An Automobile Accident On Vacation And A New Baby Sibling And My Cousin TE And My Cousin CE

By the way, this picture of my Japanese baby c...
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I only remember part of the end of my last dream from last night which took place during the day in a fictional place where I was on vacation with my family, including my/our new fictional baby sibling (I am not sure if it was a boy or girl, but I think that it looked like a girl), and our fictional small pet dog.

We were staying at a house / motel in a field next to a highway that looked like a house that was equally divided into three parts with three different doors, one for each part, and my family and I stayed in the middle part; and one or more families were staying in the other two parts.

On the left side of the house/motel was a bank I think, on the right side of the house were several connected houses / condominiums that had mailboxes near the sidewalk that went through this neighborhood, and on the right side of the condominiums was an indoor recreation center for this neighborhood that had a swimming pool, gym, et cetera.

I remember holding my/our fictional baby sibling several times in this dream, during one of these times I was outside with my family and our fictional small pet dog enjoying ourselves, and one of the other families staying next to us were outside enjoying themselves as well; but something happened that I can not remember where I think we called the police for some reason(s).

As we waited outside I saw a woman with whitish color skin with reddish colored hair whose hair was obviously not really a reddish color but a very fake reddish color that was obviously dyed driving a sports car at the drive through window at the bank, and she drove her car into another two-door car that was stationary and being driven by a woman with whitish colored skin.

The woman with the fake reddish colored hair knew that she hit the other car but she reversed her car and she tried to escape, but the other woman drove after her and she blocked her car from leaving the parking lot; and she called the police, and the police arrived by helicopter because we had already called them for something else.

The police went to deal with the automobile accident first and so we decided to go to the recreational center to wait for the police to finish with that first, and I carried my/our fictional baby sibling and the fictional small pet dog and some other things; and once we walked into the recreational center we saw our female cousin TE and her daughter our female cousin CE, and we greeted each other.

They looked at my fictional baby sibling saying how cute he or she was and how he or she looked more like me than the rest of my brothers, and I remember looking at the baby or a baby who had yellowish/light brownish/whitish colored skin with dark hair in a nice unique braided hair style that was somewhat long and seemed more feminine; and the baby was cute and the baby looked female to me, but my cousin TE maybe had referred to the baby as he but I am not sure.

The baby looked a bit like me combined with my cousin TE and my cousin CE, I remember the baby smiling, and I remember my cousin TE saying that the baby looked like he or she had my immune system; which I thought was a strange thing to say and I tried to make sense of that because I did not see how it would be possible to figure that out just by looking at someone and the baby was only my sibling not my child, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Directing A Film With Shia LaBeouf

I went to bed late last night and I slept pretty good but I got awakened by a timer so I forgot some of my dreams except for part of one dream, I voice recorded that dream and I went back to sleep, and when I woke up again later early (I wanted to stay in bed) I barely remembered part of another dream as well.

Dream 1

Both dreams were probably inspired by the video game Saints Row IV but I could be wrong because my memory is too unclear, the first dream probably involved me being in the Saints Row IV video game world or a video game world similar to it doing various things around the game world while also maybe directing a film at the same time, and so I was probably directing the film and acting in the film at the same time.


Hanging Out With Russian President Vladimir Putin & Learning About A Prophecy About A Powerful Female Entity

I remember part of one dream from last night, which started inside of a college-like building, and I was in an area near a downward stairway that was very steep(?) & that went down pretty far; and there were groups of people hanging out in this area, my former classmate MT was one of them, but then one or more people started a confrontation that led to some brief violence.

The person or people who started the confrontation were annoying and the person/they were bothering/threatening people, I guess the person/they started bothering MT, and a fight started with MT winning at first; but others jumped into the fight and pushed MT down the stairs, and MT accidentally fell into a man & the man fell down the stairs as well.


Finding Old Personal Photographs And Objects

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I remember part of two dreams from last night, with the first dream taking place in a fictional building that I think was mall-like or it took place in an independent area, either way I remember going inside a place that was library / bank / arts & crafts store / flea market-like (maybe it was all of those joined in one store with each of those having a separate part of the place).

I know that near the entrance there was a large wooden desk with one or more workers behind it, and I remember that the place had a combination of things that were for sale/things that you could trade for/things that were free/things that you could rent/things that you could look at only (art work that was for show); and some things were new and some things were used.

I remember that there was paintings, sculptures, handmade jewelry, handmade crafts, books, clothes, photographs, et cetera.

The first part of the store had most of the new stuff, the middle part of the store had most of the used & for rent stuff, and the last part of the store had mostly the free stuff that looked like mostly old/dusty stuff that people donated or something; and I spent some time in the first two parts of the stores looking at the amazing variety of things that were either handmade or collectible / antique-type items mostly.

This place reminded me of another place like this that I have dreamed about before, there was more to this dream, but I forgot the middle parts of the dream; and I just remember meeting my former co-worker JF.

We talked and explored the third part of the store and we found a large old dusty folded album/binder-like thing with many pockets when you opened it, and it opened up very long since it was folded so much; and inside of it was a lot of old photographs, objects, books, et cetera.

To my surprise I noticed that some of the photographs were of me as a baby & kid (some were of real life photographs, some were fake photographs of real moments in my life, and some were just fake photographs of fake moments in my life), and I noticed some photographs that had some of my indirect family members in them like my cousin DE & my cousin ME & and a few other indirect family members.

I remember pointing out personal photographs of my indirect family and I to JF, it was like looking at old memories in the form of photographs, and JF started to notice old photographs of some of his family & himself as well.

We also found old books that belonged to some of our indirect family members, we found some old personal notebooks / notes / papers / et cetera of ours & some of our indirect family members, we found old personal cassettes / albums / et cetera, and other types of personal old objects.

We were amazed and having a good time looking through all the old personal objects wondering how did it all get here and how did it all fit in this one album/binder-like thing, but either the place was going to close or JF needed to leave; and so we took the album-binder-like thing to the front desk to see if they would let us have it for free since it was mostly our stuff & stuff that belonged to our families or we would buy it.

The woman at the front desk let us have it, since it was probably free anyway, and then we left; and somehow got to my parent’s yard at some point.

During our trip there we had divided all of our stuff so that I could keep my stuff and give the rest to my indirect family members who it belonged to, and JF would do the same for himself & his indirect family members.

We arrived to my parent’s yard during the day and my dad was outside (maybe my mom as well), and I showed him/them the stuff that we found & we told them about how we found it; and then I took our stuff inside the house, and I went back outside.

My dad started talking to me about a house but I am not sure what he was talking about exactly but here are some of the possibilities: that he wanted to go house shopping with me for a new house for our family in another city, that he wanted to go house shopping with me for a house for me in another city, that he was going to let me permanently stay at our current house and he wanted to go on a trip with me to another city, or something, either way he wanted to go with me to another city & he mentioned something about a house.

My former classmate JS showed up as JF was leaving, and he wanted me to go house shopping with him in another city & maybe he was also offering me a chance to stay at whatever house he bought; and so my dad and JF both had competing offers, and so I tried to decided which offer to choose.

I am not sure which offer I chose, maybe I chose a compromise where I would go house shopping with JS, and then return another day to go on a trip in another city with my dad & house shop with him or whatever he wanted to do; whatever I chose, I think that I remember flying in a small airplane, that probably belonged to JS.

If that is correct, then it was probably pretty fun & I probably got to help fly the airplane, and it was like some of the rare dreams that I have sometimes where I get to fly something or fly in something; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Anthony Hopkins Is My Father?

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Lazy Overview:

Dream 1

Last night I can barely remember my dreams, but I know I had several, and I remember someone in one of the dreams giving me tips on how to fix a screen size problem / issue that I was having with Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2; he recommended that I run the game As An Administrator, and that should fix the problem.

When I woke up in the real world and I tried his suggestion, it worked at first, but only because it restored the default settings; the real fix was to adjust the graphic settings at the system level, but I still think it was great that I got to apply a dream recommendation to the real world. 😀

Dream 2

Another dream I had the other night took place downtown in my birth-town, and I was shopping around at these fictional family run stores that are in my dreams sometimes.

There were many other people downtown as well and maybe a small festival was going on or something, and at some point there was an argument going on outside in the market area.

A former classmate named MB was accused of stealing by the owner of one of the outside shops, and MB was denying that he had stolen anything; a security guard came to face MB and a struggle began.

The security guard and one or two other people tried to arrest MB, but he was giving them a hard time, to my surprise; since he is tall but skinny.

I stood there wondering should I help and so I decided to tell MB and the others to calm down, and talk about the situation; but I woke up.

Dream 3

Last night I had one dream that is very unclear, but I remember it involving me inside this office-like building, and I was following Anthony Hopkins around.

I think someone had told me that he was my real father and I was trying to find out if it was true, but he kept avoiding me; there was something else strange about this dream and Mr. Hopkins, but I can not remember what exactly.

He seemed to be either a college professor and/or doctor and/or business man, and there was something strange about him; like he might have not been human or completely human or something strange like that.

At some point he tried to hide in his office, but I found him, and he was afraid that I would make a big scene and he did not want the other people around to know about the situation; so he finally stopped running and started to talk with me in private in his office.

I think he confirmed that he was my real father and he was trying to explain something to me, but I can not remember what he said; I know that it was serious, a secret, and it was some thing strange about him/my mom/and I.

I think he said that he was not human and told me what he was, that my mom was human, and so I was part whatever he was and part human; but I could be wrong, whatever it was, it was pretty shocking and confusing.

Dream 4

The night before last I had a dream that I was outside in my parent’s yard looking for something in the toolbox, and a sharp silver object got stabbed through my hand; it hurt less than it would have in real life, and I slowly pulled it out of my hand.

Dream 5

My last dream of the night involved me walking around a shopping complex that had just been built in D where PL used to be.

The building was a grocery store, restaurant, casino, club, bank, and more.

I walked around exploring and talking to different people, and did some shopping.

I remember seeing two fancy offices for the owners, and the workers in their offices were dressed very nicely; I remember thinking how the offices looked very corporate and how it showed the greed of the owners.

I also remember talking to a few workers and they were talking about how unfair the owners were and greedy, and the owners seemed to represent some of the things that are wrong with the current Capitalist system and other things in our culture(s).

There was a lot more to this dream and several other dreams, but I can not remember them.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂