Bill Clinton Campaigning?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

There was more to this dream that I can not remember but all that I can remember of this dream from last night is that at some point in the dream I remember the former President Of The United States Bill Clinton going around all over the place hogging media attention, and sometimes I would see his United States Secret Service agents with him.

I never remember Mr. Clinton mentioning Hillary Clinton or campaigning (he possibly did but I can not remember) but in my opinion it seemed that he was indirectly campaigning for Mrs. Clinton and/or distracting the media and public from the negative news involving Mrs. Clinton.

Mr. Clinton was hogging so much media attention that it seemed like he was running for president or was Mrs. Clinton’s running mate now, I doubt it though but it almost seemed that way, and he was really enjoying himself and his plan was working.

Mr. Clinton was appearing on talk shows, news shows, churches, events, at people’s jobs, in newspapers and magazines and commercials and more, and more.

I remember seeing Mr. Clinton on various television channels, on the internet, in the newspaper, and more.

On one television channel I saw Mr. Clinton at an outdoor Christian church service speaking/preaching, he won over the crowd and the preacher who was standing behind him, and he worked the crowd like a magician/expert and he had everyone excited.

All of this seemed to come natural to Mr. Clinton and all of this attention and working crowds seemed to be energizing Mr. Clinton, it seemed that he went anywhere that he wanted and did whatever he wanted without anyone saying no or questioning him, and so he was doing some things that seemed questionable and possibly illegal like showing up unannounced to privately meet with certain important people and/or to join them on their job and/or to do their job without permission.

I think that I was in a multi-story building with no windows that was a combination of several types of buildings like maybe a school, apartment, dorm, offices, et cetera and maybe Mr. Clinton arrived unannounced to suspiciously privately meet with some important people while they were working and then he probably joined them on their job and started doing their job which was possibly illegal and definitely questionable.

I am not sure if Mr. Clinton left or was still there working suspiciously and possibly illegally or if I left to another part of the building, either way I remember being in a part of the building that was school and dorm/apartment-like, and some of my former classmates like my former male classmate LT was there along with students and adults of various ages.

Various things happened that I can not remember, I talked with a few people but I can not remember most of what happened, and something strange happened that I can not remember where something very strange was going on and maybe people were acting weird like they were being controlled or something but I can not remember.

After or during this strange part of the dream I remember walking to an outdoor area during the night that was my parent’s yard by the storage building, I went here because there was maybe a hot barbecue pit leaning on The B V near the exhaust pipe, and I was afraid that this would start a fire so I went outside to move the hot barbecue pit.

I could feel the heat of the barbecue pit so that made it harder to move, when I did move it I realized that The B V had helped to hold it up so it was now trying to fall, and so I had to try to find something to support it.

While I was trying to hold the hot barbecue pit and find something to support it something strange was going on that was possibly happening behind me by The G House, I think that one or more videos were playing, and maybe one of them was of a fictional Chuck Norris film or television series but I can not remember.

I probably eventually found something to support the barbecue pit, something else happened that I can not remember that possibly involved the videos and/or me thinking about Mr. Clinton, but I can not remember and I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


An Area Of Sorrow & An Area Of Pain (Fire)

I remember part of one dream from last night but I do not remember the beginning of the dream, I just remember being in a mall-like building maybe near a small Goodwill-like store, and I noticed that I was probably only wearing underwear & maybe some shorts; and so I went inside the store to buy/get some clothes.

The store was small and two middle-aged women were working there and there were some other people there, I remember getting a pair of United States military U.S. Woodland camouflage pants and a shirt, and I put them on before or after buying/getting them.


My Aunt JE From The Past

Dream 1

My first dream fragment took place during the day in D at a fictional hotel or motel / restaurant where S should be near WM, and I had just gotten a job there I think; and it was probably my first day of work.

I was mostly helping in the restaurant area when my mom came to help support the hotel or motel/restaurant/me by buying some food, I greeted her & said a few things, and then I continued working.