Fiona Apple – The Child Is Gone

The Child Is Gone

What Is It?

The YouTube video The Child Is Gone by the YouTube channel Fiona Apple, which is of the song The Child Is Gone, by the musician Fiona Apple, from her 1996 music album Tidal.

Here is the description for the video above:

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The Child Is Gone · Fiona Apple


℗ 1996 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Released on: 1996-07-23

Composer, Lyricist: F. Apple
Harp, Keyboards: Jon Brion
Drums: Matt Chamberlain
Steel Guitar: Greg Leisz
Bass: Dan Rothchild
Synthesizer: Patrick Warren
Producer: Andrew Slater
Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer: Mark Endert
Unknown: Claude Achille
Unknown: Brian Scheubel
Unknown: Jim Wirt
Unknown: Niko Bolas
Assistant Engineer: Troy Gonzales
Assistant Engineer: Al Sanderson
Assistant Engineer: Tom Banghart
Mastering Engineer: Ted Jensen
Coordinator: Valerie Pack

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Rob Thomas’s Birthday Party

Dream 1

I had some more dreams before this dream that I can not remember and all that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day inside a hotel with whitish and grayish colored carpet and walls and ceiling, and I remember waiting in a large room with an opening that led to the hotel lobby that had many twin-sized bunk beds and maybe some other beds with mostly other men sitting down on the beds.

I do remember at least one or more women being there, one of whom was a tall woman with whitish colored skin with long yellowish colored hair, and I remember many of the other men constantly talking about the women and wanting to have sex with them and things like that (which was annoying to me, and I did not get involved with this and it seemed very disrespectful and rude in my opinion).


Time Travel And Saya And A Birthday Surprise

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Dream 1

Both of the dreams that I barely remember from last night were probably partly inspired by maybe the Back To The Future films and the video game Life Is Strange (which Dashie finished playing recently), and all that I can remember of this dream is that it possibly involved time travel and multiple timelines.


Sweepstake(s)? | A Buffet And E Manor And My Mom Working As An EMT?


I went to bed too late last night, I slept very well, I did not voice record any of my dreams, and so I woke up with my stomach cramping and bubbling remembering none of my dreams until I laid there to focus; and I managed to barely remember part of two dreams from last night.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day, I remember being near the student pick-up/drop-off of the C Elementary School, and I remember something about a sweepstake(s) (maybe I and/or someone else won it or heard about it); and I remember talking with my former male classmate DH, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that during at least two parts of the dream I went to a fictional buffet for a baby shower and/or birthday party of a family member (in real life my family is invited to both of those this weekend for several different family members), the second time/day that I went to the buffet was for myself I think and someone else was with me (maybe my brother GC), and during both times/days we saw a somewhat older somewhat nosy/paranoid woman with whitish colored skin with dark-colored hair in the same area of the buffet; and on the second day/time I even pointed this out to my brother GC, and I thought it was strange that the same woman was in the same area of the buffet again.

More things happened in the dream before and during these different parts/days but I can not remember the details, and two other parts of the dream took place at E Manor on two different days and maybe my brother GC was with me again; and both times the same woman from the buffet was there, and each time she walked down from the second floor of E Manor like she lived there (in real life no one has lived in E Manor since my grandfather died last year).

During the buffet parts of the dream the woman and I probably only said hello and a few other things about the buffet, but during the E Manor parts of the dream we said a bit more as I was surprised to see her at E Manor both times because I did not know anyone was living there and I probably did not know this woman and maybe I recognized her as the same woman from the buffet; and she seemed like a somewhat nice older woman who was maybe a bit nosy/paranoid and/or something like that (she possibly somewhat reminded me of Miss Marple from the television show Agatha Christie’s Marple), we had a conversation, but that is all that I can remember of these two parts of the dream.

The last two parts of the dream are unclear and confusing, I think that in the first part I remember seeing a scene of a male EMT (emergency medical technician) on his job and I think that he died (not on the job but probably of natural causes at home, but this was not shown or explained) or he left his job, and so they needed to hire someone else for his job.

In the second part I was possibly at E Manor and my mom walked into the living room in a rush wearing a blueish colored EMT uniform to my surprise/confusion, oddly my mom did not look or sound like herself and she looked and sounded like a certain actress whose name I can not remember who has light-brownish colored skin with brownish or dark-colored hair, but oddly I did not notice that my mom looked and sounded nothing like my real mom.

Somehow she got the EMT job that used to belong to the man in the first part, which was shocking/surprising/confusing because my mom has not had a job (the paying kind, like me she does work, but not the kind that get recognized and that you get paid for in our society) since she was pregnant with me and she has no medical training/experience as far as I can remember and she is shy like me, and she was nervous and in a rush to get to work so she had no time to talk.

I remember seeing a scene of my mom/the fake version of my mom in the ambulance with the other EMTs who were welcoming her, she was still very nervous, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr


Trying To Help Mrs. CH Figure Out Her Password

I remember part of my last dream from last night which started during the day in the city of D after I found out that Mrs. CH (the mother of my former classmate DH) could not remember her password on one of her computers that I fixed for her, and so I drove to her house in my automobile with my brother GC to see if I could help her figure out her password.

We arrived at the house and I knocked on a fictional door on the left side of the house, the house was slightly different looking and bigger, and a young woman with medium-dark brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair who looked like one of Mrs. CH’s family members answered the door.

I asked if Mrs. CH was home and I think that the young woman said yes and for me to come in and she walked away, I was not sure if I was supposed to follow her or not, and so I waited in the first room when I entered the house.

There were many people inside the house like a birthday party was taking place with family members, co-workers, friends, et cetera all around the house; but I did not see Mrs. CH or Mr. LH or my former classmate DH, and some young women were playing an instrumental song with a nice beat that seemed like something made for girls like a Barbie-like / something made for girls mixtape / CD or something like that even though it did not sound girly.

In front of me was a kitchen, to the right of that was possibly a living room, to the right of that was a hallway, and to the left of the kitchen was what looked like a separate building connected to the house where the birthday party was going to take place because I saw many tables and chairs and a buffet set up with decorations.

The young woman never returned and my brother GC walked into the house with me to see what was taking so long and at some point someone announced that it was time to sing happy birthday to Mrs. CH and so everyone started walking to the party room, I did not see Mrs. CH and no one had invited me to her birthday party, and so I decided to leave and help her with her password problem another day.

I remember walking across the house until I reached an outdoor covered catwalk that led to a rectangular school-like building and then I came across my mom to my surprise, and eventually my male cousin DE joined us; but I do not know what happened to my brother GC.

For some strange reason we started walking back home instead of using my automobile, maybe my brother GC drove it home and maybe we decided to walk, and as we walked down B Street it was night on this street now strangely but I did not notice the change.

I remember walking and talking with my mom and my cousin DE, we saw and heard some young woman with medium-dark brownish colored skin with blackish colored hair playing in their yard, and they were listening to the same instrumental song that I heard at Mrs. CH’s party.

We could see through some people’s windows because some of the houses had no curtains/blinds and they had lights on and we saw into one nice modern small two-story house into the second floor, and a young man was in his bedroom with various nice electronics (TVs, monitors, computers, game consoles, et cetera) and posters on his walls.

We continued walking until we reached the highway and a fictional narrow park built along the sidewalk, it was day again in this area strangely but once again I did not notice the change, and I had memories of this narrow park along the sidewalk that felt/seemed so real that even now that I am awake I still wonder if those are somehow real memories.

In my memories of the narrow park I remembered nice plants, water fountains, food stands, playground equipment, benches, tables, et cetera along the sidewalk; and in my memories my mom used to bring me there when I was a kid, and my cousin DE would come with us sometimes as well.

But now all of that was gone and it was just grass and maybe a few benches and some men with whitish colored skin were doing some construction near us, and I asked my mom and my cousin DE if they remembered how things used to look back when I was a kid.

My mom said yes and I asked her to describe how it used to look but when I asked my cousin DE he started to become mental/emotionally unstable like those memories were triggering some negative childhood memories that he did not want to remember, he said that he did not remember, and he started to act strange and make strange facial expressions and he started saying things and acting like he was going to become aggressive if we did not distract him and it felt very strange; and even the construction workers started to stare at him wondering why he was acting crazy/strange.

I started trying to distract him as his mind tried to target people to become aggressive toward them and he was smiling strangely and talking to himself, it was clear that he had not been taking his medicine or going to his mental health appointments, but fortunately we were able to distract him long enough for us to walk across the highway to Eastside hoping that leaving the narrow park would help him start becoming stable again.

I really wanted to spend more time at the narrow park thinking about my positive memories of the place but helping my cousin DE was more important to me, and we reached Eastside and it was now night again strangely but I did not notice the change again.

Standing in the street were lines of people at a party and all of them looked like they were from maybe India (Indian) and/or Pakistan (Pakistani) and/or somewhere like that and they were wearing traditional clothing, and we had to struggle to get through the crowd of people.

At some point we had to stop and I knelt down briefly and then I stood up realizing that I was taller than most of the people, and then I used this to my advantage as I squeezed my way through the crowd; and eventually we got through.

As we turned on my uncle WC’s street we crossed into the inside of a whitish/grayish colored maybe carpeted or hard floor hallway of a building somehow, and another party was going on and that same instrumental song was playing again.

I saw several lines of attractive women with brownish colored skin wearing tight clothing with big butts with some of them probably being from Eastside, some from India and/or Pakistan, and some were from Brazil (Brazilian) and/or other parts of South America (South American) and some possibly from Mexico, and they seemed to be in line for maybe a competition at the party maybe but I have no idea.

I woke up as we were trying to walk through this crowd to reach the other side of the street I guess, even though we were indoors now somehow, but I did not notice this strangeness.

The end,

-John Jr