Best Of Anime 2020

Best of Anime 2020

I did not see any of these top anime picks of 2020 by Gigguk.

I did see the terrible Netflix anime TV show Ghost In The Shell: SAC_2045 (Season 1) which was the worst anime in the Ghost In The Shell franchise & either the worst or second worst anything in the Ghost In The Shell franchise (the live action movie Ghost In The Shell (2017) is the other worst thing in the franchise) in my opinion; I do not recommend watching those two entries in the franchise, but do watch the other Ghost In The Shell anime TV shows & anime movies.


The Best Movies Of 2020

The Best Movies Of 2020

I have not seen any of these movies that Chris Stuckmann mentioned and most of them are movies that he did not review this year, which is a problem with many of the best movie list videos each year by the various YouTube channels that I follow, they are often overlooked movies that people do not talk about even by those who allege them to be their favorite movies of the year.

These are the types of movies that need more people talking about them, reacting to their trailers, showing their trailers, and doing reviews & analysis of et cetera.


Best Of Anime 2018

Source: YouTube

Recently the YouTube channel Gigguk had a video called Best Of Anime 2018:

In this video Gigguk went over some of the best anime that he saw last year in 2018, and his opinions on the state of anime then and now.

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