Assassin Witch Bayonetta Anne Hathaway And Getting Betrayed By Bucky?

I only remember part of my last dream from last night that took place during the day in a fictional place in a nice quiet neighborhood with sidewalks with uneven streets that went up at an angle like there were hills and I was at a multi-story hotel with my family, some of my family members like my uncle CE, some of my former classmates like my former male classmates AM and CW and some of their family, the actor Sebastian Stan playing his character Bucky from the film Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and a variety of unknown people.

We seemed to be staying there for a day or two for a celebration/event like maybe a wedding or something like that but I am not sure, the front of the building faced the neighborhood/street/sidewalks, but connected to the back of the building was a strange area that was like a combination of a shopping mall and subway station et cetera with different areas being on different floors with some of it being underground; and this dream felt like it was possibly slightly in the future.

At some point in the dream we got attacked by men armed with guns (who seemed organized and trained) who attacked us from the front of the building from the neighborhood, somehow some of us had assault rifles/pistols/et cetera, and we managed to force them out of the building; and so they had the hotel under siege from the outside of the building in the neighborhood.

We set up some defenses and security patrols and we had at least one person outside the front of the building watching the armed men to warn us when they would try to attack again, I have no idea why the police were not called (maybe they were, but I do not remember anyone calling the police), and at some point it was safe enough for us to go to the first floor eat, drink, talk, et cetera in a room designed for gatherings that had brownish colored carpet.

I remember pizza being one of the foods being served and I remember briefly talking to some people (my former classmates AM and CW and their parents, my family, and other people) but this part of the dream was mostly negative and I tried to keep to myself because it seemed that some people were making fun of me  like my former classmate CW, I am still jobless, I still have problems with anxiety (especially social anxiety), I still have not returned to college after all these years, and because of other things that I am ashamed/embarrassed of about myself.

I remember there only being a few pieces of pizza when I finally got mine and I went to a small open room to eat alone but I walked away from my food briefly to go check on our defenses, the person guarding the outside area in front of the door to the room that we were in was a bald man with medium-dark brownish colored skin and he said that things were still clear and I checked the other floors and things were still clear with the armed men holding their positions, and when I returned to my pizza someone had stolen some of it.

Bucky seemed to be trying to lead the security effort and he gave a brief speech about how the security situation was under control and then we left to check the defenses, he returned a bit later, and then I went to check the defenses again; and the man guarding the outside was on the ground dying, he said that the armed men sneak attacked him and that they were sneaking through some of the defenses, and then he died.

Some of the armed men started shooting at me before I could drag the dead man inside the hotel so I ran inside the hotel to warn everyone to start preparing to defend the hotel, pack up supplies, and be ready to run through our escape routes through the back of the building; and this part of the dream felt a bit real like my heart was beating fast and I felt panicked, and I was worried about everyone’s safety and I felt that this was a worst-case scenario.

Some of us started to grab our guns, gather supplies, and run near the back of the building to be ready to escape if necessary and I focused on checking all the doors and windows; and then some of the armed men entered one of the doors like someone unlocked it for them, and so I yelled for most of the others to escape through our emergency routes because the building was now lost; and I stayed to fight the armed men to slow them down, but somehow most of them seemed to know all the weak points in our defenses and they seemed to know some of the escape routes because they split up to follow the others.

I ran to try to stop some of the armed men but most of them escaped after the others among the crowds of people in the mall/subway station/et cetera areas starting with the underground areas, it seemed that someone in our group probably helped them, and as I was running through the crowds I noticed a woman with whitish colored skin with dark-colored hair pinned up who looked like an assassin who somewhat looked like the video game character Bayonetta without glasses who possibly worked for the armed men; and she seemed to be looking for someone, and so I followed her hoping to find the others and/or to stop her from killing whoever I thought that she was sent to kill.

I tried to quietly follow her blending in with the crowds because I felt that she would try to kill me if she saw me and/or felt that I was following her, we walked past businesses and stands where people were selling things, and eventually she went to the stairs and I followed her; but at some point I sat down among a group of women pretending to read a magazine in a sitting area along the stairs because the woman stopped briefly like she suspected that she was being followed, and then I started following her again when she started back walking.

Shortly after this she stopped and she turned to me because she knew that I was following her, there were other people around, and then she shapeshifted into a scary long-haired witch who looked almost like the girl from The Ring films except a woman version; and her hair was very long and it could move on its own like when Bayonetta does certain attacks, so this woman could use magic and/or she had special abilities, and her body was bending and twisting in almost impossible ways and this was freaky/scary as she shapeshifted.

And then she did a fast attack where she flew in the air toward me head first spinning like a bullet and she did a shout that hit me causing me to see and hear things, this shout implanted information in my mind explaining that she was not my enemy and that she was trying to help me and the others, and it showed and explained that Bucky had betrayed us by helping the armed men in exchange for his life and he would get to pretend to be the hero as he lead our group.

The armed men wanted to rob us and possibly use some of the rich people in the group as a source of constant income and Bucky would encourage them to agree and make sure that they followed their plans by pretending to be their prisoner too while leading our group, they would probably kill the poor/lower class people like my family and I, and maybe the middle class people after they rob us.

So basically Bucky would be the armed men’s ring leader/mole/whatever among the rich people being kept as prisoners, he would lead the group encouraging everyone to listen to the armed men to stop anyone from trying to fight back or escape, so that they could keep the rich people alive to live off of their constant income; and it seemed that Bucky liked being the leader, and they promised that he would get to lead the prisoners.

After her shout finished showing and explaining this to me I was still standing in the same spot, the woman shape-shifted into what looked like a better looking version of the actress Anne Hathaway with long straight hair wearing a short blueish colored cocktail dress or short dress, and she explained that she used the shout to communicate everything to me because that was easier than trying to talk about it (her shout possibly explained that she was a witch, maybe an assassin, and maybe a few other things but I can not remember).

She started to walk away and I walked with her talking/asking questions as we continued our journey to find the others, and stop Bucky and the armed men; and I trusted her now and I was glad to have someone powerful like her helping me instead fighting against me, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr