An Attempted Coup And Helping Lady Jayne Wetherby And Kara Thrace (Starbuck) Has A Baby?

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I got awakened from my last dream because someone opened the bedroom door, people were making a lot of noise, and the heat from the heater made the bedroom hot; and so those things combined woke me up from my dream suddenly, unfortunately, causing me to forget most of my last dream even though it was a pretty clear and easy to remember dream.

The dream will not make much sense now that most of the dream is missing/forgotten because of being suddenly awakened by all of those things and I am not even sure if I was myself in the dream or not, the dream took place during the day, and I remember walking to what I think was a banquet that was taking place at a one-story building where a lot of high level/important people were; and there was a big crowd outside the entrance waiting to get inside and/or talking.

This dream took place in a different time period in a fantasy-like world that seemed to be a combination of a fictional past and a fictional future combining the world of the TV show Dracula (2013) with The Lord Of The Rings film series with the TV show Battlestar Galactica (2004) and one or more fictional worlds/time periods, and so there were people with old style and modern and futuristic clothes/armor/weapons and even maybe Orc / Alien-like humanoids / entities.

As we were waiting and talking outside the entrance Lady Jayne Wetherby from the TV show Dracula (2013) made a grand entrance walking confidently through the crowd wearing maybe a nice long purple dress with a gold-colored armored top with cleavage showing, but suddenly a lot of the Orc/Alien-like entities took her hostage by surprise and they pulled out weapons and they surrounded everyone outside like they were attempting a coup and were going to kill all the important/high-level people inside the building at the banquet.

Security closed and locked the doors to the building as the Orc/Alien-like entities expected and so they were going to use Lady Wetherby as a hostage to get them to open the doors, they told the security that they would kill Lady Wetherby if they did not open the doors but the security refused to their surprise because Lady Wetherby was a high-level person and they expected their hostage plan to work, and Lady Wetherby looked angry/embarrassed that she was taken hostage so easily because she was so focused on making a grand entrance and she was not paying attention.

I slowly got closer to the Orc/Alien-like entities who were holding Lady Wetherby hostage and before they went to kill her I attacked them and I freed Lady Wetherby and both of us grabbed some mêlée weapons and we started fighting the Orc/Alien-like entities with all we had, Lady Wetherby fought with great vengeance wanting revenge for being taken hostage and embarrassed in front of everyone and she was destroying Orc/Alien-like entities and she could clearly take care of herself, and us fighting inspired everyone else outside to fight and I yelled for them to fight as well; and a great battle took place, it was wild/crazy/et cetera, but a bit fun.

I remember blocking, dodging, chopping, stabbing, slicing, throwing, kicking, punching, elbowing, kneeing, jumping, et cetera during the battle and we were winning the battle; and I saw Kara Thrace (Starbuck) from the TV show Battlestar Galactica (2004) fighting as well, for some reason(s) that I can not remember I helped her escape the battle when it was over or when it was clear that we would win, and I remember us being maybe near some water next to some grass and dirt outside near a wilderness and an automobile.

Starbuck either had a baby there or during the battle or before the battle or not long ago maybe because she had a baby with her who seemed to have been born very recently, that is probably why I helped her escape after the battle or right before it was over, but she did not trust me; and so I kept trying to help her and to get her to trust me enough to help her and her baby escape, I think that it was her baby, but I could be wrong.

I think that I remember Starbuck being over-whelmed with the thought of being a mother and she probably told me that she did not think that she could handle being a mother, I tried to give her words of encouragement, but it probably did not help that much; and I probably helped her with her baby showing and teaching her basic skills to help her take care of her baby, but she still did not trust me.

I think that I wanted her to wait with me and/or drive in the automobile with me to another area where we could meet one or more people I knew who could help take Starbuck and her baby somewhere safer, but Starbuck did not trust me and she was refusing my offer; and so I kept trying to convince her that I was trying to help her, and maybe at some point a women I knew came to help us.

The woman probably tried to help me convince Starbuck to let us help her and her baby, but I got awakened suddenly in the real world by various things that I mentioned earlier.

The end,

-John Jr

Presidential Body Double War Of Assassins

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Last night I only remembered part of my last dream and it is not very clear, it reminded me of parts of the film XIII: The Conspiracy and one episode of Battlestar Galatica where Admiral William Adama and another officer were in the process of trying to have the other killed.

I am not sure where the dream started, but I know some of the dream took place at my grandfather’s house.

The dream had The President Of France (Not any real one in real real life, but an unknown person) talking with someone, probably an adviser and/or another politician.

At some point I think a female President Of The United States, that looked actually like the president from the film XIII: The Conspiracy, I think talked with the president of France for a little while; but I could be wrong.

The dream is unclear and confusing, basically the president of France was actually a body double and not the real president, and someone told the president of the USA that the president of France was going to have her assassinated.

The president of the USA was shocked and scared, and so she left to a house that looked just like my grandfather’s house to figure out what to do and to hide.

I am not sure if the same person talked with the president of France also, but someone or several people seemed to be trying to get the two presidents and maybe even more, to think that the other/others was/were trying to kill them/him/her.

Actually I think that the body double of the president of France was behind it all, he actually was gone rogue maybe, I think; so the real president of France either did not know or had been killed and replaced without anyone really knowing or the real president of France was behind it but I am not sure which.

Or maybe the original body double of the president of France had killed and replaced the real president of France without anyone really knowing and hired a new body double to use in his plan to prevent his own death while killing those that he was after, just a wild guess; either way I know things were crazy and somewhat complicated.

I think that the fake president of France was using the body double as a shield without the body double knowing it, well in the reference to the fact that the body double probably had no idea that the fake president was going to try to have the president of the USA assassinated.

Whatever was going on or who ever was behind the plan seemed to want the body double president of France and the president of the USA to kill have each other killed, for some reason, and more countries may have been set up to do the same against each other but I am not sure.

Anyway, the president of the USA had her closest adviser come to the house where she was hiding to talk, he seemed to be the only person she trusted to tell about the plot to have her killed by the body double of the president of France (she actually did not know that he was a body double).

The adviser was confused and uncomfortable and the president of the USA was very stressed, she talked quietly and privately in the kitchen with the adviser; she did not explain the situation for some reason but instead hinted that she wanted someone killed.

The adviser was shocked and appalled & wanted no part in the illegal killing/murder of someone, the president panicked and told him that he was the only person that she trusted with this, but he started to walk away.

The president grabbed him and begged for his help, she told him that he would not be charged with any crimes and that his involvement would be kept secret, and that she believed that he was the person that could help her deal with the situation; he still refused but out of curiosity asked who she wanted murdered, she then whispered that she wanted the president of France killed, which so shocked the adviser that he ran out the house saying that she was crazy.

The president started to almost break down in tears and decided that she had to have her own body double sent to the house, so that she could escape to a secure location while her body double pretends to be her at the house; so she had that done and left the house to hide and find someone to help her assassinate the president of France.

The dream went back to the body double of the president of France and someone told him that the president of the USA was going to have him assassinated, just like someone told the president of the USA about the plan to have her killed, and this person advised the body double of the president of France to send someone or several people to assassinated the president of the USA; he was shocked and did not want to, but the person convinced him that was his only choice so he agreed.

The dream jumped back to the house with the body double of the president of the USA who only had a few body guards, maybe two outside and maybe two inside, and outside an assassin or assassins started to attack the bodyguards outside.

The body double of the president of the USA was in the kitchen and I think she called the real president and told her about the attack, the real president of the USA was glad that she had gotten a body double and was in the process of making a plan that her assassin or assassin would use against the president of France (body double); she thought that the body double was the real president.

Back at the house the body double of the president of the USA was scared and hiding in the kitchen because it appeared that her bodyguards had lost or were losing, and soon the assassin or assassins would be inside the house; I did not see who or what the assassin or assassins were, but I saw the bodyguards dying and losing the shootout.

As the assassin or assassins got closer to the kitchen the body double of the president of the USA started to try to escape through the window and at the same time I think that the real president of the USA had sent her own assassin or assassins after the president of France (body double).

As the dream was ending I think it showed the person behind the whole thing and he seemed to be enjoying the fact that his plan was working, maybe he was the person that told both presidents or one real president and one body double, about the plan to have the other killed.

Basically he probably lied in the beginning to get the president of the USA to retaliate or start making a real plan so he could then use that to get the body double of the president of France to also make a real plan to retaliate back; maybe he did not know that the president of France that he talked to was a body double and maybe he did not know that the president of the USA had gotten a body double near the end; I do not know.

Anyway I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂

Battestar Galactica The Secret Mission

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Last night I only remembered part of my last dream, which took place inside some unknown military / civilian building.

I can not remember the beginning of the dream, but I do remember being called to an office with two soldiers guarding the outside of the office.

Inside the small, simple, and slightly dark office was William Adama from Battlestar Galactica; him and his office looked practical & simple like you would expect.

I told him that it was a pleasure to meet him and he shook my hand, and he asked me to have a seat.

He told me that he had chosen me and few other people for a secret mission, but sadly he could not tell me more about it except that it was dangerous & there was a high chance that we might die.

He said that we had to decide if we wanted to go or not, so I told him that since he felt that I qualified for the mission that I would go, and that I would do my best.

He shook my hand and thanked me for accepting the mission, and said good luck & that will be all; so I left the office wondering what this mission was supposed to be about.

The next thing I remember is being in a helicopter/plane like the Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey with a team of maybe 19 other people; there was Apollo (Lee Adama), Starbuck (Kara Thrace), Helo (Karl Agathon), Sharon “Athena” Agathon (Number Eight), The Chief (Galen Tyrol), some other soldiers, some people I used to work with, and some other unknown civilians.

The helicopter/plane landed in an area that was dirt that was surrounded by a metal wall of junk metal like at a junkyard, and it had a small shack-like building with no door in the dirt area & the junk metal wall had one entrance/exit door.

We all got out and the helicopter/plane left, for some reason we only had basic camping supplies and no weapons or armor except a few knives & walking sticks.

Apollo seemed to be in charge, Starbuck seemed to be second in command, and Helo seemed to be third in command.

Apollo then ordered some of the group to set up a camp and ordered another group to secure the area & go look for guns & ammunition.

Helo was in charge of the group that went to secure the area & look for weapons/ammunition, and I joined his group.

We went out of the one door that left the dirt area and snuck around looking for any threats first; I had the feeling that there were raiders, maybe some cylons, and maybe some super mutants around some where.

The outside area was like a junk yard or a destroyed city or something, and things were pretty quiet.

After a while we found a raider camp but the raiders were not there so we started to look for weapons, ammunition, and other supplies.

We found some guns & ammunition so we all got a gun, but the group of raiders came back and a shoot out began.

I started putting all the guns, ammunition, and other supplies in bags while the fighting was going on.

I grabbed the bag of guns and ammunition, I told the others to each grab a bag & bring it back to the camp when they finish fighting, and I ran back to the camp to give the guns & ammunition to the others.

When I made it back to the camp everyone was surprised and excited that we had found guns & ammunition, but they wanted to keep it a secret; I had the feeling the entire time that we were not supposed to have guns for this mission, but no one had even explained what our mission was yet.

In the bag were a lot of pistols, a few shotguns, some submachine guns, and a few compact assault rifles.

The rest of my team made it back with a few more supplies, and that night we all had a celebration.

My whole team or Helo’s team was the center of attention, and we were treated like heroes, especially me for bringing all the guns during the fighting.

We all talked, ate, and drank by a camp fire;  we had fun and it was a nice experience.

My team got to sleep inside of the shack-like building, some of the others slept outside, and some people had guard duty protecting the entrance/exit & the dirt area.

The next day Apollo and the other leaders had a private meeting; they seemed to know more than the rest of us but would not tell us about the mission, they would just issue orders, and I had the feeling that maybe even they did not know what the real mission was; but I did feel that they knew that we were not supposed to have guns.

Apollo ordered one group to divide the supplies we had found so they could be rationed for the next few days, and he ordered Helo’s/my team to go scout the area for more threats & find more supplies.

So our team left once again, and we went to the raider camp to look for any supplies that we had missed.

As we were looking for more supplies we saw another group of raiders in the distance setting up camp under a tree in a field-like area, we were using binoculars so they were pretty far away & they could not see us.

Helo said that him and some of our team would stay to watch the raiders, while me and the others take the rest of the supplies back to the camp.

So me and a few others took the rest of the supplies back to the camp, but we noticed there were more people guarding the entrance/exit, like something had happened.

The guards at the entrance/exit told us that a group of cylons had attacked while we were gone, and that they had captured one of the cylons & I think Starbuck was interrogating it; so the two members of my team stayed to help guard the entrance/exit while I went to see what was going on.

I went into the shack-like building, which now had a curtain for a door because it used to not have a door, and inside Starbuck was interrogating a male human-like cylon that was tied up in a chair.

Starbuck shot it in the leg, and I told her to stop & that torture was against our beliefs.

She told me that she knew what she was doing and that I needed to shut up & let her do her job, and that it was a machine so it was not torture.

Then Starbuck started to beat the cylon with a pistol while asking it questions.

After that she started to waterboard the cylon (dipping its head in a bucket of water), but it still would not talk.

I made a few negative comments about what she was doing and I was about to try to stop her, but she had her whole team of soldiers protecting her.

So I told Apollo to stop this since he was in charge, but he said that even though it seemed bad, he felt that it was necessary & that Starbuck knew what she was doing.

I told him that the end does not justify the means, but he told me that he disagreed, and I left the room angry & went outside.

I went outside to calm down, and to think about the situation.

After a few minutes Starbuck called me back inside so I asked her what she wanted, but she just stared at me with a straight face while pointing a pistol at the cylon.

All this time she was trying to get information from the cylon, and she especially wanted to know if anyone in our group was a cylon or not since some cylons look like humans.

Suddenly she shot the cylon in the head while looking at me, and so I yelled at her asking her why she did that.

She said it/he was no longer of any use to her, and then she pointed the pistol at me.

I asked her what was she doing, I told her that I was John the guy that helped bring the guns & supplies back to the camp, and that I was not a cylon; as far as I knew.

She told the soldiers to un-tie the dead cylon, and then she kicked him out of the chair & told me to sit in the chair, and told the soldiers to tie me up.

She then started to yell questions at me like she had done to the cylon, she seemed to think that I was a cylon now, everyone else in the room just watched looking somewhat surprised; but they trusted Starbuck.

I decided to stay relaxed and answer Starbuck’s questions rationally hoping to get her to relax, but she was very angry.

She then pointed the pistol at me and asked me if I knew who the other cylons where, I said no, and so she shot at my leg.

The bullets tipped the side of my leg, and so I said loudly again that I did not know & that I was not a cylon; but she still did not believe me.

So she shot me in the leg in the upper part of my thigh, which hurt and made me feel weak, and I was tied up; so all I could do was bend my head down in pain & I started to breathe heavily.

I screamed that I was a human & I told them that the red blood coming out of my leg proved it, and that I did not know anything about the cylons; she then prepared to hit me with the pistol, but we heard the helicopter/plane coming.

Everyone panicked because we had guns, so I told everyone to just put the guns & ammunition in the bag, and hide it in the shack-like building.

Starbuck un-tied me and Apollo told everyone to not mention the guns or ammunition or torture to anyone.

I was hurt and weak, so I told everyone to go & I would hide the guns and ammunition, and get on the helicopter/plane last.

So I did that and then I got on the helicopter/plane; and the next thing I remember is being back inside the unknown military/civilian building.

Admiral Adama was personally thanking each one of us separately and maybe giving us a reward; he did not seem to know about the guns, ammunition, the torture, how I got wounded, or even about how Starbuck thought that I was a cylon.

He thanked me for my service and bravery, and sent me to recover at the medical wing of the building.

The medical wing was a large room with lots of bunk beds, and there were mostly women there.

Most of the people were either younger or older than me, and the oldest women appeared to be the nurses/caretakers.

There were a few kids and some teenagers, some were sick & dying and some seemed to be orphans.

One of the dying kids looked like a younger version of Athena, and I think Athena actually came to visit her sometimes, so I guess she was her daughter.

None of the people I went on the mission with, besides Athena, came to the medical wing, and none of them came to visit me or apologize; even Athena pretended not to notice me.

I spent most of my time just laying in bed watching and listening to the others talk.

Not far from me was a young woman about age 16-18, her and the older women were the only people who tried to talk to me, but I did not talk back much.

I was weak, in pain, and felt abandoned; but they kept trying to cheer me up anyway.

One day a woman who appeared to be about age 27-30, that looked somewhat sick because of how her eyes looked, came to visit the kids in the medical wing.

The older women said that the woman was the CEO of the company that owned the building, this part of the dream is unclear but I will try to type what I think happened.

The CEO, as I will call her, had average length brown hair, whitish colored skin, and her eyes looked somewhat tired which made her look slightly sick but she looked average & seemed nice.

She came in the room and started to greet & talk to the dying & sick kids, and she looked across the room at me several times.

She looked at me like she wanted to tell me something, knew me, or was interesting in learning more about me, it was strange.

I thought she was going to walk across the room to talk to me, but she seemed unsure about what she should do/say and/or she was shy, so she continued to talk with the kids.

I think she started to talk with the kids and the older women about how she could heal these kids and maybe even make them immortal, but she would let them decide if they wanted it or not.

The older women did not like the idea, but did not want the kids to die.

I wondered was this woman a vampire or something, I just remember Athena asking the CEO to heal her daughter, so she did.

But I think she bit her, which would give her a virus, but the virus would heal her & make her immortal like a vampire; except I do not think it was the same thing as vampirism.

I think she just had a virus that just made you immortal and that you did not need to drink people’s blood or anything like that, and this virus was probably passed/spread through body fluids.

Athena’s daughter started to wake up and started to look healthy again, it was amazing.

I think a few other kids wanted to be healed, so the CEO healed/infected them too, the rest were not ready to be immortal or did not want to be; so the CEO left.

As she was leaving she stopped at the door and looked across the room at me again, but then she left.

The older women started to debate about the situation, they did not like it because it reminded them of vampires and evil things too much, but they were glad that some of the kids were now healed.

Later they started talking about a dance/ball that was going to take place, and they told me that all the people I went on the mission with would be there, but I did not want to go.

They started talking about who would be a good match to go to the dance together, and stuff like that.

I just laid there in bed still weak, slightly in pain, and thinking negatively about the people who I had went on the mission with.

But then the older women started to talk about who might make a good match for me to go to the dance with, and they asked me if there was woman who I was interested in or dating at that time.

I told them that I was single and looking, and I did not want to talk about who I was interested in.

One of the women suggested the CEO, but as soon as she said that the young woman who had a bunk bed not far from me started to talk loudly about how that was a terrible idea.

She started to say negative things about the CEO such as: that she was rich, would not like someone like me, and then she started to laugh like she was trying to hide something.

I started to wonder if she hated the CEO and/or if she liked me or something, and I wondered what was wrong with her.

I then told the older women that I would go take a walk and that I may try to find the CEO to talk to her, they were excited & wished me luck.

I then started to slowly walk with a walking stick through the building hoping to find the CEO, but I did not find her, and so I went outside to get some fresh air.

The outside area looked like my neighborhood, so I walked past my grandfather’s house and saw my friend DH & my brother CC.

I started to tell them about my situation, but they did not seem to really listen, so I stopped talking about it.

As we walked to my parent’s house I noticed that the dance/ball was taking place at the house next to my parent’s house.

As I walked inside my parent’s house I noticed a group of the people who I went on the mission with waving at me to come over to the party, but I just waved back & shook my head no.

I then walked into the house annoyed, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂

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