The Prince & The Killer | Pretending To Be Doctors

I remembered several dreams but kept going back to sleep without recording them, and so now I can only remember part of two of those dreams and even many of the details about them are gone now.

I do not feel like typing my dreams right now so I will try to type a short version of these dreams.


The United States Has To Pay Lebanon Reparations For Blindness?

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I had more dreams but I only recorded part of my last dream that took place during the day, and part of the dream possibly took place in the past when I went to a fictional college in maybe a fictional version of the city of LC but I am not sure.

There was a route that I would often take when walking through the college campus that was to the left of a quiet street, there were several college buildings along this route with offices at the front of the buildings, and I would sometimes go inside one of the last buildings.

Most of the time I would walk under a bridge and make a left turn through some courtyards with smaller college buildings with offices at the front of them, and this area would often have bicycles laying on the ground (maybe because there were no bicycle racks, but I am not sure).

During the dream I traveled through this route several times in maybe the past, and then the dream went to the present when I was no longer attending the college and I went back to the college to show my mom and my former male classmate DH and maybe my brother GC around the college while telling them about various memories.

We took my usual route, things were the same and bicycles were still in the courtyards, and there were college students walking around.

I am not sure if we walked or drove, but the next thing that I remember is us going to a store that reminded me of a poorly lit under-stocked version of the Big Lots in the city of LC combined with a bare-bones budget medical clinic / hospital that is sometimes in my dreams.

The store was barely stocked and most of the store was dark with some dim light in the front like they only wanted you shopping in the front or something, and the only employee was a woman with light-color skin with yellow hair who was the cashier who looked like she probably also worked at a medical clinic or hospital and the cash register was oddly placed on the right side of the building.

At some point when we were at the cash register the cashier and me were talking when she told me that she worked at a medical clinic and / or hospital as well, and she told me that I should consider volunteering there.

Then she told me that I seemed to be friendly and personable, and she suggested that I consider taking part in the medical clinic’s or hospital’s annual telethon (fundraiser) because she felt that I might be a good fit for that based on my personality.

I thanked her for the suggestions and compliments, I started to explain that I do not think that I could handle something like that because of anxiety and shyness et cetera, but that maybe I could do something in the background at the telethon and / or volunteer sometimes.

There was a pause, I was actually getting nervous, and our conversation was holding up the line so I probably said goodbye and we left.

We drove to a shopping mall and when we got inside the mall we went to separate (maybe my mom and my brother GC went one way and me and my former classmate DH went another way) without picking a meet-up location, and I did not realize this until it was too late.

As me and DH walked I kept thinking about what the cashier had said about volunteering and / or doing the telethon, I was thinking so hard that I had a daydream and / or the dream jumped to my thoughts, and I was rehearsing for the telethon with one or more people.

After rehearsing I stopped to listen to an audio recording from a previous telethon, and it sounded like John Rosenstern was talking to another man during the telethon.

The Mr. Rosenstern-sounding man was telling the other man about how The United States government had to pay $5 per something that I can not remember, which amounted to $100-something a year per person, for anyone in Lebanon who was blind as a result of something that The United States had done and / or had some responsibility for in the past; and so I guess this was reparations.

I had never heard of this before so this was interesting and I was curious about this, and I wondered how much a year did The United States government pay in total and I was curious about the story behind all of this but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


The Book Of Revelation & Doctor Jeremy Jahns Changes Into Dana Scully?

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I went to bed late last night and I had to wake up early so I did not get enough sleep, I was awakened because it was getting too hot because someone turned the heater on too high, and I have been sleeping better and/or differently I guess since I got some SnoreCare anti-snore (snoring) nose vents for Christmas from my brother GC which seems to be stopping my snoring to my surprise so I can only remember part of my last dream.

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it was probably partly inspired by a YouTube video that I watched last night called Top 10 WORST Movies 2016 by the YouTuber named Jeremy Jahns.


A Halloween Inspired Dream

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I did not voice record my other dreams that I had last night when I woke up to use the bathroom so I forgot those dreams, but I do somewhat remember part of my last dream which seemed to be inspired by yesterday being Halloween.

The dream was like a combination of a horror film, a survival horror video game, and a scary story that possibly started in a fictional city that I was traveling in by automobile; and as I traveled through the city shopping/driving/et cetera I slowly was told parts of a scary story by various people who lived in the city so the dream was slowly building tension/interest/curiosity/et cetera and building/setting the story as the dream went on.

I remember shopping at a Big Lots-like store in a shopping center where I learned more about the scary story from workers and people inside the store, and before I left the city I saw and/or experienced strange/scary things that were connected to the scary story; and I learned and possibly experienced a lot of interesting things that I can not remember like I was a character in a horror film.

At some point I drove back to the city of D and it was dark/late evening or night when I returned, I went to a fictional two-story house in a fictional neighborhood where I lived with my family, and I had rushed back home from the other city because I was supposed to have some medical procedures done on me at the hospital at a certain time.

There was a countdown timer like in a video game and the current time in the dream was shown so I was able to constantly know what time it was, I did not have much time until I was supposed to be at the hospital, and I remember trying to get ready as I talked with my mom and some of my family about my experiences in the other city.

I spent too much time talking to my family so I left late to the hospital, at the hospital a female doctor and female nurses were the ones who were going to do the medical procedures on me, but I can not remember what medical procedures were going to be done to me or why.

The medical procedure part of the dream was like a survival horror video game that was connected to the scary story and the horror film that this dream seemed to be, I remember seeing each medical procedure represented together on a screen which each medical procedure being a certain size so that they could fit on one screen, and one of the medical procedures was larger than the others.

Each medical procedure looked scary/nasty/disturbing with organs/tissue/blood/body fluids/et cetera like in a nasty gory horror film, there was a countdown timer still that was the same from earlier, and you had to move around through each medical procedure watching/experiencing it before the timer ran out; and I failed/died several times, and so I had to keep restarting this part of the dream.

I failed/died many times so I had to keep seeing/experiencing the disturbing medical procedures over and over, which was annoying but I somewhat got used to it, and eventually I completed it successfully without dying/failing; but that is all that I can remember.

The end,

-John Jr