Bernie Sanders Interrupts An European Royal Event To Give A Speech?

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All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that one part of the dream involved several people talking about various problems and talking with some superheroes and some workers who directly and indirectly help contribute to these problems, and Superman was one of the superheroes who was talked about and talked to.

There was a male worker (maybe police officer and/or soldier) with whitish colored skin who was talked to as well, they explained some of the ways that he had directly and indirectly contributed to some of the problems by blinding following orders, and they explained some of the various systems and groups responsible (government, military, police, intelligence agencies, media, corporations, religions, politics, laws, cultures, et cetera).

The male worker denied wrong doing at first but then they asked him if he had ever refused to follow an order, he paused and realized that he had never refused an order, and they pointed out how that was a problem if people just blindly follow all orders.

They pointed to past examples of what happens when people blindly follow orders, like Nazi Germany, et cetera and this made the male worker start to think about this as they pointed out various negative things that his government and military and corporations et cetera have done and are doing and are continuing to do.

They accused Superman of doing something similar where he was just blindly following orders and doing whatever the government/et cetera asked him to do or help with, Superman denied wrong doing at first as well and talked about all the good things that he has done, but they started questioning him about those various good things and pointing out many negative facts that he did not know about which made him start thinking about this as well but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

The next part of the dream took place during the day inside my parent’s house where my mom had my brother TD, my brother KD, my brother GC, and I helping her with cooking and other chores around the house.

My brothers TD and KD are not used to having to do much of anything so they were complaining, being lazy, and doing things sloppily while my brother GC and I worked normally as usual.

I remembered that we had a box of beer biscuit mix and so I quietly suggested to my brother GC that we make some beer biscuits for the first time, instead of beer we were going to use cream soda, and I found an old can of cream soda hidden behind something on top of my chest of drawers.

We continued working and quietly preparing to cook some beer biscuits using the mix and cream soda, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

The last part of the dream took place outside at what looked like a royal event for royalty, I assumed that it was a special event and parade for a European queen, and everything was nicely decorated with old style European royal decorations and some of the people in the event were wearing old style European formal ceremonial clothing.

Some of these people looked like old style guards with old style weapons and some looked like religious clergy (whatever), the rest were probably dressed in modern formal clothing with modern equipment and were also security and other workers who were part of the event, and the event had not started yet.

They were getting things ready as people slowly arrived to some seating areas in the area that I was seeing or that I was in, I am not sure if I was watching this somehow or if I was there, and this area seemed like it was either the beginning or the end of a parade route where the queen or whoever would stop to give a speech at a podium that was set up on a red royal carpet with maybe gold trim.

I was way in the back or seeing things from the back so I did not have a good view of the podium, but at some point an old man with whitish colored skin with whitish colored hair wearing glasses and a suit walked up to the podium and microphone without permission and started giving a speech like an activist and protester protesting and trying to make a statement.

The man looked like Bernie Sanders but I was too far away to be sure but it sounded like him and his intro to his speech fit Bernie Sanders as well, and he introduced himself as an American senator of a certain state in the United States that he did not name who has been in politics for a long time.

He vaguely talked about how for many years he has been standing up and fighting for certain issues and being arrested and attacked et cetera for his activism and protests et cetera, and how he was going to continue to do so; and he gave some examples of this from the past.

He started talking about something that I can not remember but before he could finish a somewhat obese older man with whitish colored skin dressed in old style European formal religious-like clothing grabbed him and started escorting him from the podium like he was going to be escorted out of the event and/or arrested, Bernie Sanders smiled and looked calm and relaxed and happy like he had accomplished what he had come to do even though he did not finish his speech, but then I woke up as I thought about this.

The end,

-John Jr


President Obama’s Armored Car | John Jr Gets A Job At McDonald’s

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President Obama’s Armored Car

I had this dream the night before last, and I was not even in the dream but I could see things like I was watching TV or something.

It appeared that I was watching a news program which showed President Obama giving a quick speech, he appeared to be tired and was rushing the speech, and he was not wearing his suit coat/jacket.

He ended the speech and quickly walked to a black four door armored car, I could tell that it was armored due to the thickness of the doors when the United States Secret Service agent opened it; to my surprise President Obama was going to drive the car himself.

The camera person filming this was trying to get a photograph of President Obama getting in the car, but the Secret Service agent put his hand on the camera and all you could see was his hand; the Secret Service agent then told them to go to commercial break, and oddly the news program went to a commercial.

I found that odd and suddenly I somehow was able to see what was happening, even though I was not there and the news program was on a commercial break.

President Obama drove off quickly after the door was closed and was followed by a few other black cars, they made a left turn on a road as the traffic was being blocked, until the president’s convoy left; then I woke up.

John Jr Gets A Job At McDonald’s

Last night I had a dream that started with me at some building that has been in several of my dreams before, this building usually looks about the same in each dream; but sometimes it is an apartment, or dorm, or house, or several other types of buildings.

The building has no windows, carpet floors, the bottom floor has two stairways, the building has several floors, and many rooms.

This time the building was some sort of place where people ages 18-24 pay to live there to get help with various problems in their life and/or to help them in various ways, basically some sort of life camp or something.

I had paid to stay there for a little while but I had run out money, so I had to pack up and leave; one of the workers there called me over the telephone to asked why I had left, so I explained the situation to her.

I told her that I wanted to stay but I needed a job so I could have enough money to stay there, so she told me that a woman who lived there wanted to quit her job at McDonalds but she needed someone who was willing to replace her.

She said that the woman was a cook during the breakfast shift and she asked me if I was interesting in trying that; I told her that I did not like fast paced jobs and that I had another job that I was considering, but I would like to talk to the woman for more information about the job.

She told me to come back to the building and we would talk more about it there, so I agreed.

I went to the building and the worker I had talked to on the telephone greeted me, but she had a man with her that followed her every where almost like a bodyguard or something.

We talked and walked into a room that looked exactly like my grandfather’s family room and we stood by the dinner table talking, and suddenly a group of women that were staying at the building walked into the room talking.

Then one of the women walked toward me and the worker introduced her to me, and said that this was the woman who she had told me about on the telephone.

The woman then asked me if I was ready to start working at McDonalds today, so I told her that I had not made any decisions yet and that I had just come to get more information about her job.

The worker then told me that the woman had already quit her job because she thought that I was going to replace her, so I quickly mentioned that I had not agreed to that and reminded them that I had only come for more information.

The woman then walked closer to me in anger and said that she had not quit her job for no reason, and that I was going to take her job no matter if I wanted to or not.

She then grabbed me by the shirt with both of her hands and lifted me in the air, like she was Superwoman or something, I was somewhat shocked but not afraid for some reason.

She held me in the air above her head like I barely weighed anything, and everyone else just watched waiting to see what would happen next.

I took a moment to think about what I should do, I was not afraid of the woman oddly, I did not want to defend myself for some reason, and so I decided to do as she said and take her job.

She then put me back on the ground and then I thanked her and the worker, and then I headed to McDonalds.

When I got there I walked into the building and went straight to the kitchen, and I saw some cooked biscuits and some uncooked breakfast sausages next to some hot cooking oil so I decided to start frying the sausages.

There were a few other workers working, but they did not notice me for some reason.

I then cooked two sausages and burnt another, but the burnt one accidentally got stuck in the fryer so I tried to get it out; the oil was somewhat hot but did not burn my hand oddly.

I did not know what I was doing so I started to look around for someone who could show me what I was supposed to be doing, and then I saw a manager talking to one of the workers; but I woke up.

The end,
-John Jr 🙂