Atonement (2007 Film)

What is it?

The 2007 romantic war drama movie Atonement.

Atonement Official Trailer #1 – Brenda Blethyn Movie (2007) HD

Here is how The IMDb describes this movie:

When Briony Tallis (Saoirse Ronan), thirteen-years-old and an aspiring writer, sees her older sister Cecilia (Keira Knightley) and Robbie Turner (James McAvoy) at the fountain in front of the family estate, she misinterprets what is happening, thus setting into motion a series of misunderstandings and a childish pique that will have lasting repercussions for all of them.

Robbie is the son of a family servant, toward whom the family has always been kind.

They paid for his time at Cambridge, and now he plans on going to medical school.

After the fountain incident, Briony reads a letter intended for Cecilia and concludes that Robbie is a deviant.

When her cousin Lola (Juno Temple) is raped, she tells the police that it was Robbie she saw committing the deed. — Garykmcd


Sherlock&Luther | Duel (Sherlock & Alice) [Fake Trailer]

What is it?

Here is a YouTube video called Sherlock&Luther | Duel (Sherlock & Alice) [Fake Trailer] by Mathilde:

Sherlock&Luther | Duel (Sherlock & Alice) [Fake Trailer]

Small Island (TV Film)

What Is It?

The 2009 television drama film Small Island that was directed by the director John Alexander and stars Naomie Harris and Ruth Wilson and Benedict Cumberbatch and David Oyelowo, and was based on the book Small Island by the author Andrea Levy.

Masterpiece Classic: Small Island
Small Island – BBC Title by Peter Anderson Studio

What is it about?

This is how DVD Netflix describes this television movie:

When Hortense (Naomie Harris) leaves her native island of Jamaica and lands in 1948 London, she dreams of making a better life for herself and expanding her social opportunities.

Instead, she’s confronted with racism and life’s harsh realities.

One of the harshest is her marriage of convenience to a man (David Oyelowo) she doesn’t love.

John Alexander directs this televised adaptation of Andrea Levy’s award-winning novel.


Doctor Strange (2016 Film)

What Is It?

The 2016 American Marvel Studios and Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures superhero film Doctor Strange which was directed by the director Scott Derrickson and starred the actor Benedict Cumberbatch, the actress Tilda Swinton, the actor Chiwetel Ejiofor, and the actress Rachel McAdams.

Doctor Strange Official Trailer 2

Here is how Rotten Tomatoes describes this movie:

Dr. Stephen Strange’s (Benedict Cumberbatch) life changes after a car accident robs him of the use of his hands. When traditional medicine fails him, he looks for healing, and hope, in a mysterious enclave. He quickly learns that the enclave is at the front line of a battle against unseen dark forces bent on destroying reality. Before long, Strange is forced to choose between his life of fortune and status or leave it all behind to defend the world as the most powerful sorcerer in existence.
Rating: PG-13 (Sci-Fi Violence and Action|An Intense Crash Sequence)
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Action
Original Language: English
Director: Scott Derrickson
Producer: Kevin Feige
Writer: Jon Spaihts, Scott Derrickson, C. Robert Cargill
Release Date (Theaters): Nov 4, 2016 Wide
Release Date (Streaming): Feb 28, 2017
Box Office (Gross USA): $232.6M
Runtime: 1h 55m
Distributor: Walt Disney
Sound Mix: Dolby Digital, Dolby Atmos
Aspect Ratio: Scope (2.35:1)
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September 3, 2015 | Dream Journal

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

I had more dreams last night and there was more that I remembered but I got awakened by the sounds of the trash truck and I needed to urinate, and so I quickly forgot all of my dreams from last night except for barely part of two dreams.

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day probably, someone wanted me and either Benedict Cumberbatch or his character Sherlock Holmes or a man like him, to help them solve or do something that I can not remember; and they wanted us to use our intelligence, deductive reasoning, guessing skills, creativity, and/or something like that to solve or do whatever it is that they wanted us to do.

They chose me or us for that reason, I remember feeling that this was beyond my abilities, and maybe I was the one who got Sherlock or Mr. Cumberbatch involved to help me; and I remember him seeming pretty confident and acting how Sherlock normally does, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.