A Nap Dream About Work | A Transitioning Dream

I was tired last night and I took a nap on the living room couch, I did not feel like getting up, and so I slept there the entire time.

Nap 1

I took a nap today after work and I was in and out of sleeping and dreaming about work during this time, and I remember part of this being inspired by something real that happened yesterday at work.

In some of my dreams I was working at The BP Library trying to help a patron make a bi-fold brochure / pamphlet / card from scratch, my coworker Mr. JM showed me part of the process but I did not get to see all of it, and so I was going over what I remembered constantly trying to help the patron.

We were on a computer in the computer lab with the Linux distribution CentOS as the operating system using the free open source word processor program LibreOffice Writer, we went to Format | Page | maybe Page | and we set the columns to 2, we also changed a setting somewhere to landscape, we then went to Insert | Manual Break and we inserted a column break, we then used CTRL+ Enter to make a page break, and then I started trying to show the patron which area would be the front and back and the inside left and inside right.

The patron then had some images of law enforcement to be used for this, I remember helping the patron print a copy of the images first, and then we used that copy and a blank sheet of paper to help us try to figure out where the patron wanted the images to go and which areas to use to get it to print how the patron wanted.

I went in and out of this continuing dream so this involved a lot of repetition and partial hallucinations of me helping them make the copy, adjust settings, and try to figure this out until it started to become a bit stressful because this kept repeating and continuing without ever finishing until I finally woke up for good from this nap.

Nap 2

This dream is from the nap from yesterday that I also took on the living room couch last night that turned into me sleeping the entire time on the couch.

I had more dreams but all that I can remember now is the end of this dream that took place inside a fictional windowless multi-story college dormitory (dorm) from a past dream, I seemed to be visiting this dorm again, and I still had real (as in real memories of a previous dream) and false memories (false memories of things that did not happen even in the past dream) of this dorm from my past dream or dreams of this dorm.

One of these real / possibly false memories involved a fictional male suitemate or roommate of my former male classmates JB and MT who had maybe light-to-medium color skin, and in these memories he was a YouTuber who would go into the hallway outside his dorm room to record videos of himself and sometimes his band playing / singing music.

His dorm back then was on an upper floor along a hallway that possibly overlooked some other floor or two, I would sometimes see him when I would visit JB and MT, and so I wondered if he was still living there now.

In the dream I was on a lower floor trying to see if anyone from back then was still living at the dorm, I remember walking around trying to find someone I knew to ask, and then I was going to look for myself but I woke up.


This was a transitioning dream that kept slowly changing without me noticing because it took place in a multi-purpose building where I kept moving between new areas of it, and so the dream involved various scenarios.

One part of the building was a fictional version of The BP Library, another part was a store, there was one or more areas but I can not remember what they were.

I moved between these areas at various times, part of the dream took place inside The BP Library area where I would sometimes be helping people and / or working, and then at some point I was looking around for items to checkout for myself and I went to the front desk to checkout these items.

My female coworker JB was at the front desk checking out people, I talked to her while I waited in line and I probably helped her with a problem where the flatbed RFID reader / scanner was not working, and while helping JB I noticed a strange nipple-looking growth or something on maybe her collarbone or near that area on her clothing; but I can not remember if I asked her what that was or not.

I fixed the flatbed RFID scanner / reader issue, and JB was able to checkout my items for me as we talked.

During the dream there were also some things going on that seemed to be inspired by the anime television show Hunter × Hunter (1999), which I watched before going to sleep, and so there were mafia-like people doing various things throughout the dream in the forgotten areas and maybe the store areas of the building.

When I was not in the library I was mostly walking around and / or shopping in the store area(s), there were other people around (including maybe mafia-like people), and I remember wondering what the mafia-like people were doing.

I can not remember the other areas of the building, and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr