Helping Mr. RD Move And Trying To Get An Acting Job

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I somewhat remember part of one dream that had two or three parts, it took place during the day where my aunt JE’s house should be, but there was a house with an inside that reminded me of the non-worship area of a church that I can not remember at this time; and I was helping our neighbor Mr. RD move his stuff from this house to his newly remodeled home, and he had a few of his fictional young nephews & nieces helping as well.

The house was one story but had a lot room that you would expect, I remember Mr. RD being gone most of the time since he would drive the loaded truck to his newly remodeled house each time that we finished loading it with stuff, and so I got to see/hear/communicate with his nephews & nieces a lot but I forgot most of those part; but I think that some of them claimed to have seen a ghost and/or communicated with it and/or had flashbacks of memories of someone else who used to live in the house, and I probably experienced this too at some point.

After loading the last of Mr. RD’s stuff, the dream jumped in time where the nephews & nieces were probably age 18 & they probably had graduated from high school, and were probably living in the house where we had moved Mr. RD’s stuff years ago earlier in the dream; and I went to check out the house & see if the ghost or whatever was still there.

The nephews were at the house at the time to my surprise and after greeting them I asked them if they remembered me from years ago, they did not remember me at first until I mentioned the ghost or whatever, and then they remembered me; and they were glad to hear that someone else actually believed them about the ghost or whatever.

They told me their memories of what happened back then and of their recent experiences, and then I communicated with the ghost/whatever again & I probably saw flashbacks of it communicating parts of its past life or whatever  with me; but I can not remember these parts unfortunately, and at some point the nieces came & after talking with them they wanted me to go somewhere with them.

They drove me through a fictional city to an office that hires actors and actresses, I needed a job & I was going to see if they had any jobs working as an extra or something where I would just be in the background not talking/acting much or at all hopefully, and I went inside the office where I saw about two women behind sitting at desks; and I told them who I was & why I was there, and they told me to go to the back room like they were expecting me.

The back room was like a small cinema theater with old cinema seating in one row/non-stadium seating, there were a few men & women sitting who looked like hiring agents/scouts in the entertainment industry, and I greeted one of them who was a woman & told her my name; and she said that she & one or two other people with her were expecting me, they said that they were impressed with my résumé (I predicted that they had me confused with another John), and that they had a job opening for me for a character (who can not be killed off) on the TV show Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (Law & Order: SVU) or Law & Order.

I assumed that, who can not be killed off, meant that the character would be a permanent part of the show until it was cancelled and so it was long-term job; and she finally stopped talking & she asked me if I wanted to accept the job, I told her that was a great offer, but that she probably had me confused with another John/that I had no acting experience/that I probably could not handle a job like that/et cetera.

She realized the mistake when I said my full name, then she told me to join the other people trying to get jobs who were standing around the room & some of them were sitting down, and then she acted like I no longer existed; and around the room were men & women slowly walking around posing with depressing-looking faces as talent agents/scouts looked at them, choosing the people that they wanted to talk to, it was a strange sight-seeing people walking around zombie-like like they were being exploited (it felt wrong, like slaves being viewed for selling or something).

I sat down not far from some kids who were there hoping to get jobs as well, oddly, and one of them was from Africa (African) & he was desperate for a job & he said that he had some acting experience already; but he saw a talent agent/scout with medium-dark brownish colored skin with a bald head wearing a suit who was sitting not far from us, and he looked terrified of that man.

I asked him what was wrong, he told me that he did not want to be anywhere near that man, and he hinted that man had sexual molested/raped him in the past; but he had not reported it since no one would probably believe him and he was afraid since that man had the power to stop him from being able to get a job in the entertainment industry probably, I tried to comfort the boy, but I was angry about what I heard.

I decided to get as much information that I could from the boy about what had happened & what he had seen/heard about happening to other child actors/actresses who this man came in contact with, and then I watched/listened to the man to get more information; and I might have talked with him, and believed the boy & I sensed/saw/heard/was told things that made me feel/know that he was still molesting kids but I needed to get enough evidence before contacting the police.

I remember leaving at some point to tell the nieces about my process or lack of progress, I probably told them about the man & the boy, and they probably were going to help me investigate to stop the man; and then we went somewhere else or another part of the office from earlier, and I talked with groups of people waiting to audition for something that might have been related to the BET (Black Entertainment Television) network / channel.

I probably was getting more information about the man, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr