May 2, 2009 | Dream Fragment | The House Salesman


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Last night I only remembered one of my dreams, but I do know that the dreams that I can not remember exactly, were inspired by the movie City Of God; which I watched last night.

The dream I remember started with my family, my cousin DW, and I arriving by automobile to a field area near some trees.

My mom said that we came here to meet a house salesman that was going to show us a house that he was selling.

We did not see the salesman so we decided to walk toward the trees, to see if he was behind them.

The tree area had water puddles and was like a mini-jungle with vines, bushes, trees, etc.

As we were entering the tree area, I noticed a small green snake with a triangular-shaped head like a viper, it was near my mom’s foot in a water puddle.

I told my mom to watch out because there was a snake, so we all started to look around to make sure there were no more snakes, and suddenly we started to see more snakes.

Some were in water puddles, some were under leaves, and a few were on bushes.

Almost all of them looked poisonous, but like almost all my dreams with snakes, they did not bother us or try to bite us.

I grabbed a stick and started to hit the ground as we walked, so I could find the snakes easier, but suddenly a man in an automobile drove up near our automobiles.

The man got out of the automobile wearing body armor and a helmet like he was a riot police officer or something, that just left work.

He took off his helmet and put it into his automobile, and asked if we were the ones wanting to see the house that he was selling, we said yes.

The man then told us to follow him, and we walked through the mini-jungle which then led to a field and across the field there was a school.

On the other side of the school there was a nice two-story house made of brick with a nice large yard, the man said that was the house that he was selling.

The house salesman had brown hair, appeared to be in his 40’s, was a bit fat, and he acted somewhat annoying & un-trustworthy; he reminded me of some of the cheesy guys that you would see in a movie from the 70s.

Instead of walking around the school to get to the house, the house salesman lead us through the school area, he said that was a shortcut.

The house salesman did not seem to know where he was going and we started to get lost, but after a while we made it to a baseball field that was close to the yard of the house.

The house salesman was getting hot in his armor so he had taken most of it off at this point, and there was a fence around the baseball field, so we were going to have to climb it.

Some of the students were outside and helped us climb over the fence, and after that the house salesman was very tired & embarrassed.

The house salesman then fell on the ground and started to tell us the truth, he said that he did not really own that house and that he was just pretending that he owned it; to make himself seem to be successful.

He said that he used to be a classmate of my mom and that he used to like her, so he was hoping to impress her.

We were all shocked and just stood there wondering what to do or say, and then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


2-12-2009 | Dream Fragment | The Baseball Game

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Last night I only remember part of one of the dreams I had, for some reason I have had a lot of dreams this week, but I have forgotten most of them.

I remember being in a baseball game, I was in center field, which is the position I use to play in real life when I was a kid.

It seemed like I was younger again and so were my team mates, some of them were my team mates from when I use to play baseball years ago.


A Hostage Dream And Several Random Dreams

My dreams last night seemed very random because each dream was about something else.

I ate some food before I went to bed and my stomach started to hurt a bit, but I went to bed anyway.

I had at least 5 dreams last night but I can only remember a bit of 4 of the dreams.

Dream 1

My 1st dream started at an apartment I think, all I remember is that I was walking through the apartment building and I was carrying something but I don’t know what it was.

I think someone else was with me and I was helping them carry stuff, a group of gothic looking people were going into their apartment room but they stopped to look at the stuff I was carrying and they gave me a compliment about the stuff I was carrying.

I said thanks, and I was going to tell them the stuff was not mine, but I did not.

That is all I remember of this dream.

Dream 2

My 2nd dream was in a building, me and a group of people were hiding from something or someone.

We were on the top floor of an old house, building, or some small apartment.

The group of people was a mixed group of different people of different ages, and the only person in the group that I knew was Mrs. SF.

We were trying to figure out what we should do, stay in this room hiding or try to run out of the building.

I think a few of us had weapons and maybe a gun.

We decided that a small group of us should go look for a way to escape, and so me and a few people left the room with our weapons.

That is all I remember of this dream.

Dream 3

The 3rd dream was about a movie actress from the television show ER and a few other celebrities that were going to a recreation center, but she was going to a public recreation center instead of a private one.

The recreation center seemed to be at the top of a big building in a big city like New York City, the outside looked a little old and dirty.

She went inside and things looked nice inside, there were many things to do inside for people of different ages.

It seemed that she was going to exercise at the gym, but on her way there a kid said something to her so she stopped.

The kid was at some game table and needed a partner to play with, so he asked the actress to play with him.

She smiled and said okay, then the kid said something that was funny and surprising.

The kid said : “Hey lady no offense but I know a lady like you that normally looks good would not usually stop to play a game with a kid like me, but today you do not look that good because your hair is pulled back, so I guess this is my lucky day, and I am sure that next time you will fix you hair and will look better & will ignore an annoying kid like me.”

The actress laughed and made no comment, and then they started to play the game.

Then that dream ended.

Dream 4

My 4th dream was about me, my dad, and other workers at the school board getting held hostage by a group of criminals.

We were leaving a building that looked like the building from my second dream, and some guys with guns told us to stop.

Outside the building there was a big field with a baseball field, soccer field, sidewalks, and a neighborhood.

There were kids riding their bicycles, but no one noticed that we were being held hostage.

We just sat outside for a long time, and I did not know what the criminals wanted.

It seems that maybe they were going to rob the school board or something?

Then I woke up,

-John Jr