Chief Gets Loose & Dashie (Charlie Guzman) Pays The Bills & A Semi-Animated Orphanage Anime?

At some point last night I woke up to use the bathroom and I did not remember having any dreams, I got back in bed but I could not get very comfortable and so I did a lot of tossing and turning feeling uncomfortable and sore for the rest of the night waking up and going back to sleep several times not sleeping very deeply most of the time, and so I only remember part of one dream that does not make much sense and that is confusing.

I remember being in my parent’s yard near my brother TD’s pet dog Chief during maybe a whitish/grayish day that looked/felt a bit strange in a dream-like way and my family was in the yard except for my brother CC, and I was about to help my dad clean something in the yard with the water hose; and so we were tying one end of a rope to the fence by Chief and we had typed the other end of the rope to the basketball goals, and the object was on a square or rectangle-shaped nylon fabric/plastic canvas-like mat/covering/whatever that was connected to the ropes.


A New Baby Brother And Two Letters?

Dream Brother: The Songs of Tim and Jeff Buckley
Source: Wikipedia

I woke up feeling a bit like my mind/memory had been erased and I could not remember any of my dreams even though I knew that I had some dreams and I had just awakened from a dream, like I over-slept even though I had not, like I did not sleep enough, like I had been drugged/sedated and kidnapped, et cetera; and I had a harder time walking to the bathroom, I got back in bed and I went to sleep again, and after waking up later I barely remembered part of my last dream.

My last dream took place in a fictional version of the city of D where my mom and I were somewhere that I can not remember, maybe an indoor/outdoor area in front of what seemed to be the D High School or we were somewhere else at first and then we went to this indoor/outdoor area, and we had a baby boy with us once we got to the indoor/outdoor area.

I was probably carrying the baby boy at first and it seemed that maybe we had just come from the hospital with the baby like he had been born recently, I am assuming that my mom had the baby, and that the baby was my new baby brother but I could be wrong; and he had light brownish/whitish/yellowish colored skin with probably shiny black colored hair, I remember talking to him as I held him.

I remember us getting two letters / envelopes from maybe a mailbox or somewhere that I can not remember, I probably let my mom hold the baby while I looked at the letters because at least one of them was for me, and the letter for me had a bill with at least two amounts of over $8 that might have involved a government assistance food card that I supposedly owned money for like I was to pay for a replacement food card and/or to pay money supposedly owed from many years ago; but I assumed that they sent the letter to the wrong person because I have no government food card or assistance card.

The other letter had a list/receipt of items bought from a debit card that might have been a special government assistant card where you could buy more than just food items or it was just a normal debit card, but this was for my mom/parent’s and so I showed it to my mom.

I remember us walking to our automobile as my mom held the baby talking with him and once inside the automobile we played some music and we talked with the baby, and I think that the baby started trying to talk back to us to our surprise like he was developing/learning/growing faster than an average Human.

Once we got home my new baby brother’s speech/talking skills had improved and he seemed more aware and socially developed like his brain was also developing faster than an average Human, and so it seemed that he was probably going to mature/grow/develop/learn/et cetera super fast compared to an average Human; and so I felt that the more we talked with him and the more that he saw/heard/et cetera, the faster that he would develop/learn/et cetera, and so I turned on the TV so that he could watch it to see what happens but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr