Mr. JM’s Opinion & A Brothel | Paranormal Activity

Dream 1

In part of this dream, I was talking with my female coworker KE, my coworker Mr. JM, and several others.

Mr. JM was being very dismissive & mean about his opinions, especially toward the women, like our coworker KE.


In School Again & A Police Officer Clown

Lazy dream overview:

This dream involved me being in school again (we were probably adults in this dream) with all of my former classmates, we even lived at the school which was a multi-story building, and the dorm(s) were on one or more upper floors.

I heard news that Tom Brady was possibly going to be playing a different position on his football team because of an injury of his.


3 Ninjas And A War | Remote Controlled Vehicles And A Balloon

Dream 1

Part of this dream involved something to do with the 3 Ninjas movies.

Another part of the dream involved a boy with light-color skin setting up meetings.


Jessica Jones In Suffolk City | Judi Dench And Darts And Balloons

I had this dream when I fell asleep on the living room couch.

Dream 1

This dream involved somewhat younger versions of my brothers traveling with me by automobile to a fictional city called Suffolk or Suffolk City, and we planned on spending a few days there.

I remember us driving along a road during the evening until we got stopped in traffic in an area that felt like it was possibly under a bridge and possibly partly underground, I am not sure, I just remember us getting out of our automobiles and so were most other people; and there was possibly a video being shown on a screen.

There was at least one young adult female employee with light-color skin and at least one young adult male employee with dark-color skin who were working in this area handling the video, and whatever us was going on.

This city seemed to be about the size of or slightly larger than the city of LC, it was possibly known for a resort / casino / business / theme park-like area, and this area was possibly part of it.

The area we were at seemed polluted with some chemical and tar-like stuff around some spots, I tried to avoid stepping on it, and I did not want to be here long breathing it in.

After the presentation or whatever, we could go so people started to get into their automobiles to leave, but the female employee noticed my younger brothers with me; and she asked us if we had somewhere to stay.

I told her that we had just arrived in the city to stay a few days, that we had not went searching for a hotel yet, and she seemed to think that we were homeless or something possibly; and she told us that we could rent a tent for free for a few days.

She told us that the city of Suffolk or Suffolk City provided this free service, and that it was often used by the homeless.

I thanked her and I accepted the offer, I signed up to rent a tent for free for a few days, and then she handed me the tent which was white and could fold into a bag that you could carry.

The male employee told us that there was a chargeable battery powered device in the tent that provided electricity for the tent and that you could use to power your devices, and that there were charging stations around the city that you could probably use for free.

We said goodbye and we drove away not too far away to a small field on the right side of the street, we parked in the field near a small wooden tiny house-like building or small building, and we looked at the tent but I did not think that it would be big enough or safe enough for my brothers and I to sleep in around this unfamiliar larger than we are used to city.

We decided to use the tiny house-like building instead, it had electricity and maybe a few chairs and a table and maybe some books, but it had no beds; and it was pretty much two connected rooms and maybe a tiny bathroom.

As I looked around the tiny house I wondered what was taking my brothers so long to walk inside the house, and then they showed up with plates of food that included peach cobbler and burritos and several other things.

I asked them where they got the food, they told me that they got it at the food distribution center that I assume was not far away, and I asked them why did they not tell me and how that was dangerous et cetera.

This annoyed me, so I lectured them as they ate their food, they did not even bring me any food which made it worse. 😀

They did not care really, they were too busy enjoying the food, while I was lecturing them while a being a little hunger.

The next thing that I remember is that maybe it was the next morning or day, and we walked to a one-story building where we saw other people inside and outside; and I assume we were going to get some food first.

I remember seeing Jessica Jones from the television show Jessica Jones among the crowd, she had superpowers in the dream as well, and as my brothers walked ahead of me toward the building there was an argument that started in the crowd in front of them.

There was a man wearing a pink camouflage military-like outfit and another man wearing a pink outfit who started arguing, it seemed that they were going to fight, and while this was going on I noticed some possibly Australian mercenary-like men wearing military-like camouflage who grabbed Jessica Jones and whispered something in her ear as they pulled her into another small building.

When I turned back to the argument it conveniently ended and my brothers were no where to be seen, and so glanced around looking for them.

I assumed that maybe some mercenary-like men had kidnapped them too during the argument, which was probably a distraction, and so I sneaked into the building where they took Jessica Jones.

I heard them talking to Jessica Jones, she could easily defeat them but whatever they had whispered to her prevented her from doing so, I possibly talked to Jessica when they left wanting answers and wanting to join up with her to help find my brothers and help her, but I woke up.

Dream 2

I had this dream when sleeping on top of my bed after waking up from the living room couch after 5 AM.

This dream took place in a similar area or the same area as the previous dream, but this time I was possibly a college student going to classes and stopping to visit places in the resort / business / theme park-like areas; and I had a backpack, and it was daytime.

At some point I joined up with my former female classmate DF and another woman, we possibly talked and ate a snack, and then we probably went to a class together.

After the class we walked and talked, and then we stopped in a room where you could play or watch a carnival game where you had to throw darts at balloons and pop them to win prizes if you were lucky.

The game was rigged, the actress Judi Dench was working in this room handling this booth along with an assistant (I was briefly her assistant), and Mrs. Dench would stand next to the balloons while her assistant would stand next to the person with the darts who was playing the game.

Mrs. Dench would blink certain ways to give certain signals, maybe two different ones, to her assistant because this game was rigged; but I can not remember what the signals meant or how the game was rigged exactly, maybe some darts were rigged to be more likely to fail, but I can not remember.

My former male classmate BH was in the crowd, he seemed to also know that the game was rigged, and so he kept asking Mrs. Dench if the game was rigged until she finally got so frustrated that she gave a short rant before possibly quitting and walking away angrily.

DF called someone on her mobile phone asking them if they wanted to get something to eat in the cafeteria, it was almost 12:00 PM, I wanted to go to so I wondered why DF did not ask me first and I wondered if she would even ask me; I felt slightly hurt by this, and I wondered if I should wait for her to ask me or should I ask her if I could go too.

I then stopped to look inside my backpack to see if I needed to go to a class first or not, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Trying To Protect The Citadel On Mass Effect 3 | Floating / Flying On A Balloon-Like Object?

Source: Wikipedia

I forgot most of my dreams from last night, I barely remember part of two dreams, but even those two dreams are very unclear unfortunately.

Dream 1

I know that one dream involved me playing and/or being in the video game Mass Effect 3, during a fictional mission where my squad / team & I were on The Citadel fighting threats that had attacked/invaded the Citadel, and I know that Garrus Vakarian was on my team but I can not remember who our other teammate was (probably Liara T’Soni).

I remember using powers like throw/et cetera and using guns against the threats as we fought our way around the Citadel, there were moments where I had to make decisions & talk with people, but I can not remember the rest of the dream.

Dream 2

I had another dream that is very unclear now, I was at a fictional college-like campus that is sometimes in my dreams that looks a bit different in each dream but somewhat similar, and I know that my former classmate DC was in the dream at some point.

I might have went to a few classes during the afternoon and I might have attended some events on campus until the evening when it started to get darker outside.

More things happened in the dream but I forgot those parts, I remember avoiding something or several things in the dream at some point by floating / flying on one or more balloon-like object(s) maybe, and I floated/flew around on that object(s) showing off & having fun as DC & some other people watched me at first.

I started learning how to better control how I floated/flew during the dream, it was fun, but that is all that I can remember; and I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr