Playing Basketball Against A Younger Donald Trump Or A Fake Donald Trump

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I am not sure if this is one dream or several dreams, and so I will type it as one dream.

All that I can remember of this dream is that one part of the dream felt somewhat like a high school class reunion because I remember meeting some of my former classmates for the first time in years, and I remember letting some of them know that it had been years since I have seen them.

Some of these former classmates included my former male classmates DH and SS and various others, and I remember us taking and hanging out and having fun but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

In the next part of the dream I remember sitting inside a windowless corporate lounge/waiting room-like brown room with carpet and various rows of seats, and there were other people there including my former female classmate AM.

I remember talking to my former classmate AM and I remember telling her about a dream or something that probably contained some pornography in part of the dream or whatever it was, I tried to be cautious when telling her about this dream or whatever it was, and so I tried to not be too graphic and descriptive when I told my story to her.

At some point my parent’s and one or more of my brothers (who were kids again) arrived, and I left with them so that I could get a ride home I assume.

We walked outside to the parking lot, it was daytime, and my family was using a delivery-like truck or van with a bathroom with a bathtub in the back where stuff is usually stored so I remember taking a bath before we left and I remember drying off and putting my underwear on.

As I was trying to finish drying off and trying to get dressed Korey Coleman and Martin Thomas from Double Toasted and some other people were on the truck or van with us, and my parent’s said that we were driving to a birthday party that my brothers were invited to by a male classmate of theirs who had whitish-colored skin with short brown hair whose mother was or reminded me of my former female classmate LB.

As my dad drove us to the birthday party as I dried off and as I got dressed Martin and Korey told me an old story about one of their former male classmates and neighbors who had whitish-colored skin with medium-to-long length medium-colored hair, and the story was about how this male classmate and neighbor of theirs once skipped school or left school early without permission.

Their former classmate and neighbor went around the neighborhood or somewhere like that skateboarding and/or skating and/or goofing around in the middle of the street like an idiot (their words), I assumed that something bad was going to happen to him, but before they could finish the story we arrived at the birthday party which was taking place at a nice white two-story house in a nice neighborhood.

I did not want to go to the birthday party and it seemed weird going to a kid’s birthday party as an adult who did not even know the kid and who was possibly not directly invited, but I needed a ride so I followed them inside the house but I am not sure where Korey and Martin and the other people who were not my family went.

Someone probably welcomed us inside and walked us through a kid’s bedroom, which I stayed in briefly as my family followed the person to the party, and I waited inside the kid’s bedroom trying to decide what to do because I did not want to go to the party but if felt weird standing in a kid’s bedroom so I walked to the party.

The party was taking place in the back yard which had a stadium-like area set up with a field to play sports and games, and there were even basketball courts and other areas set up around this area in covered areas near the seating areas and many people of all ages were there (basically the biggest birthday party I have ever been too in a dream or real life, and so it was like a public event like the city has sometimes so many people around the city seemed to be there) and there was a lot to do to my surprise as people: ate, drank, talked, listened to music, played sports, played games, competed in contests for prizes, danced, watched television, et cetera.

Some of my former classmates were there as well like my former male classmate WG who I said hello to by name as I walked by him, but oddly he did not respond to me so I kept walking.

During my walk through the covered areas around the field by the seating areas I saw a male celebrity with dark-brown skin with short black hair with a name that sounded like a rappers name talking with his friends, it seemed that he had committed a crime or did something wrong, and maybe he was bragging about it and his custom-made car (that was possibly made in Japan or Korea).

His friends ended up leaving him, one of them probably snitched (called the police on him), because after they left he noticed a news report on a television showing that he was now wanted by the police as he was showing me his car and bragging about it (he seemed to be the type of person who likes a lot of attention and who likes to show off and brag a lot to others to feel better about himself, and so he liked to spend a lot of money and show off his wealth and fame) and he had offered me a ride because his friends had left him so he had enough room now, and so he decided to leave immediately to run from and hide from the police.

He removed a protective cover from his car and he once again offered me a ride, but I politely declined because I did not want to get involved in his police situation so he drove away quickly.

After this I noticed a younger (maybe college age(ed)) Donald Trump or fake Donald Trump walking and talking and bragging to his friends, like the other male celebrity (assumed rapper) had done, and Mr. Trump or the fake Mr. Trump seemed to love having a lot of attention as well.

As they walked near the basketball courts I remember hearing Mr. Trump bragging about how he used to play basketball and how good he was, and so I challenged him to a friendly basketball match/game to see how good he really was even though I have not played basketball in a long time and I never played at the school or college level like he had (I only played little league basketball a few times as a kid, and sometimes for fun at home).

Mr. Trump accepted my challenge after I called him out in front of his friends and others making it harder for him to refuse, and then we started our basketball match against each other.

I remember doing pretty good because I remember Mr. Trump looking a bit worried and getting quiet and focused like he was focusing and trying very hard because he did not want to lose and he did not like to lose, and I could see and feel that he does not like losing or getting embarrassed (especially in front of his friends and others) so he really did not want to lose this challenge in front of his friends and others after bragging about how good he was at basketball.

I respected him for accepting my challenge and it was a good basketball match/game, it must have been a close game, and we went back and forth during this match/game; but I am not sure who was winning or if we finished the match/game or not before I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Visiting My Former Classmate JC And My Dead Grandfather CE

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Last night I went to bed too late, I woke up remembering some dreams but I did not voice record them before going back to sleep so I forgot those dreams, and so now I can only remember part of what I will consider one dream (it was possibly two dreams, but I am not sure).

All that I can remember of this dream is that I was driving during the day along a highway through the countryside with trees and plants along the sides of the highway, and I remember driving through a small drive-through town that had only a few houses and apartment houses and apartments and a few other buildings along the sides of the highway.

I am not sure if this was planned or by accident but I ended up visiting my former male classmate JC and his family at their house or apartment house or apartment, and I remember my former classmate JC driving me around to various places during this nice sunny day showing me around the area and we went to several places.

This was a positive dream where I spent time with my former classmate JC and his family, they treated me nicely and we all had a good time, and they invited me to spend the night at their house or apartment house so I did.

The next morning I was going to leave to return home, my former classmate JC and his family invited me to spend another night with them and I wanted to, but I told them that I did not want to intrude any more than I already had so I thanked them and I said goodbye and I left in my automobile.

The next thing that I remember is being inside The E House, and I went up stairs to take a bath or shower in my dead grandparent’s (my grandmother DE and my grandfather CE) bedroom which was now a fictional version of their bedroom combined with a fictional version of the bathroom next to their bedroom.

After taking my bath I was drying off with a towel and about to get dressed when I heard someone walking up the stairs to go to the bathroom/bedroom, but they turned around when they realized that someone was in there so I peeked outside the door to see my dead grandfather CE trying to go back down the stairs so I told him that he could use the bathroom/bedroom because I was getting dressed now.

I quickly put on my clothes and then I helped my grandfather CE to the bathroom, he had a tray with some food on it, and he was trying to get to his bed so that he could eat his food while laying in bed so I helped him in bed.

My grandfather CE did not say much, I probably did not remember that he was supposed to be dead, and then two of my aunts from my mom’s side of the family entered the room carrying the rest of my grandfather CE’s food.

My dead aunt CE was possibly one of the aunts or she was mentioned in this dream, I can not remember, and I told them that I would help my grandfather CE so they returned downstairs to do whatever they were doing (I heard them talking downstairs, and it sounded like they were moving around in and out of the kitchen maybe).

I set up all the food and drink on my grandfather CE’s tray, he probably started to eat and drink as I asked him if he needed anything and as I talked with him a bit even though he did not get to say much in this dream, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Trying To Help A Woman Escape An Abusive Boyfriend

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During the night I got scared awake out of a dream by my brother GC’s alarm clock on his mobile phone, it scared him awake as well, and my body woke up at a bad time where my body felt strange (weak, low pulse and low blood pressure, et cetera like it was not fully out of the sleep state); and so I moved slowly and you feel strange like you are dying or something and so you want to start panicking, but I managed to calm myself because I have dealt with this several times before.

I did not voice record my dream or dreams unfortunately and so I forgot them after I went back to sleep, but I do barely remember part of one dream that started during the day in a fictional place at maybe an interesting/creative modern multi-story college or school building; and I remember maybe a female teacher with whitish colored skin, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

At some point I remember traveling on water by boat and the dream was darker now with deep rich dreamy/surreal colors in the sky and reflecting on the water like purple/orange/black/blue/et cetera, and I reached a tiny wooden dock connected to a multi-story building in the middle of this endless ocean/sea/water in the middle of no-where.

I docked and I entered the first floor of the building which was dimly lit and I remember several people being in a large room that possibly had a bar/restaurant/club, and I remember talking with two women with brownish colored skin; and one of them had a verbally and physically abusive boyfriend who also had brownish colored skin, and he had curly/somewhat moist blackish colored hair.

The woman’s boyfriend started verbally and physically abusing her in front of us and so I told him to stop but he refused and something happened that I can not remember, and I remember running around the building with the woman trying to help her escape her abusive boyfriend who was chasing us like maybe he was going to try to kill me or attack me and/or us.

I am not sure why I ran with her instead fighting the boyfriend, maybe I wanted to avoid violence or maybe he had a gun or maybe I was wondered about her safety, but at some point I am not sure if the woman went back to her boyfriend or if she escaped or if she was somewhere else in the building because I did not see her again at this point.

I passed an open room on the second floor several times that felt a bit outdoor-like for some reason, there were several doors that looked like they led to a garage-like area where you could store lawn mowers / et cetera, and like there were some other rooms in there as well; but I went to the third floor to a church-like area.

All the people on this part of the floor had brownish colored skin with most of them being old and this area reminded me of MZ Church on Eastside in the city of D, I talked with the youngest person I saw who was a man who probably was a preacher or the pastor, and I probably told him about the situation; and then I hid in a dark room, but when I turned on the lights I saw an old woman and an old man in their underwear like they were about to have sex.

I apologized and I turned off the lights as they complained and then I went back into the hallway to run back to the second floor, and I entered one of the doors next to the garage-like area; and I saw several storage and garage-like rooms, and I saw one room that was a computer server room with several workers sitting at the servers checking them.

I hide behind one of the doors where I could glance outside to see if the woman’s boyfriend was coming or not, I knelt down on the ground nervously, and a male worker in the server room who had yellowish/whitish colored skin with short blackish colored hair looked at me briefly wondering what was wrong with me; and then he shook his head side-to-side, and he went back to what he was doing.

As I was hiding and looking around the entrance I saw a naked woman with whitish colored skin with short brownish colored hair who somewhat looked like my former classmate LM who had a slightly thick build who was about my height or taller who was walking toward the entrance where I was hiding, and she had a whitish colored bath towel and soap and a bucket of water to bathe in.

I greeted her and I turned my back to give her some privacy, I explained the situation to her, but she decided to take her bath next to me anyway; and so we talked as she took her bath (I imagine the male worker in the server room near us probably thought that we were crazy or something watching a me hiding on the ground next to a naked woman taking a bath in a bucket of water and soap :D), and we also would glance around the entrance sometimes to watch out for the other woman’s boyfriend.

This part of the dream was actually nice and it felt positive, I felt that the woman was attractive and we had a good conversation, and maybe the other woman’s boyfriend walked by to go to the third floor but I can not remember.

The woman finished her bath and dried off and maybe she got dressed, and then I think we sneaked to the first floor to see if the other woman escaped or not and to escape but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Family Members & Celebrities & Weird Things Happening At The Storage Building & G House

I can barely remember part of one dream from last that was confusing, strange, and hard to remember; and it took place during the day in my parent’s yard & at my grandfather’s house & at the G House.

The dream jumped back and forth between a slightly fictional version of one of the storage buildings in my parent’s yard, my grandfather’s house, and the abandoned G House that my grandfather owns.


An Orphanage On Eastside?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I barely remember any of my dream fragments from last night, but I think that the first three dream fragments took place in D on Eastside.

I think that a group of kids and a woman age 23-26, all orphans, were living on Eastside in an oppressive orphanage; and I somehow came across their group, and I spent some time with them.

I remember one or more people who worked for the orphanage were also there at several parts in the dream, one of whom was a man who forced the orphans to go outside to learn how to use & shoot single-shot black powder rifles, and I think that the workers at the orphanage were mean & controlling & they did not seem to care about the orphans.

I think that most or all the orphans had medium-dark brownish colored skin & black colored hair, and most or all the workers had whitish colored skin & dark blondish colored hair; so I guess that it was an Eastside orphanage for abandoned kids from Eastside.

The kids and the woman, who were all orphans, seemed nice but their morale/mood was down due to the oppressive orphanage & they hated the workers at the orphanage/they hated the way that they treated them; and they told me about some of their bad experiences when the workers were not around or close enough to hear.

The workers did not trust me, like they were afraid that I would learn about their mistreatment of the orphans and that I would report them to the police, but they did not turn down my request to help them for free; I decided to take a moment to volunteer to help the orphans, which gave the workers a chance to do mostly nothing, so they agreed to let me help.

The head of the orphanage was a woman I think, and her husband probably, both of whom were mean; but I did not talk to them or see them very much, fortunately.

I remember the woman, who was an orphan, told me about how she ended up in the orphanage; and she told me that she was tired of her current life there and that she felt worthless, and she seemed to hint that she might have been a bit interested in me.

I felt bad for her and the other orphans, and I tried to help lift their moods, which helped; and I tried to think of ways that I could help improve the conditions of the orphanage without the orphans getting punished by the workers for telling me the truth of their conditions.

I also might have talked with the woman about some ways that she might be able to start her own life away from the orphanage, but like me, she also was worried about the other orphans & she would not leave until life was better for them.

The orphanage was near my parent’s house, I think, oddly; and so when my volunteer time was over, I went to check on my grandfather, whose house was also near the orphanage.

My grandfather was trying to take a bath in a bathtub that was in his living room, oddly, but he was having a hard time trying to get in the tub & so I had to help him; fortunately he was not naked and he was wearing swimming trunks.

My grandfather seemed to be in pain and his old age was finally almost too much for him to handle, it was obvious that he would need constant care very soon, if not now, and/or that he probably will die in the near future.

Either his bath water was too hot and/or it was just the pain, either way, he kept making sounds of pain occasionally as he sat in the tub.

I asked him if he needed anything, I got his newspaper & mail, I asked him if he had eaten & drank enough water, et cetera.

We talked for a brief time and then I left, and I remember something happened that I can not remember, which caused me to think of my online female contact in Germany NF & marriage; and I felt that I had made a mistake of not contacting her in so long and that I should call her and/or go see her in G, and I remember thinking about what it might be like to go there & meet her family & friends & for us to get married in a year or so.

My thoughts were positive, mostly, and I felt like I needed to act soon, if it was not too late already.

I remember thinking of a few other things that were connected to my real life, but I can not remember what they were, and I woke up with those thoughts in my mind & the feeling that I needed to act soon in the NF situation & the other situations that I can not remember & that my grandfather’s life is nearing its end & that we should do what we can to help him & enjoy the time that we have left.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂