The Man Who Fell To Earth (Season 1)

What Is It?

The 2022 Showtime American science fiction TV show The Man Who Fell To Earth (Season 1).

The Man Who Fell To Earth (2022) Official Trailer | SHOWTIME
The Man Who Fell To Earth | Series Premiere | Free Full Episode (TVMA)

Here is how Showtime describe this TV show:

An alien (Chiwetel Ejiofor) crashes deep into the oilfields of New Mexico with a mission: he must find the brilliant scientist Justin Falls (Naomie Harris), the one woman on earth who can help save his species. Even as he struggles to adapt to our world and to become more “human,” her faith in humanity couldn’t be lower. An unlikely duo, together they discover that in order to save his world, they must first save ours. An inspired continuation of the novel by Walter Tevis and the iconic 1976 film starring David Bowie. Now Certified Fresh by Rotten Tomatoes!


Family Drama In The Countryside

This dream involved me driving someone to the countryside to a house, I waited in my automobile while they were inside the house visiting whoever lived there, but at some point I walked to the door.

A young woman with light-color skin with brown hair was walking out the door as I was walking toward it, which scared her, I apologized, and she kept walking like she was going for a walk or jog.


Female Prisoners In My Parent’s Yard & An Entity Who Looks Like Ben Foster With Magic & Bill Nighy / Viktor As A Vampire Lord & The Deadmarch & Baby Sitha Sil?

Underworld Rise of The Lycans

I had several dreams last night but my sleep / dreams got interrupted several times, I had to wake up early to go somewhere, and I was not able to start typing part of the only dream that I barely remember part of until nighttime.

So I barely remember part of the end of my last dream, which was a somewhat confusing dream that might have been symbolic in several parts of the dream.