windows / sliding doors if there was a small glass room between here and the balcony, and so I could not see outside at first.

I was not sure who or if anyone was going to be my roommate so I was curious, I possibly hoped / expected that my fictional wife or girlfriend would be assigned as my roommate (she was possibly a coworker of mine as well), but there was a possibility that one of my other coworkers would be assigned as my roommate or that I would have the room to myself.

As I was taking a moment to look around and enjoy my new room, things were ruined when our former male semi-neighbor T who used to live / squat at The Semi-Abandoned House entered the room like he was my assigned roommate, I wanted nothing to do with T so this was terrible

To make things worse T was possibly a coworker of mine in this dream which is confusing because he has a criminal record (and he could be in jail again now for all I know).

I greeted him as he probably started adjusting his side of the room, at some point I remember laying in my bed and T was in his bed, and then someone knocked at the door and someone from the library introduced two celebrities to us.

One of these celebrities was John Lennon, I can not remember the details but maybe we were chosen or won this chance or they did, and we were to maybe talk with them about the library and our work and hangout briefly with them.

T probably talked with the other celebrity and I probably talked with Mr. Lennon, the next thing that I remember is them being gone, and my wife or girlfriend was there as my roommate.

I was happy about this, I wanted to open the curtains to see the nice view outside and I wanted to go on the balcony, and I said this to my wife or girlfriend.

I told her about how nice the view was and how we could enjoy it and that having a balcony and living here would be nice, I mentioned some of the things that we could do et cetera, and then I asked her if it was okay for me to open the curtains and she said yes so I did.

The sun was almost completely set but I could still see the water and the nice sky and view, it was beautiful and relaxing, and I was going to open the door / window and ask my wife or girlfriend to join me on the balcony and / or we could lay in bed together and enjoy the view but this got ruined.

Before I could ask this somehow T had got body swapped with my wife or girlfriend or somehow was possessing her body, I have no idea how I knew this, she looked like my wife or girlfriend but I somehow knew that T was somehow in her body now so I decided not to mention going on the balcony together or laying together et cetera.

This ruined the moment mostly, I had looked forward to spending time with my wife or girlfriend, especially with this nice view and new room.

I looked out the window trying to still enjoy some of this moment while trying to figure out what to do about T somehow being inside my wife’s or girlfriend’s body, I did not let him know that I knew, and I wondered how did this happen and I hoped that it would be undone soon.

I started trying to come up with a plan, my first thought was to keep my distance from her / him until this was over or until I figured out how to get my wife or girlfriend back in her body, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Talking About The Library Conference Opening Ceremony

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

This dream involved maybe the opening ceremony for a library conference (convention), I am not sure if I went to it or not or if this was before or after the fact, but I remember talking and thinking about it.

One of the people who(m) I talked to about this was my coworker Mrs. C who is one of the assistant directors of our library, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream was interesting and there was a lot more to it, but unfortunately I can only barely remember part of it.

Some of the dream took place during the day at a nice multi-story house, and I was there with some of my family like my brother GC and our mom.

The house had one or more balconies with a nice view, the neighborhood was nice and quiet and had even more nature than our real house, and there was a body of water near our house.

Part of the dream involved me going around the house, enjoying the view, talking with my family, et cetera.

Part of the dream took place outside near the water and there was something that I can not remember that involved fish and / or some other water creatures, but I can not remember if I got in the water or not or what happened exactly; I just know that whatever happened was interesting.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr