A Sinkhole / Cave Hole In A Storage Building | A Game-Like / Puzzle-Like Room

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

I barely remember part of two dreams, with the first dream taking place during the evening or night in my parent’s yard in one of their metal storage buildings, and I went inside the one closest to the G House; and I probably went in there to clean it up and try living in there.

In this dream it was bigger and slightly different than in real life, it was big enough to be a small home, and there was more stuff in there; and as usual in dreams of the storage buildings in my parent’s yard, someone interrupted my privacy/space, and it was my brother CC & his girlfriend J.

They came to look around and maybe help, they seemed interested in using it as a house as well, and I/we noticed a sinkhole / cave-like hole in the floor of the building along the side wall by the G House; and it seemed pretty deep, and I was afraid that it might cause the entire building to collapse underground eventually.

At the same time I wondered if there was a cave in the hole since the entrance seemed cave-like, some of J’s fictional female friends interrupted us as they came into the building, which was annoying; and I remember continuing my cleaning/organizing/exploring, but I was still worried about the sinkhole / cave hole but I woke up.

Dream 2

The next dream was similar but it took place in a large fictional room with a tall ceiling with no windows that was a bit like a gym without a court, two other people were with me (a man and a woman who might have been my brother CC & his girlfriend J, but I am not sure), and this dream was game-like.

The room was open but puzzle-like since there were several threats/puzzles that you had to pass/solve to move to the next open area, the room (floor, walls, ceiling) was/were lightly colored in maybe a whitish color, and the dream probably repeated/restarted several times when failing/losing like a video game.

We had to figure out puzzles/ways to get past or defeat threats guarding each area, the first area had a crawling/floating insect-like creäture or creatures protecting it moving around in a certain pattern like lasers that could cut/kill you are something, and it took us a while trying to figure out the puzzle; and we would slowly level up as we tried.

I remember killing the insect or insects, trying to sneak past them, et cetera until we finally figured out a way to get past the first area; and I leveled up to almost level 16 maybe, and this caused all the threats/puzzles to be leveled up to tougher creatures/puzzles unfortunately.

The first area now had a flying giant bee / wasp-like creäture or creatures guarding it, but I woke up as we moved to the next area.

The end,

-John Jr


A Strange Bumble Bee-Like Insect?

Source: Wikipedia

I barely remember part of my last dream, which was confusing, and took place during the day in a fictional place where there was also a fictional version of my parent’s yard.

I remember something about a show that something that I made/wrote almost appeared on, and a fictional woman who I knew had something that she made/wrote appear on that show; but it was removed, but fans of the show protested and so whatever she made was put back on the show.

I remember talking to the woman about that, and we watched clips of the show; and she told me that more of her work would be put on the show in future episodes, and I congratulated her & I said goodbye & I left at some point.

I remember walking to a fictional version of my parent’s yard and a man greeted me who looked like Gabriel Iglesias, and we talked about something to do with DashieXP (Charlie Guzman) and some other comedians and/or something comedy related; and we noticed a strange Bumble Bee-like insect (I remember that there was something very strange about the insect and/or I felt that something was strange about it) that was larger, longer, shaped different, and had a different color pattern (same colors) than a normal Bumble Bee.

I can not remember what happened exactly (maybe the Bumble Bee flew at us so we ran) but I think that we walked/ran to a strange fictional area above my parent’s house that was like a lobby where people hang out at, and there were people there talking while sitting down & standing; and we started talking with some of the people there, but I can not remember the details.

At some point I remember the weather being gray & cloudy like it was going to rain, and my brothers and I were about to drive out-of-town somewhere for a trip; but as we were getting into my automobile, my former classmate JC and his fictional former college roommate walked into the yard to greet me.

I did not feel like being bother, but I stopped to greet them since I had not seen JC in a few years or his fictional former college roommate, who looked like a combination of JC’s real former roommate B mixed with Laith mixed with an unknown person.

After a short conversation I told them that my brothers and I needed to go out-of-town for a trip and I invited them to go too if they wanted to go, which I was a bit uncomfortable with, but I did it anyway; to my surprise they wanted to go.

Something happened that I think involved the strange Bumble Bee-like insect bothering us, but I think that we managed to make it fly away eventually; but there was something very strange about that insect, but I can not remember what that was or what happened exactly.

The weather was getting worse and so JC & his former roommate left to get their stuff for the trip; I forgot to mention that JC’s fictional former roommate seemed pretty intelligent and I remember us talking about old fictional memories from when we were in college.

JC had finished college, JC’s fictional former roommate was close to getting his Master’s Degree, and I still had not finished college yet or returned to college yet (like in real life); and I remember JC’s roommate talking about various intellectual topics, but I woke up.

*I just remembered a bit of something that happened to me during the night*

I think that the dream before and/or connected to my first dream repeated a few times and I would wake up after each repeat, and during those/the times that I was awake I had some negative physical reactions.

I can not remember the details, but I remember feeling strange with a variety of negative physical reactions and I think that I had to try to control my breathing & thoughts to avoid more negative physical reactions or to avoid making them worse; and I would go in & out of the repeats of the dream or parts of the dream, during all of this.

After a while I guess I managed to calm the physical reactions and control my thoughts, and go back to sleep without constantly waking up & going back to sleep with negative physical reactions & thoughts.

The end,

-John Jr 🙂