Old Town Road

Lil Nas X - Old Town Road (Official Video) ft. Billy Ray Cyrus
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I fell asleep on the living room couch, I woke up only saving barely one piece of one dream, and I did not get in bed after that long enough to sleep again like I was supposed to because I got up to type a post but I ended up staying up too long to go back to sleep again.

This part of the dream was inspired by me hearing part of the song Old Town Road by Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus yesterday when I was at my brothers KDC’s and TDC’s college American football game.


Bathing With K | Pauline Croze And The Outdoor Class

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Bathing With K

It started with me standing outside talking to TG on a sunny day next to a car port in a nice neighborhood.

As we were talking a woman walked outside her house next door and called us over.

The woman was K and she was probably wearing barely any clothes, she said something to us and invited us in the house.

Once inside she started to tell us something, which I can not remember, but I felt that she was trying to led us into having sex with her; she was acting seductive and somehow led us to the bathroom.

I am not sure why I followed her, but I did for some reason, which is not something I would normally do.

The bathroom was somewhat dark and probably only lit by candles, and some water was already in the tub (bathtub).

K continued to talk and somehow got me to add more water to the tub, and then her & TG got into the tub.

My clothes were somewhat dirty like I had worked earlier in the dream or something, and so I was worried that I was sweaty & stinky so I took my clothes off & put some soap on.

I then somewhat reluctantly got into the tub too, which did not feel right, I wanted to be alone with her but TG was there; I just could not stay in this situation any longer, even though nothing had happened yet.

Oddly the water was hot, so I could actually feel the water, which is rare; actually even being in a tub is rare for my dreams.

Anyway, so I told them that I could not do this, I dried off, got dressed, and left.

I woke up as soon as I went outside.

Pauline Croze And The Outdoor Class

The dream started with me with a group of students at a restaurant, and Billy Ray Cyrus was there as a guest speaker.

He was talking to our class about life and giving us tips on education, jobs, and other things like that.

In the dream he was not only a singer/actor, but he was also a professional football player too.

After talking to our class, he and our group, went further into the restaurant to eat.

The next thing I remember is being outside in an unknown area near a highway, but no automobiles were passing by.

It was a nice sunny day and a teacher was having a class outside; a woman my age, Pauline Croze, and I were the only students.

I was surprised that Pauline Croze was in the class, but I did not try to talk to her, I just kept my distance; actually the three of us were not sitting that close to each other, we were spread out but I was further away from the others.

We had no chairs so we sat on blankets and we somehow had laptops, and the teacher had a mobile chalk board; I can not remember what she was teaching us but I remember being worried that I did not understand something.

Our class took a break and Pauline & the other woman started a conversation, but I kept my distance.

After a while they came over to talk with me about our assignment, and Pauline started to read her work out but she sat right next to me.

As she read it, she got closer and closer to me, until her arm was touching mine; but she did not look at me and appeared to not even be doing this on purpose.

The other woman started to notice this and made a face of confusion wondering if we were a couple or something, and I was confused too.

I decided to relax and just enjoy the moment, and then Pauline leaned over me since I was laying on my stomach looking at my laptop; she was leaning on me like I was a chair or something, but then she leaned back up and started to talk about a customized MSN home page that she had seen.

She showed us the homepage on her laptop, which had an animated Microsoft Agent on it, one that I never saw before.

I then told them that I did not know that you could customize your MSN homepage like that, and I told them about my Windows Live homepage.

For some reason my homepage had videos on it and some of them seemed somewhat pornographic, which I found odd, and quickly told them to check out my Windows Live Spaces page instead; I woke up as they were still talking about that MSN homepage.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂