A Dog Gets Powerbombed

Source: Wikimedia Commons

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that the end of the dream took place during the day, I was at my parent’s house when my dad arrived in a tan extended cab truck, and my dad said that a man was selling it.

My dad said that the man said that it was a good deal and my dad seemed ready to rush and buy it, I told my dad the same advice that he usually does not follow, and I told him to not rush and to let an automobile mechanic check the truck first.

My dad repeated that the man said that it was a good deal and that it seemed like a good truck to him, I repeated myself, and I reminded him of the many times that he failed to follow my simple advice to not rush (take your time and examine and test drive the automobile) and let a professional check it to make sure that nothing is wrong with it and be skeptical of what the salesperson says.

After repeating myself and reminding my dad of his past mistakes when buying automobiles, he actually decided to follow my advice for once to my surprise, and he left in the truck to let a professional automobile mechanic check it for him.

At some point my dad returned with the truck and he showed me a receipt or paper that listed all that was wrong with the truck, and my dad explained that the auto mechanic said that over $4,000 of work needed to be done on the truck because something was wrong with maybe the suspension or something like that where it would make a creaking noise and it was at risk of breaking or something.

Following my advice helped him to learn this before rushing and buying it, I assume that he was not going to buy it now, and my dad was not so excited now and he probably left to return the truck.

I went to tell my brother GC about the situation, which was a bit funny to me, and after that my mom brought me a humidifier-like device asking me about it so I left with the device to walk down the street to a yard where I had seen a similar object to compare them.

As I walked down the street that my uncle WC lives on I heard many people at my great-aunt or cousin H’s house like a family reunion was going on, but I could not see anyone.

I reached the end of the street and I no longer saw the similar object in the yard across the street so I turned back around to walk back home (I remember removing the top to the device and this caused wind resistance that slowed me down when I walked and I tried to run, and so it made it seem a bit like I was moving in partial slow motion so I put the top back on), and as I passed my great-aunt or cousin H’s house I still heard people but I only saw my male cousin CC so I greeted him.

I continued walking and a somewhat older man with brown skin with graying hair walked by and greeted me, I recognized him and he knew me so he stopped to say something to me, and then a large mixed breed maybe brindle dog with a long broken chain ran aggressively at us barking.

The man recognized the dog as belonging to a man who he did not like so he was going to possibly call animal control or do something to get back at the man because they are enemies, we started walking, but the dog started acting like it was going to attack him so the man started walking fast past me.

I continued walking but then a medium-sized white and orangish brown and black hound-like dog with floppy ears with a long broken chain ran aggressively behind me barking, the two dogs were possibly from the same owner, and they walked together toward us like they were going to attack us.

The large dog ran at the man like he was going to attack him so I grabbed a heavy black plastic trash bag full of trash that was on the side of the road, and I swung it so that the large dog ran right into my swing before he could reach the man.

The trash bag hit the large dog so hard that it stopped him and knocked him back leaving him stunned and trying to shake it off, the hit took all the fight out of him, and a young man with dark brown skin with short black hair saw this and he walked over smiling and laughing a bit.

The medium-sized hound-like dog then ran like he was going to attack the older man so the young man grabbed the medium-sized dog before he could reach the man, he lifted him in the air smiling like he was about to powerbomb the dog on the street, and then I imagined the voice of Jim Ross doing commentary.

I imagined Jim Ross saying something like: “Don’t do it, think about your family, no… *and then some more commentary after that*”, the young man then happily and weakly powerbombed the dog on the street but I turned away so I did not see the impact but I heard it and the dog was on the ground stunned for about two seconds before getting up still stunned and trying to shake it off, and that took all the fight out of this dog as well.

It seemed that the dog was not hurt as bad as I thought it would be so it seemed that the dog would be okay, I almost could not believe what I just saw, I woke up as I was still surprised about seeing someone powerbomb a dog on the street and that I had hit a dog with a full trash bag to stop him from attacking someone.

The end,

-John Jr