A Military-Like Dorm / College / School With My Former Classmate JC And The Viper?

I really do not feel like typing the only dream that I can partly remember from last night, and so I will not waste much time typing it; and I will just type a lazy overview of the dream.

The dream took place inside a windowless multi-story building that seemed like a military-like dorm / college / school / whatever and I was there with young adults who looked like they were just out of high school, and my former male classmate JC was there; but I am not sure if we were younger or not as well.

I can not remember what this place was, why we were there, or anything like that but I know that it felt/seemed military-like because I remember a strict man with whitish colored skin angrily talking to us like a drill instructor who was going over the rules with us, and he separated us into groups who would be living in the same dorm rooms together; and he gave us uniforms that we would have to wear with undershirts during certain parts of the day.

We all had to wake up at a certain time, go to sleep at a certain time, eat at a certain time, go to classes/training at a certain time, exercise at a certain time, et cetera; but there was a certain time during the day where we could all relax and do what we wanted.

We were on an upper floor during the dream which had many rooms and carpeted hallways and I stayed in a small brownish colored windowless (we did have a window where we could see into the hallway, but not outside) square dorm room with four other people who were my former male classmate JC, a thin young man with medium-dark brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair, a thin young woman with yellowish/whitish/light-brownish colored skin with short dark-colored hair who somewhat reminded me of Knives Chau from the movie Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, and a young woman with pale whitish colored skin with short medium-length yellowish colored hair who reminded me of Siri.

The five us had just met for the first time but we seemed to be instant friends who were going to help, protect, et cetera each other and my former classmate JC and I had a more elder-like role probably because we were probably the oldest people there with the young people; and at the end of the dream we were hanging out in our dorm room during our break/relax/whatever time.

The young man in our group wanted to borrow one of my undershirts and so I said that he could borrow one of them but my extra undershirts were missing so I started looking for them as we all talked, the young woman in our group who was reminded me of Knives Chau was very popular with the young men so she was often seen flirting with various young men, and so was the other young woman in our group who reminded me of PS S who often had young men flirting with her.

My former classmate JC walked outside our dorm room, and standing/leaning against the wall outside of our dorm room was a strange/eccentric young man with pale whitish colored skin with somewhat curly medium-short length hair wearing round tinted glasses wearing maybe a blackish colored coat or jacket or trench coat or suit top with gloves whose nickname was The Viper and who reminded me of and probably sounded like a younger version of Dr. Strangelove from the movie Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.

The Viper was a huge fan of a fictional television show that whose main audience was probably mostly female and he probably even ran a fan club for that television show, and he greeted my former classmate JC and he asked him if he watched that television show or not; and my former classmate JC lied, and he said that he did watch the television show and that he was a fan of it.

At some point the other members of our group left the room leaving me alone, I got an email on my computer from The Viper about that television show that he liked, and so I assumed that my former classmate JC lied and told him that I liked that television show as well and he probably gave The Viper my email address.

I walked into the hallway where other people were hanging out but The Viper and my former classmate JC were no longer outside our dorm room, and oddly there was an outdoor area or an outdoor-like area down the hallway on the left side that looked like my parents yard on the side of the yard where the basketball goals are and the fence was there and part of the field was there.

All of the people in my group except for my former classmate JC were there hanging out with other people, young men were flirting with the two women in our group, and one of these young men was possibly older like me and he was a large strong young man or man with brownish colored skin; and he was flirting with maybe the young woman who reminded me of PS S, but the young man in our group approached him telling him that he liked the young woman and he told him to stop flirting with her.

It seemed that he was possibly joking and possibly serious, I could not tell because he was being comedic about it but also somewhat serious, and so I walked over to make sure that the situation stayed calm and I wanted to protect members of my group; and so I jokingly asked them what was going on to try to keep the mood positive, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


A Military Murder Mystery

I remember part of one dream last night that became a murder mystery, I remember that my former classmate JC, maybe SS, and I either signed up for the military or we were in the military some how even though we did not really want to join really but we did for various reasons that must have been pretty serious (maybe serious economic reasons, and more), and then we arrived at basic training; this took place in the future where I was a bit older, whether it was days/weeks/months/year(s) in the future, I am not sure how far in the future but it did not seem too/that far.

All of us new recruits waited uncomfortably in our combat uniforms in a cafeteria & JC & maybe SS were sitting next to me at the same table, waiting for the drill instructors to pick which groups of us new recruits that they wanted to train, and I remember most of us trying to sit straight & quiet while trying to decide where to put our hands (I was trying to decide whether to put my hands on the table or under the table); and the first drill instructor entered the cafeteria, and most of us got nervous & even more quiet & still.

The drill instructor was a man who was only a few years older than us and he had medium-light colored brownish skin with a bald head & he looked like one of the characters from the film Drumline, and he walked in the room looking serious & he looked around to decide which table of new recruits to pick; and he chose our table/group.

He leaned in to talk to us and he told us a few things seriously, but then he quietly told us that we would mostly be playing basketball; but that he did not want us to tell anyone, and he made us each promise to not tell anyone about the basketball part & we each had to shake his hand several times while looking him in the eyes while promising to keep the secret.

I remember going through the promise ceremony, which he was serious about, if we did not do it he would not let us in his group; and everyone at our table did the promise ceremony.

I remember that we felt very hopeful once we realized that we had a cool drill instructor, who was going to teach us the basics required, but he wanted us to have fun mostly; and so we anticipated a very good basic training experience.

We walked outside to an area under trees with shade and it was a very nice day outside, and we met our other drill instructor (who might have been the real main drill instructor for our group) who looked like Charlie Sheen wearing a colorful headband and the old woodland military combat uniform; and there was an attractive woman with whitish colored skin with short-medium blond colored hair with him, who might have been a military medic assigned to our group & who seemed to be in a relationship with Mr. Sheen probably.

Mr. Sheen looked like a fake soldier or a military veteran who was now anti-war(unnecessary war)/anti-unnecessary violence/against the current policies of the military/government and/or unorthodox compared to the normal military culture and the woman seemed like that as well, which was interesting, and that made me feel more comfortable.

Mr. Sheen and the woman introduced themselves and they talked with us, and Mr. Sheen told us that we would be taught the basics so that we could pass basic training and so that they could keep their jobs as drill instructors (since they would lose their jobs if they only focused on having fun only instead of teaching us and we would not be ready and we would fail basic training); but we would spend the rest of the time having fun, except when the higher-ups came to check on our progress and/or if they felt that we were being watched.

Doing/learning the basics, exercising, playing basketball, and having fun when done properly could have us fit enough to pass basic training & be ready; and so it was not all about fun & games.

Mr. Sheen said that we would start with learning to march, then we left to practice marching, but the dream jumped in time to after marching practice; and we were walking to a special event in town.

I think that Mr. Sheen and the woman were activists & active politically trying to improve things but somehow they managed to keep their jobs in the military, the promise ceremony/their teaching style/and blending in when necessary seemed to have been what allowed them to survive so far; we learned more about them and their beliefs & activist activities, but I can not remember those parts.

The woman was gone and she had probably left to town earlier, and we walked into a town that looked like a slightly fictional D during the day and we walked through downtown; and on a quiet street we found the dead body of a woman with probably some of her clothes off, who we were guessing was the woman who was probably a military medic, but her body was damaged by what seemed to be acid or some kind of liquid/chemical so we could not exactly identify her.

Who ever killed her had left clues/messages that seemed to indicate that the killer was a military veteran who had probably killed her because of her activism & political activities that were not orthodox to military culture, this shocked and angered us; and we started trying to investigate and Mr. Sheen & the other drill instructor probably called the police, and they told us to go ahead to the special event.

We wanted to stay and help, but they wanted us to attend the special event and they did not want us to have to continue to see the dead woman in that condition & they wanted to look out for our mental/emotional health; and they told us to stay together in case the killer was trying to hunt all of us.

We left and walked near where the H Funeral Home is and where the church should be there was a courtyard and a one floor building were the event was, and some politicians/military veterans/security/Secret Service/press/et cetera were there.

The press were mostly outside in the courtyard, where some people were eating and drinking, and security let us inside the building after verifying that we were military; and the inside was crowded with tables of people eating and drinking.

I saw local business people, high level School Board members, a few military veterans who were mostly now successful civilians, a few politicians (one of which I think was Mitt Romney with Secret Service protection, security was pretty high for a city like D), high level police officers, and other local elites I guess you could say; and my group did not feel very comfortable or fit in, and we were still focused on finding the woman’s killer.

I had a strange feeling that the killer was at the event and that the killer was a man who was a member of the local élite and/or élite and who was a military veteran, and so I kept a close eye on the people around the event looking for threats and/or the killer; and I felt almost like a Secret Service agent watching everyone, and constantly on alert.

It was a bit annoying watching and listening to all the elite-types who we did not have much in common with, but they were enjoying themselves; I might have seen Mr. Romney sitting down eating & talking across the room while Secret Service agents were protecting him, and he was having a good time it seemed.

I also noticed one or two men wearing dress shirts with ties and slacks/dress pants with dress shoes, and I think the man and/or men were military veterans who now were civilians with good jobs; and the man or men gave off a vibe that made me think that one of them were the killers.

I felt that there was only one killer but one or two men at the event seemed suspicious, and one or both of them even looked at me with a smirk like they were letting me know that they were the killer; my memory is unclear, but I think that the man who I thought might have been the killer had somewhat dark-colored short hair in a business style haircut with whitish colored skin & he seemed to have a good job of some kind.

I am not sure if we talked, maybe, but I do know that I watched the man or men very closely for clues.

I remember the other soldiers with me talked about various things, one of which was why did SS’s dad not recommend the military to him earlier since he was a military veteran, and SS said that his dad was against him & his brother joining the military so they had never considered it until now; my guess was that SS’s dad did not want them to experience unnecessary wars like the ones that he had to fight in.

I gathered as much information about our murder investigation that I could while at the event, and at some point we left early; and as we were walking through the courtyard I noticed one or two suspicious people approaching, and something happened & one or both of the suspicious people got shot.

I think that security shot one or both of them when one or both of them pulled out pistols and started shooting in the courtyard; but I am not sure what happened exactly & I might have helped stop them, but I do know that they were not the killers of the woman.

The dream jumped a year in the future during the day and I was walking to the grave of the woman for the anniversary of her murder and the rest of my basic training group were supposed to arrive as well, and her grave was not far from the murder site; and it was next to a building that might have been a church.

There were some large concrete blocks around the grave that formed a partial wall-like structure that were some ruins of a structure that was knocked down in the past that you could also sit on, and my former classmate KC was there since he knew the woman even though he was not a solider; he knew her personally since she lived in his neighborhood.

KC was still angry about her murder as well and he also wanted to find out who murdered her, her murder was still unsolved, and so I told KC about what I had seen at the event a year earlier; and I shared with him all the information and evidence that I had gathered in my year of investigating the murder, and I even had the woman’s smart-phone that had a video of her pointing her phone camera at something/someone who you could barely see hiding behind something & she was saying something about him following her or something.

The video was unclear but the person that was mostly hidden behind something appeared to be a man with whitish/grayish colored hair with a long bear wearing shades & he looked like a biker gang member who was a military veteran, but I could be wrong; and so I told KC to keep an eye out for anyone who fit that description, so we could investigate them.

KC was so excited that he left instantly to find anyone who fit that description, and I hoped that KC would not attack them.

Then some of the soldiers from my basic training group started to arrive to the grave site, and so I greeted them; a year had passed, so we were no longer in basic training, but I was awakened by people being annoying in the real world again.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


The Boot Camp Experience

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

Last night I barely remember part of two dreams, with the first dream taking place at an unknown location, and I was participating in a boot camp that was for people who were thinking about going to the military or people who wanted to get ready for the military or people who just wanted to see what the boot camp experience was like; and there were kids-adults there, so I guess there was no age limit.

A former drill instructor or someone was in charge, he was a strong-looking man with medium-dark brownish colored skin & black colored hair, and he wore a combat uniform with the t-shirt, pants, and boots.

We were inside of a strange building that had indoor & outdoor areas with several floors, we were on an upper floor that led to a strange almost cave-like area on the floor above our sleeping area, it was a strange building; our sleeping area was on a stairway down to the real floor where most of the beds were, some of the beds were on the stairs, it was odd, but things were set up to not make us comfortable & to simulate harsher conditions.

We did not get much sleep, the drill instructor was mean & loud, we did not eat much, we did a lot of drills & exercises, but we were actually learning things & getting tougher; and we were learning how to work as a team and how to better work alone.

The dream took place over several days & weeks probably, our boot camp experience seemed to do a good job of simulating a variety of environments & situations, and we learned a lot more than I expected; but I woke up at some point.

Dream 2

The next dream took place in a fictional version of D near the old C plant, in an area that is sometimes in my dreams, and I remember talking with one or more people; and at some point I think that my cousin EE came while a former classmate of mine & I were talking.

I had not seen her in many years, so the three of us talked, but suddenly we started to see some large frogs jumping around near us; and one of the frogs jumped toward me & so I ducked, but it hit EE in the face.

She did not see the frog and so she thought that I had hit her in the face, so she got mad, and I kept trying to explain that a frog had hit her in the face but she did not believe me; and I was offended that she thought that I had slapped her, and so I kept trying to prove my innocence as we argued about the situation as we walked to my parent’s house.

My former classmate saw what had happened and he tried to explain that I was telling the truth, but EE still did not believe us; I offered to take a polygraph/lie detector test, and I offered to pay for her to have the DNA on her face tested to prove that a frog did hit her in the face.

It really bothered me that my cousin thought that I had slapped her and that I was lying about it, even though it was not true, she started to consider my offer(s); but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂



My Former Classmate DH Is Back From Army National Guard Basic Training?

Last night I barely remember part of one dream fragment, which took place in an unknown fictional place outside, and I remember my former classmate DH being there along with several of his family members.

I remember talking with several of his family members such as his mom & dad, and several unknown family members of his.

At some point I remember talking with DH and I was surprised that he was back from his Army National Guard Basic Training already, and I started to wonder if he had quit or something, because he was back earlier than he was supposed to be; but that was not something that I thought that he would do, and so I figured that it must have been another reason but I did not ask him & I hoped that he would tell me himself.

At some point he asked me if I thought that he had quit his Army National Guard Basic Training and come home, I answered his question, but he did not tell me if he had quit or not; and so I asked him, but there was a moment of silence.

I decided to change the conversation to another topic and I started to tell him about what some of his family members had told me earlier in the dream, but I woke up shortly after this.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂


Connected Dream Fragments

Mia Wasikowska in Alice in Wonderland (2010)
Source: IMDb

I do not really feel like typing my dream fragments today and I do not feel so good, my stomach feels strange, 😦 😦 😦 ; but I will type a Super Morbidly Lazy Incomplete Error-Filled Incomplete-Sentences Overview of my dream fragments from last night, which all seemed to be connected.

I am working temporarily at a fictional school that looks like C Elementary+D Junior High School, I stop to help a teacher who is looking for something & we look around the band hall for it & I stop to use bathroom & then I help the teacher with an automobile problem.

I drive to a meeting at my former job, they have no more work for us to do, and we all will have to keep contacting them until they get some work for us instead of them calling us; until then, we will be unemployed, and I do not want to to return to that job anyway & so I do not care & I am glad that I do not have to quit since all of us no longer have jobs now.

I go to a fairground-like place that is connected to a Native American Reservation, and I explore the area, and I also visit the Native American Reservation; and I talk with several people.

I go fishing with my former uncle DW, I fail to cast my line far enough two times but I cast it far enough on the third try, and we catch a huge fish that looks somewhat like a catfish; and so we have to leave with the fish because we do not have anything big enough to hold it in.

We cook & serve the big fish at a church & and some of my former classmates are there like LT, then I am left to do the cleaning alone, then I hear people screaming from an underground tunnel that some of the Native American Tribe Members would use to get to the church, there may have been a fire or something, the police come thinking that I am robbing the church & my uncle comes to explain to them that I was cleaning up the church after the fish fry & then the police apologize to me & they leave.

My former classmate DH comes & someone else is with him, and we talk about his military basic training situation & we look at an empty RV in his yard, and we walk somewhat near The Native American Reservation entrance & a group of Tribe Members drive up angrily to us & they threaten us seeming to mistake us for someone else who might have been involved in that situation where I heard screaming from the underground tunnel that some of the Tribe Members (usually women & kids) would use & they attack us trying to kill us & we run & we barely escape by jumping on top of a car that was passing by & a woman who looks like Alice Kingsleigh in The 2010 Alice In Wonderland film is with us & she jumps on the car too & she barely escapes the Tribe Members who were trying to kill us.

The end until or if I feel like finishing typing my dream fragments and/or properly formatting this post,

-John Jr 😦