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Dream 1

This dream took place during the day in a country that was maybe a bit like Thailand or Vietnam or The Philippines where you could travel by boat to reach some areas, and we had to use a boat to reach some areas.

I am there with my brother CC and either one or more of my brothers and/or several other people, we are looking for a dangerous man/criminal who probably raped and killed people among other things, and our job was to arrest him and bring him back to another country so that he could face trial et cetera.


An Atlanta Braves Event

File:Atlanta Braves.svg
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I had this dream when I fell asleep on the living room couch until after 7 AM.

All that I can remember of the end of this dream is that it took place during the day in a fictional city I assume, and I was outside with a group of men and women including at least one woman with dark color skin and my former male classmate EC.

I am not sure what we did in the forgotten parts of the dream or where we were going, I just remember us walking through neighborhoods and along sidewalks on our way somewhere.

While passing through one neighborhood there was something that happened that I can not remember that involved a dog and an old woman with light-color skin who owned the dog, and our group got split up leaving just EC and I traveling as a separate group.

At this point I had a baseball bat and one of my legs was hurt it seemed because I was limping and it was bothering me/maybe it hurt, and I used the baseball bat to help me walk.

We reached the end of the sidewalk that was possibly near a highway and/or bridge, and we turned left along it passing through what looked like the bus stop area of a school maybe.

There were probably some parents and teachers and coaches and some other people there, and I remember one woman talking to a coach or teacher about how her son was on the American football team and had been injured and how that was impacting him et cetera.

After walking past this the next thing that I remember is somehow seeing a video of It’sAGundam talking about some news involving the Atlanta Braves baseball team, it was probably not good because I remember him complaining about it.

Gundam watched a video showing an indoor Atlanta Braves event that was taking place inside a small room, and The President Of The United States Donald Trump was there as a special guest among the team and coaches et cetera.

They were standing up during the event, and the next thing that I remember is a scene or video of Gundam at an indoor Atlanta Braves event.

The Braves had a new coach, he was only one among several coaches, and he was a man with light-color skin with short orange/brown hair and facial hair and he was wearing a black leather jacket.

This new coach was a tell it like it is/say what he thinks macho not politically correct Hunter S. Thompson-like man who was probably going to say and/or do something that would offend some people, but Gundam liked him and felt that he would help improve the Atlanta Braves.

They were all standing up during the event and Gundam was standing with the new coach and the other coaches and the players, and I remember someone having a live performance with dancing and singing with a man or woman dressed like maybe David Bowie wearing a long maybe white straight wig and a lot of makeup.

Gundam was really liking the performance and the performer it seemed based on his facial expressions et cetera, and the new coach warned Gundam about this and reminded him about his wife and that he was married.

I was surprised when I heard this because as far as I knew Gundam was not married, and so this confused me; and I was not sure if the David Bowie-like performer was a woman or man, but I woke up.

In the real world when I woke up on the living room couch, as I was trying to remember my dreams I heard what I thought was the doorbell, and it sounded like the Westminster Chimes/Westminster Quarters which used to be the chime for our previous doorbell but it is not the chime that we are using for our new doorbell (it does have that chime though).

This sound interrupted me trying to remember my dreams which caused me to forget most of them as I got up to see if someone was at the door, I moved slowly, and when I looked I saw no one at the door; and then I realized that chime is not the current chime that we are using, and so I wondered if I had hallucinated the sound or if it was just a church bell in the distance.

Then I got in bed for maybe an hour, but I did not really sleep much or at all.

The end,

-John Jr


A Fairy Tale? | A Foot Massage | Autocon? | Saturday At The BP Library

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it possibly involved me hearing about and/or experiencing something that possibly involved a fairy tale that involved maybe The Big Bad Wolf or some kind of other creature from a fairy tale/legend/story, and my coworker Mrs. JM was possibly telling me about this and/or had experienced it with me.

If we did experience this then we probably encounter The Big Bad Wolf or another creature, and maybe we had to deal with it/fight it/survive it but I can not remember.

I just remember talking to Mrs. JM at the end of the dream and she was telling me either the story/legend/fairy tale and/or what we had experienced, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream may have actually been part of the previous dream but I am not sure, and so I will type it as its own dream.

The end of this dream possibly took place during the day and some of my coworkers (my female coworkers DT and CR), one or more people, and I had just survived/left from somewhere and we were sitting on one or two couches inside a building.

DT and CR were sitting on the same couch as me, I was laying on the couch with my feet closer to CR, and some point as we talked CR started to partly jokingly massage one of my feet.

I could feel this and it felt real, I felt the sore spots and how the massage was helping, and so I told CR this and how it felt good and I asked if she could continue the massage so she did.

I remember mentioning how whatever we had done in the dream before this had made my feet somewhat sore I guess, and then I was going to give CR a foot massage; but I was going to have her instruct me on how to do this properly.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

The end of this dream took place during the day at a slightly fictional version of my parents house and my brother CC was there visiting I assume, my brother GC was there, my mom was there, and I was there.

At some point I was doing something inside the house when I heard someone leaving a voice message message on the answering machine, I was in another room, but it sounded like a creepy male stalker.

The assumed stalker did not say who they were calling for but I assumed that they were calling for my mom, the stalker said that he had called before, and that if he did not get a call back that he was going to come save you from this place; and the message ended.

I did not recognize the voice, but I sensed danger and that he would show up sooner than later so I was going to warn CC and then my mom and then GC after I looked around outside first, prepared defenses, got some weapons, and get ready to be on alert and call the police if necessary.

I glanced outside the window, only GC was outside, and he was doing something in the yard so I walked outside to look around and then warn him; but before I could reach GC a gray early 2000 Ford Taurus-looking station wagon being driven by a thin man with dark-color skin with short black hair reversed into our yard wildly and quickly toward the storage buildings.

I could not see how far back he drove or if he was alone or not, it sounded like he possibly hit something, and I assumed that it was the stalker so I immediately ran to the back door and I went inside and I locked it and I ran to the front door and I locked it; and then I ran back to the back door to grab three wooden baseball bats (two short light-tan ones, and one slightly darker normal size bat), and two BB Guns (one was a Daisy Red Ryder-like BB gun and the other BB gun looked like an M4 carbine).

I yelled across the house telling my CC and my mom that we were probably under attack, that I wanted them to barricade themselves in a room once I give them some weapons, and that I wanted CC to protect our mom and be ready to escape the house if necessary and be ready to call the police if necessary; and that I would deal with the threat(s), and that I would try to warn GC.

I heard the stalker banging on the door, I think that he said that his name was Autocon but I could be wrong, and he was saying open up and various other things.

When I heard him walk up the front porch it sounded like he was possibly not alone from the heavy sound of footsteps and I was not sure if he or they had guns or not, I still had not warned GC yet who was now locked outside across the yard, and I was not ready yet so I was in a panic worried about everyone; but that did not stop me from preparing and trying to decide how to best get GC to safety, and handle the threat(s).

I probably gave CC two of the bats and the Red Ryder-like BB gun, and I kept the regular bat and M4 carbine-like BB gun hoping to use this BB gun to trick the threat(s) into thinking that it was real if necessary.

I still had no visuals of what we were dealing with or where GC was, I was not sure if I should exit the back door locking it and signal to GC to come get a weapon and go inside or get a weapon and hide on the other side of the yard ready to flank the threat(s) if necessary, and then if I should approach the front porch hiding mostly behind cover with my weapons hidden asking the threat(s) what they wanted or if I should attack them or what.

Time was running out, I did not want them to notice and harm GC and I did not want them to break the front porch window to enter the house, and so I needed to make a decision; and so I tried to somewhat calm myself while preparing to power-up while imagining various scenarios to decide which option was best.

This looked and felt so real that my body was really in a panic, and so I accidentally woke up from this feeling the same feelings.

In the real world I was still suffering from food poisoning and this dream had me not ready to go back to sleep, so I called in for a sick day at work, and eventually I tried to go back to sleep which was not easy and eventually I went back to sleep.

Dream 4

This dream took place on a Saturday morning like in real life, like in real life I had called in sick for the day, but unlike in real life I decided to go to work to visit with my coworkers.

I went to a fictional version of The BP Library that was spread out among more than one building that were separated by more than one courtyard with one being lower than the other so you had to walk up stairs to reach the other courtyard that led to the main library building, and I went to the first building that was next to a narrow road.

This building was a narrow rectangular building, The IT Department was there or part of it, and I went inside there to visit with my supervisor Mrs. JM.

At some point Mrs. JM’s son drove up the narrow street in a large truck to connect something to it to take it away, maybe a trailer and/or boat, and so Mrs. JM walked outside to talk with him and show him where it was; and I walked outside to offer to help but they had it under control.

As he drove away in reverse slowly I walked to the first courtyard, some kind of carnival or fair or event was talking place in parts of the courtyard that I could not see, but not many people were around.

My female coworker DC was working behind a desk on the left side near our building, I walked over and talked with her briefly, and then I went up the stairs and across the other courtyard to the main library building.

I entered through a door and entrance area that reminded me of my aunt RE’s old house, even the area after this reminded me of her kitchen, and this room was larger than her kitchen and it had the computer lab on the left and the front desks on the right.

My female coworker JB was working alone behind a front desk and our former coworker Mrs. LF was talking to her, I listened to their conversation from a distance to see if I could help, and after they finished I offered to help but they had it under control.

I then started to talk to JB about how I like when coworkers et cetera talk about various topics, they had also talked about something different during their conversation, and I wanted to encourage her to not be afraid to bring up random topics like that with me because I like to hear and join into conversations like that; and how it helps me/us to learn and better understand and connect with each other as coworkers et cetera.

I am not sure if the next thing had happened before or after this, I just remember being in a different IT-related area, and my coworker Mr. JM was working in there doing some kind of experiment where he was hooking up a larger jumper cable-like clip with cable to a tan car-like battery that was on top of some kind of other equipment like maybe a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) and something else.

I heard what sounded like a lot of electricity starting to flow through all the things that he connected, the end of the cable started to slide off like it was getting too hot casing some rubber cover on the battery to get too soft, and I warned Mr. JM about this and about this seeming dangerous.

Mr. JM somewhat jokingly told me that he was disappointed to hear me say this, that this was science and that experiments like this were needed to make progress, and several other things like that; and then the jumper cable-like thing fell off, and the experiment ended.

Mr. JM mentioned possibly making some music to go along with his next experiment, he mentioned making something simple that even us little monkeys with no music making experience could make, but he wondered what we could use to make some music like this.

I started to tell him that I had once made some music using an online web based video game for kids called The Class Of 3000 Funkbox, and I tried to remember if I had the songs that I made stored online or not and if I should let Mr. JM listen to them and use them in his next experiment.

I wanted to tell JB about this, but that is all that I can remember of this dream before waking up.

The end,

-John Jr


Big Bird In The Dark | Strange Things & A Blind Date | Jealousy & Harley Quinn?

Scary Big Bird Caught on Camera!
Source: YouTube

Last night my brother GC and I watched some of the 2018 movie Hereditary before I went to sleep, I fell asleep on the couch after this for 1 – 2 hours but I did not record my dreams, and then I got in bed and had more dreams.

Watching part of that movie must have had an impact because I had some weird dreams that felt deeper and stranger than normal and I saw some strange things that shook me a bit that I can not remember, and one had an emotional impact that was stronger than the others and that lingered even after I woke up.


Austin Road Rage Star Wars Edition


What Is It?

Yesterday when I was looking through some of my old posts to see if any of them needed editing, and one of them had a Double Toasted video called TRAFFIC DUEL IN AUSTIN GOES VIRAL – Double Toasted Highlight which you can see above.

Here is the description for this video:

A video has gone viral recently of two road raging Texans going at it much like a Star Wars Lightsaber Battle. The Double Toasted crew weigh in! LISTEN TO AND WATCH THE FULL SHOW HERE:……

I decided to find one of the videos featured in the video above where someone added Star Wars effects to this road rage melee, and I found one called Austin Road Rage Fight – Lightsaber Duel Of Vatos:

Austin Road Rage Fight – Lightsaber Duel Of Vatos

Here is the description for this video:

Austin, Tx road rage fight. Mexican Star Wars!

Music in this video

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Duel of the Fates (From “Star Wars: The Phantom Menace”/Score)


John Williams, London Symphony Orchestra


Duel of the Fates


John Williams

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