My Baby Brother TDC Swallows A BB

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I am not sure if this is one or two dreams, and so I will type it as one dream.

The dream took place during the day at either a gas station-like place that was like the gas station in the city of D across from the big G Church or a gas station-like house where some of my family and I seemed to live at or work at or something.

In the first part I was there with my parents and my brother CC and at least one of my brothers who was a baby (toddler) again, and something was being made.

Whatever was being made needed an opening at the end, to possibly be used as a handle I assume, and so an opening had to be made by punching out a piece at the end and the punched out piece would fall on the floor.

My baby brother or brothers would try to pick the pieces up to chew on them, and I probably had to keep stopping him or them but that is all that I can remember of this part.

The next part took place in the same building, and I was there with my parents and my brother TDC who was a baby again (toddler) oddly.

I noticed some silver color BBs for a BB gun on the floor so I told my parents, we found the container that they went in, and we started trying to pick up all the BBs to put them in the container before my baby brother TDC sees them.

While we were doing this my baby brother TDC found a BB and he went to put it in his mouth as I yelled for him to not do it while I ran toward him, but he put it in his mouth while smiling happily before I could reach him.

I tried to open his mouth while continuing to tell him to not eat it while telling our parents what was going on, but he swallowed the BB while smiling and he was so happy that he had swallowed it before I could stop him.

I then talked to my parents about this to see what we should do now that he had swallowed it, and I wondered if my brother TDC would eventually defecate the BB out or not.

My brother TDC still looked so happy that he had managed to swallow the BB before I could stop him, it was funny even though the situation was not, and we continued picking up all the BBs while I kept an eye on my brother TDC as we talked about the situation.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


An Airsoft Battle

Dream 1

I woke up during the night to use the bathroom and I had remembered a few seconds of a dream, it was inspired by something that I can not remember that I saw last night, but I did not voice record it for some strange reason, and so now all that I can remember of this dream is that it possibly involved a female being/entity or woman; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it started during the day at my parents’ house, some of my family and I (my mom, a few of my brothers, and I) left the house in my automobile to go somewhere, and somehow and for some unknown reason we drove through the alley by our back gate and at the back of The G House and at the back of The E House (E Manor).


An Airsoft Match With My Brother CC

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

I had several dreams last night that I had remembered but I probably accidentally went back to sleep when I was thinking about my dreams before getting up to use the bathroom and voice record them, and so I probably failed to get up to use the bathroom or voice record my dreams; and so now I can only remember part of two dreams, but maybe I will remember the third dream later.

All that I can remember of the first dream is that it involved a man, maybe my brother GC, who had and was using superpowers like this dream was video game-like; and there was a way to collect some of his superpowers in one container, and a way to collect some of the effects of those superpowers in another container.

While he was using superpowers I would try to collect some of them and some of the effects in the two different containers, once collected these could be shared and used by other people temporarily to temporarily give them some superpowers, and some of the effects of those superpowers.

I think that we were outside and/or inside during this dream, there was more to this dream before and after, but that is all that I can remember at this time.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day in my parent’s yard, my brother CC was visiting during a vacation from his job in the military, and he was in my parent’s yard using an airsoft gun and airsoft pellets to practice some of his military training; and I decided to join him, and we had an airsoft match against each other.

My brother CC had an automatic airsoft gun, I remember us taking cover behind barrels and trash cans and other things, and shooting at each other; and I remember that it was fun, at some point my brother CC was standing near a dog by the automobiles, and the dog got shot several times but it did not run even though it came close to running.

The dog stayed by my brother CC’s side like it was his dog, my dad was outside and he made a comment about not harming a loyal dog that is at your side, and he joked about how the dog looked like it had come close to running if he would have gotten shot a few more times.

I ran out of airsoft pellets for my gun and then my brother CC took advantage of this and chased me around shooting me in my back and other places, it was funny and fun even though it hurt a bit, and I remember us laughing; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


A Saints Row 2 Dream: Attacking A Stronghold

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I remember part of the end of my last dream, which was inspired by the video game Saints Row 2, and it took place in a slightly fictional version of D.

My character and some of his gang members were out somewhere relaxing or something, and another gang attacked them trying to kill my character and some of his gang members; but I am not sure if they killed anyone or not.


Fighting Fear With A BB Gun

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The night before last I remembered part of my last dream, but it is unclear so I will have to try to put the pieces together the best I can.

I am not sure but I think that I was not myself and I think I may have been a woman, maybe, I remember being outside my grandfather’s house talking with two or three women; they were three women that I knew from CS like Mrs. C, Mrs. JN, and Mrs. E.

Things are unclear but I think a man who looked somewhat like Tommy Gunn from Rocky V (Rocky 5) came up to us and threatened us, took us hostage, and stole our car with us in it as prisoners.

I remember wanting to do something but being afraid since I think I was a small & weak woman. (I am not saying that women are weak, I am saying that in this dream I was a weak woman or at least I think I was a woman, I am not sure)

Instead of fighting him we followed his commands and got into our car, he drove as we all sat there in silence, and I was sitting in the back seat behind him.

We were afraid, confused, etc. and I was trying to figure out how to handle the situation.

I did not want to get the others killed or hurt and I felt that I was not strong enough to handle the situation, so I did not know what to do, and I sat there doing a lot of thinking.

At some point I noticed that I had a green and black pistol in my pocket but I was still afraid and confused about what to do, but I told myself that it was time to stop letting fear cloud my judgment (actually it was deeper than that but I do not know how to explain it); so I took a deep breath, let the fear pass, and decided to take action.

I pulled out my pistol pointed it at the man’s head and told him to stop the car or I was would end his life now; I noticed that even though the pistol looked real, it was actually a BB gun, I noticed this because of the size of the barrel.

I was bluffing and hoping that the man would think that it was a real pistol, he did not seem to think that I would shoot him and that it was loaded, so I pulled down the clip and I looked at it pretending that I saw bullets when I actually only saw BBs; I then put the clip back in and told him that I would not hesitate to shoot him if he did not stop the car and get out.

I said it seriously with a straight face and told him that I had practiced shooting pistols before, and that shooting him would not be hard for me.

He believed me, stopped the car, and got out of the car; I got out as well still pointing the pistol at him as I got into the driver’s seat, and then I drove off.

The other women in the car started to sigh in relief and thank me, and Mrs. C apologized for calling me weak and saying that I was led by fear or something like that; I can not remember what that was all about, but I think before the man had taken us hostage, I think the women had talked with me about some of my problems in life.

One of the women asked how did I get the courage to handle the situation the way that I did, I told her that I had been afraid & confused, but I was tired of letting fear confuse and rule my life, and something changed in that instant; I let the fear pass, took a deep breath, and did what I thought was necessary to handle the situation.

I told her that when I was thinking about how fear effected my normal life more than about how it was effecting me in our hostage situation, and that is when I got tired of the fear and just faced it and let it pass through me.

She told me that I was brave, but I told her that I was not sure about that but I hoped that I will be able to deal with the fear & the confusion that it can cause in the future, in my normal everyday life; that is the real challenge, but at least I could then see there is hope, but I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂