Playing Baseball | A Hostel

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

The night before last I barely remember part of one of my dreams, which took place during the day at a baseball stadium, and I was playing baseball.

There was a crowd of people watching the game and it seemed to be a professional baseball game, and it was the last inning; and my team was up to bat.

We were barely losing the game at some point, but now we were about to win the game if we could score 1-3 more runs/points, and our coach had a strategy that I can not remember.

He had the batter in front of me bunt the ball, and he made it to first base; and I hit the ball into the right field, and I made it to second base & the batter in front of me was now on third base.

I think that we already had two outs, but I could be wrong, and so we needed to get 1-3 more points to win the game, probably; and so there was a lot of pressure on our team.

I remember another one of the batters on base teasing the pitcher, pretending to be trying to sneak to another base, to distract the pitcher; but I woke up before the game was over and while I was still on second base.

Dream 2

Last night I barely remember my last dream, which took place inside of a hostel, I guess; and my mom and I were there.

The hostel or whatever was owned by a woman who looked, sounded, and acted like one of the owners of the BY Wok in D; and she could barely speak English, but I was able to understand her well enough from experience with her accent & I am pretty good at trying to understand accents usually.

There were other people at the hostel and we all shared one medium-sized room that had several small semi-cubicle-like areas that had two twin beds in each semi-cubicle with storage space, there was a shared bathroom with showers, a shared kitchen, a shared living room, a shared dining room, a shared laundry room, and the owner had a separate room that was connected to our room by a door.

There was not much privacy of course but it was an okay setup for short/temporary housing while on short vacations/trips, I guess, and the other people seemed nice; but the owner was slightly mean.

The living room had a TV and maybe a few computers with internet access, and there was a door that led out of our room that led into the rest of the building but I am not sure what was in the rest of the building; and I am not sure why my mom and I were there or how we got there or where we were going; but I do know that we were on a trip of some kind.

But I woke up after my mom and I unpacked our stuff, we talked with the owner, we talked with a few of the other people, and we looked around the room.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂