Surviving Waves

All that I can remember of this confusing and unclear dream from last night is that it was inspired by my brothers KD and TD talking about college as I was sleeping in the real world and the Ghost In The Shell franchise.

The dream took place during a day when the weather looked like it was going to get bad.


11-13-2013 | Dream Fragments | Riding My Brother TD’s Pet Dog Chief And A Surprise Zombie Attack | Solving The Mystery Of A Gun Trick | Cockroaches In A Bed At My Grandfather’s House

English: Hallway at the Royal York Hotel
English: Hallway at the Royal York Hotel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last night I woke up remembering part of one dream but I went back to sleep without thinking about it or recording it, I had a second dream and I woke up remember part of the first and second dream but I went back to sleep without thinking about or recording either dream, I had a third dream and I woke up early having to quickly get ready to go out-of-town; and amazingly I barely remember part of all three dreams and I voice recorded the few details that I remembered from each dream before leaving, but my memory is unclear and so the dreams will not make much sense probably.

Dream 1

The first dream is very confusing but I think that my brother GC and maybe one or more of my brothers left D to go shopping in probably fictional version of LC during the day, strangely I think that I rode my brother TD‘s pet dog Chief (an American Bulldog (Scott Line/Standard according to my brother GC), but in the dream he probably was a bit Irish Wolfhound-like (in size/height I guess but maybe in appearance as well but I am not sure) also and taller/bigger than in real life) all the way to LC like he was a horse or something like that, but I am not sure how my brother GC and/or my other brothers got there; and I did not have any food, water, or probably even a leash for Chief.

We went to a multi-story multi-purpose mall-like building that had stores/businesses, restaurants, a hospital, an apartment, a hotel, et cetera; and I took Chief to a field near the parking lot, where maybe some real horses were but I am not sure, and I left him there to go inside the building/mall.

I can not remember most of the dream during this part but I know that I explored the building as other shoppers shopped as well, I probably came across a few of my former female classmates like KB and TC, and I remember that there were several hallways with closed doors at both ends of the hallways that looked like sitting areas/living room-like areas in a house/apartment almost and they each had a ladder on the wall on the right side in the center of the hallway that you could climb to reach a small area/ledge above each hallway but I can not remember the details.