At A Police Station In Africa

In this dream, I was at a police station in Africa, but I can not remember if I was a police officer or not.

The police there were lazy, I remember making various suggestions to help them improve things, and I probably started to do things myself because they would not.

Cousin TE | Fish In The Bathtub | NiNoKuni

Dream 1

This dream involved my female cousin TE, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream involved me taking a bath in the bathtub (tub) at maybe my parents house, and after I got out of the tub I noticed something moving in the soap filled water so I could barely see what it was.

Researching Rest Areas For My Cousin DE

I had more dreams but unfortunately I kept waking up to check the time and going back to sleep without recording my dreams, and I got awakened by my alarms two different times.

So now I barely remember part of the end of my last dream.

This dream involved me researching some rest areas et cetera for my male cousin DE so that I could tell him about them so that he could use them.

Asking A Lot Of Questions

Source: Wikimedia Commons

This morning I turned off the alarm clock on my mobile phone when it went off and I went back to sleep to get a few more minutes of sleep because I was sleeping good and I did not get enough sleep, normally I wake up automatically after this, but something happened this morning where a combination of things in the dream world and in the real world led to me not waking up on my own so someone had to wake me up; and I had to rush to get ready for work, and I barely made it to work on time so now I can only barely remember part of three dreams from last night.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that I was inside a building, and a man with whitish-colored skin and his wife and their young daughter were there and the man invited me to a party a their house.

I assumed that maybe it was a birthday party or party for their young daughter but I was not sure, I either worked with one or both of the parent’s (so one or both of them were possibly my coworkers) and/or their young daughter (who was possibly my coworker) who was only a girl so I am not sure how someone that young would be allowed to have a job (if she was my coworker in the dream).

If the party was for their daughter I thought that it would be strange for an adult like me to be invited to a party for a child so I probably would not go to the party, but one or more of them were coworkers of mine and I was not sure what kind of party it was or who it was for so I was going to consider going to avoid being rude by declining the invitation and because I usually do not go to parties so I was going to consider doing something that I am not comfortable doing.

When they invited me they failed to give me any details oddly so I started asking them various questions like where will the party take place, what time does the party start, how long will the party last, and other questions like that.

I thought that it was odd that I had to keep asking questions just to get this basic information, I literally had to ask question after question, and they never gave any of the basic information without having to be asked first.

They told me that the party would be at their house, that they live on Opelousas Street, but they failed to give me the address to their house so I ask them what was the address but I woke up before they could finish answering all of my questions.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day and I was at a fictional house where my family lived in a house where my aunt JE’s house should be, and I walked outside in the yard.

Outside in the yard I smelled a stinky smell that smelled like a stinky dog smell, like a dog with a skin disease or something like that, and I noticed at least three fictional dogs in the yard that I did not recognize and one of the dogs was probably a Golden Retriever.

I went back inside the house to tell my brother GC about the smell, my brother GC told me that the smell was coming from one of the dogs who seemed to have some kind of skin disease or something, and my brother GC said that he has tried to treat it himself and keeps giving him baths without luck so he was probably going to take the dog to the veterinarian.

My brother GC then walked outside to give the dogs a bath, but I woke up as he was giving one of them a bath.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was inside a restaurant standing in line by the long thing that you slide your cafeteria tray down as you pick your food, and I remember feeling like eating something that was sweet and sour with meat and vegetables common in some Chinese style foods/dishes/cuisine.

I think that this restaurant or area where the line was felt a bit cramped, I remember being at the cash register looking at the menu, and I was asking a tall man with dark-brownish colored skin wearing a white apron questions about items on their menu.

The man could not answer some of my questions so he got an older employee who was a somewhat old man who was shorter than the first man and he had medium-brownish colored skin and he was also wearing a white apron but he probably had a red logo or something on his, and the older employee started trying to answer my questions.

I was trying to find out which items on the menu were sweet and/or sour, which had vegetables and meat, how did they taste, what did they look like, and other questions like that.

The older employee got annoyed with all of my questions and he probably complained, but I got awakened by someone in the real world.

The end,

-John Jr

Visiting My Former Classmate JC And My Dead Grandfather CE

File:La nord de Ulmu.png
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Last night I went to bed too late, I woke up remembering some dreams but I did not voice record them before going back to sleep so I forgot those dreams, and so now I can only remember part of what I will consider one dream (it was possibly two dreams, but I am not sure).

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was driving during the day along a highway through the countryside with trees and plants along the sides of the highway, and I remember driving through a small drive-through town that had only a few houses and apartment houses and apartments and a few other buildings along the sides of the highway.

I am not sure if this was planned or by accident but I ended up visiting my former male classmate JC and his family at their house or apartment house or apartment, and I remember my former classmate JC driving me around to various places during this nice sunny day showing me around the area and we went to several places.

This was a positive dream where I spent time with my former classmate JC and his family, they treated me nicely and we all had a good time, and they invited me to spend the night at their house or apartment house so I did.

The next morning I was going to leave to return home, my former classmate JC and his family invited me to spend another night with them and I wanted to, but I told them that I did not want to intrude any more than I already had so I thanked them and I said goodbye and I left in my automobile.

The next thing that I remember is being inside The E House, and I went up stairs to take a bath or shower in my dead grandparent’s (my grandmother DE and my grandfather CE) bedroom which was now a fictional version of their bedroom combined with a fictional version of the bathroom next to their bedroom.

After taking my bath I was drying off with a towel and about to get dressed when I heard someone walking up the stairs to go to the bathroom/bedroom, but they turned around when they realized that someone was in there so I peeked outside the door to see my dead grandfather CE trying to go back down the stairs so I told him that he could use the bathroom/bedroom because I was getting dressed now.

I quickly put on my clothes and then I helped my grandfather CE to the bathroom, he had a tray with some food on it, and he was trying to get to his bed so that he could eat his food while laying in bed so I helped him in bed.

My grandfather CE did not say much, I probably did not remember that he was supposed to be dead, and then two of my aunts from my mom’s side of the family entered the room carrying the rest of my grandfather CE’s food.

My dead aunt CE was possibly one of the aunts or she was mentioned in this dream, I can not remember, and I told them that I would help my grandfather CE so they returned downstairs to do whatever they were doing (I heard them talking downstairs, and it sounded like they were moving around in and out of the kitchen maybe).

I set up all the food and drink on my grandfather CE’s tray, he probably started to eat and drink as I asked him if he needed anything and as I talked with him a bit even though he did not get to say much in this dream, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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